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Mar 26 2020



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Oct 29 2015


LIQUID THOUGHT  10/27/05 In the sequenced hours of liquid thought all rise against the powers of political intent.All rise to peer through the lattice work of lies, in the sunlight and darkness of mixed dreams. In the dens of delusion the gilded garter adorns the supple thigh, as a drunken kiss from lipsticked lips. Faces …

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Apr 06 2015


There is a place few of us will ever discover . I am writing from it. I am light years away from earth. The light and warmth and enchantment are beyond earthly description, and exists within me, and I believe it exists in all of us, if we close our eyes to see. I am …

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Nov 16 2014

Remembering Spring in November

Remembering Spring in November is one way to forget the cold weather, grey skies, bitter winds, bleak days, long nights, cold floors and frost coated windows. L.A. Steel Share

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Oct 26 2014

Refugee of Fall (poem)

  A Refugee of Fall runs against the wind of time, dragging dead leaves and trees and flowers into the infernos of man made fires. A vacant bench under fallen leaves, oblivious to weather or time, is centered in the a universe as part of the seasons. Refugees of Fall enter the portals of the …

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Oct 15 2014

A Dog Poem

  When my dog died I felt that I lost a part of me rather than a friend. My dog was an extension of me. He walked with me, and talked with me. He ate with me and sometimes he would sleep with me. He waited for me to come home. He slept soundly on …

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Aug 28 2014

Remembering the Future

Is the future  real ? We forgot what we have done and revise what we do. Our future is tomorrow. Our present is today. Our past and future are yesterday. L.A. Steel Share

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Jun 09 2014

The After Hours of Midnight

after midnight

The after hours of midnight, bring madness and sorrow to surround sanity. I hear the voices of those passed on and their pleas for justice against others’ deceptions. In the after hours of midnight the world is dark and blind and tears and suffering are not seen. L.A.Steel Share

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Apr 27 2014

The Lost Spirit of Hope

How long must we despair in the poverty of our nation’s soul, before we call upon the spirit of hope? On the back streets of the United States poverty is disguised and ignored by local,state and federal government. The poor, sick and homeless are voiceless. Their screams are masked by sirens as they are taken …

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Apr 26 2014

“Most Persons Do Not See The Sun”

The sudden dryness of the air startles the arid thoughts of loss, sadness and remorse. The regret of actions taken or not rushes over the desert mind as a flash flood of tears. The madness of loneliness becomes the death knell in the final scream. “Most persons do not see the Sun.” They only see …

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Apr 10 2014

Out of the Wastelands


In the Wastelands the bright sun blinds the mad beast raging in the windswept desert of the mind. Left to its own demise the beast carries a torch of passion that tortures him with fire filled days of magnetic vice, that steals all traces of his soul. Near the borderland of madness the beast drags …

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Jan 24 2014

The Winter Dead

There is no silence among the winter dead. They scream their names carved on headstones, as they are beaten by cold winds,ice and snow. L.A.Steel Share

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Nov 24 2013


I can’t remember their faces or why I should remember them. I remember they were once close to me, like a family,but if they were how could I forget them? Their entire existence is fading from my memory. Who or what they were or are I can no longer see. They are faceless and nameless …

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Nov 20 2013


In my darkest hour I ignored the sirens, and transcended reality into a deep sleep. I fell into darkness, that twisted my soul. I saw my face trying to escape my gaze. I fell and had to crawl. The clumsiness of my life overwhelmed the spiral speed of decent, and my mind crashed into oblivion. …

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Oct 28 2013

Stone Wall (A Poem)

Hard and impenetrable, too tall to look over, too long to go around, too narrow to walk on. Barren and cold, worn and old, standing against winds enduring the seasons. A stone wall creates a boundary, to separate people and plots of land, and is a means of defense. A stone wall is an illusion …

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Oct 14 2013

A Tall Ship Tied To A Dock

A tall ship tied to a dock is ready to go to sea, but is not free. Held back and restrained to prevent it from drifting, by a weak rope of resistance. Vulnerable to strong winds, that dash it against the dock until the winds stop. A giant of shipbuilders’ ingenuity, and Leviathan of the …

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Sep 18 2013


Hate for politicians is a common human trait. Patriots hate traitors. Traitors hate patriots. There is nothing real in the political game, other than the death and destruction of war. There is treasure and power to be won and lost but nothing of value to be gained. There is a point I want to make, …

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Aug 13 2013

Running Brook

A running brook continues its course in daylight, moonlight and darkness. The cold water rushes over stones as they embed or roll with the current. The brook sings the songs of the earth, songs of anger, passion, love and compassion. Heavy rain or drought effect its depth and speed, as it moves onward through the …

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Jul 21 2013

There Once Was A President Named Obama (A Poem)

7/21/13 His smile was broad his teeth were white he shook everyone’s hand and said what they liked. He made many promises and the people elected him President, then he created wars,stole their wealth and betrayed them to banks and corporations. Obama had two daughters but regreted not having a son, and began to grieve …

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Jul 11 2013

Summer Storm (A Poem)

    The skies turned green. The humidity increased. My arms became sticky against the leather chair. The wet cotton of my shirt clung against my skin. The fan blew moist air. A cool shower relieved me for a moment, until I wiped off and began to sweat again. I remembered the feeling of cold winter winds, and cool autumn breezes, …

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Jun 25 2013

Credo Mutwa’s Prophetic Poem on Barack Obama 2009 (video)

Credo Mutwa is a Zulu shaman of international acclaim. His predictions are frighteningly accurate. He wrote this poetic prediction in 2009. L.A. Steel Share

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Apr 05 2013

Are You Main Stream?

