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Mar 05 2015

Winter Tree

    Limbs as arms and legs of men hung upright or upside down, against the grey sky and snow piled high on the ground. A thousand offshoots, leafless and brown shiver in the wind, without making a sound waiting for spring to come. Square panes within rectangle windows surround the courtyard like broad bars …

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Mar 05 2015

Asphalt Riot

            In the asphalt riots of a frozen day, the lost heads bob up and down as they nod their greetings and agreements without saying a word. Here in a frozen room I sit teaching silently as students draw and design  without speaking or whispering or smiling, entrenched in solemn …

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Jan 25 2015

Wind Swept

  On the jagged edge of a summit  winds blow harshest against the stone, carving the  face of the mountain, that withstands the winds alone. In the heat of the sun and the cold of night, the rain and snow of storms , its strength of spirit remains unmoved as the rock is carved deeper …

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Jan 23 2015

A Break Away Day

1/23/15 A new day was born today, a day that hasn’t been overwrought yet by stresses of living. This day is breaking away from worry, work, anger and despair. Pain and suffering are not yet here, but may arrive at anytime. I am breaking away from today, into a happy and peaceful state of mind. …

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Jan 14 2015

False Flag Dreams

      The false flags of dreams and schemes and conquests are  only pieces of tattered memories sewn into patterns of stars and stripes and colors. No one knows what the symbols on their flags mean, but to not pledge allegiance to them is treason. I remember as a child I had to pledge …

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Dec 19 2014

Trans-Dimensional Radio with L.A.Steel 12/18/14

Check Out Spirituality Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with L A STEEL SHOW on BlogTalkRadio Tonight I read my poetry from 2014. You can read along with me and see the art and photography associated with the poems by going to the Poetry Menu at the top of the front page of this site. Share

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Oct 26 2014

Refugee of Fall (poem)

  A Refugee of Fall runs against the wind of time, dragging dead leaves and trees and flowers into the infernos of man made fires. A vacant bench under fallen leaves, oblivious to weather or time, is centered in the a universe as part of the seasons. Refugees of Fall enter the portals of the …

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Oct 09 2014

Blood Moon, 2014

    In the deepest night it passes over head. The doorway of death is the Blood Moon shining as the star gate to eternity.   The Blood Moon screams silently as it passes over humanity; eclipsing its own reflection.   Only blood stained souls fear and hear the cry of the Blood Moon and see …

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Sep 22 2014

September Roses , Poem and Photograph Series

September Roses   In their final bloom of the year I take their picture and prepare their bed for a New England winter. Then I admire them until the end of their season and wait for them until spring.   L.A. Steel     Share

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Jun 09 2014

The After Hours of Midnight

after midnight

The after hours of midnight, bring madness and sorrow to surround sanity. I hear the voices of those passed on and their pleas for justice against others’ deceptions. In the after hours of midnight the world is dark and blind and tears and suffering are not seen. L.A.Steel Share

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