Sep 24 2012

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BROKE (A Recession Poem)

If your bank account is down and out,
and you can’t afford food or gas,
don’t worry all things pass.
The world hasn’t ended,
and won’t for a while.
Put on a smile.
Put on a suit.
Polish your shoes.
Put on a hat.
Pet the dog.
Pet the cat.
Kiss your lover.
Hug your kids.
Thank the lady at the food bank
as you’re standing in line.
Thank the Unemployment Office workers,
who give you their time.
Thank the banker who deferred your loan.
Thank the creditors who leave you alone.
Thank the Mailman who delivers your mail.
Thank him again if he loses your bills.
Thank the doctor who discharges you and your debt.
Thank the cable company for shutting off your television set.
Thank the electric,water and phone companies
for forcing you off the grid and fullfilling your dream.
Things don’t get better if you are desperate and mad.
They only gets worse,then really bad.
Being broke is a blessing if you see it that way.
It reminds you of all the things you had and gave away.
It reminds you,when you’re on your feet again,
to appreciate your friends.

L.A. Steel

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