Are you main stream? Am I main stream? Is he main stream? Is she main stream? Are they main stream? Are we main stream? Are we insane? Are they insane? Is he insane? Are you insane? Am I insane? Is the world insane? Am I sane? Is she sane? Is he sane? He is sane. …

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Feb 17 2013


Ever 2/17/13 Ever is a vortex, where I move upwards and outwards, upside down, and backwards. Ever is beautiful, dizzying, dazzling, spectacular and wonderful. Ever does not hurt. It does not cry. It does not die. L.A. Steel Share

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Feb 06 2013


2/6/13 I live in the here and now. I create every moment I live. I am here and now, not there and then, or where and when. I am here and now, until I completely ascend. L.A. Steel Share

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Jan 23 2013


1/23/13 Seeing Part of God We see part of God everywhere we look. We see God in the sky and on the ground, in books and paintings,drawings symbols and designs. We see God in every creature, every beauty and horror, every man, every woman and every child. We see him in the mirror. We see …

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Jan 11 2013


1/11/13 Anyone who understands the Merkabah understands that it is our interdimensional travel machine. My friend George Dickson first introduced me to the term Merkabah and the meditations to awaken this force within us. I have tried to explain interdimensional travel in my last few posts, which try to explain the unexplainable. Understanding that we …

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Dec 24 2012

Merry Christmas from the Fourth Dimension

12/24/12 It is a beautiful place to be when all the Christmas lights are turned on and the house breathes with warmth and spices. There are thousands of people like me walking around and flying around and talking with everyone about how incredible it is to be here and amazed that they made it . …

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Nov 27 2012

November Snow

November Snow 11/27/12 It is snowing this morning. The day is cold and gray, caught somewhere between dimensions. My thoughts are in a heavy snowfall, where words fall silently, then melt on the page. I remember walking at dawn in New York City, one November long ago. The street was deserted, dark and gray, and …

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Sep 24 2012

BROKE (A Recession Poem)

If your bank account is down and out, and you can’t afford food or gas, don’t worry all things pass. The world hasn’t ended, and won’t for a while. Put on a smile. Put on a suit. Polish your shoes. Put on a hat. Pet the dog. Pet the cat. Kiss your lover. Hug your …

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Sep 20 2012

Breathing of the Bones

Lost lives breathe the air of time beneath the blue sky of ambition. Bones breathe memories and skulls emptied of thoughts bask in sunlight. Where have the lost generations gone? Pleiadians embark on journeys into darkness lighting the way for sojourners to follow. One night I will see their light at the end of Death’s …

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Apr 10 2012


FLOWER POWER 11/14/07 A flower has great power. It has color and scent, and grace. It has beauty, fragrance, oneness with nature and oneness with itself. A flower holds the universe in it’s most complex or simple design. A flower understands its place and purpose in existence. A flower accepts its fate, regardless of the …

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Mar 14 2012


Fall by L.A. Steel   Leaves begin to change acorns fall to the ground winds  blow the leaves and the rain against wilting flowers and brown lawns.   Squirrels scurry about eating and collecting acorns storing them in a corner of my shed in nests of old  newspaper and cloth.   I saw a tit mouse …

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Mar 14 2012

The Inland Hurricane

THE INLAND HURRICANE                by L.A. Steel   Hurricane winds slash the coastline, while inland trees bend and break upon houses and power lines, Blowing off roofs and doors, breaking windows and flooding floors. We watch the trees that surround  the house sway, threatening with each blown branch to  shatter a window. Slashing rain  feels like …

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Feb 29 2012

The Poet

THE POET We met at a time when vice was the only virtue I knew. One dark, cold, night a poet knocked at my door. He was beaten down,homeless,drunk and cold, and continued to knock until I answered. L.A. Steel Share

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Apr 04 2010

Easter Sunday


EASTER SUNDAY 4/04/10   I remember the white dresses, pink, white and blue corsages, white and black shoes, girls’ white, short and knee length stockings. I remember kneeling at a rail in innocence as I ate the body of a savior. I remember an old man handing me a round dry and tasteless wafer that …

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Apr 02 2007

Remembering the Moon

REMEMBERING THE MOON I often look at the night sky to see unfamiliar changes. Some nights the moon is full and bright and other nights it does not appear at all . I have often wondered on those particular nights, when the moon is lost how I would feel if I never saw it again. …

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Nov 12 2006


DEEP, BLUE, PURPLE, PANSY 11/12/06 Outside on my front door step sit several red clay pots with various annuals carefully arranged in them. I have forgotten the names of the many flowers that have wilted since Fall began; except in one of the larger pots lives a deep, blue, purple, pansy, unique in its desire …

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Jan 25 2005

An American Exile

1/25/05 “Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame, with conquering limbs astride from land to land; here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame is the imprisoned lightning, and her name Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command the air-bridged …

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