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Jan 12 2016

I AM (a poem)

          I AM, said he who is in me, the one who walks and talks, the one who lives and breathes.   I AM, said I , who is me and he the one who speaks the words I write, the one who speaks to me.   I AM him and …

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Jul 31 2015


              I existed before the Universe. I was alive and well, and I am alive and well now. How different is my back view from my front view? How incomplete am I from a side view of me. Somewhere in another universe I exist at least twice, and again …

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Mar 05 2015

Asphalt Riot

            In the asphalt riots of a frozen day, the lost heads bob up and down as they nod their greetings and agreements without saying a word. Here in a frozen room I sit teaching silently as students draw and design  without speaking or whispering or smiling, entrenched in solemn …

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Jun 09 2014

The After Hours of Midnight

after midnight

The after hours of midnight, bring madness and sorrow to surround sanity. I hear the voices of those passed on and their pleas for justice against others’ deceptions. In the after hours of midnight the world is dark and blind and tears and suffering are not seen. L.A.Steel Share

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