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Mar 05 2013

The Lost Story

Many years of my life account for a lost story of forgotten places and people. Years of my life are a blurr of aging memories, that fade further away. What I want now is different from what I wanted then. I need to fill in the gaps of time, that only I know about and …

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Feb 06 2013


2/6/13 I live in the here and now. I create every moment I live. I am here and now, not there and then, or where and when. I am here and now, until I completely ascend. L.A. Steel Share

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Nov 20 2012

Mercury in Retrograde

11/20/12 There are times in everyone’s life when everthing seems to stop. It’s a dreaded time that we all hope is temporary, but some times it can seem permanent. My recent problems are quite petty compared to the problems of billions of other people. I often wonder when misfortunes happen to me if I am …

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Oct 15 2012

The Doorway to Everything.

The Doorway to Everything 10/15/12 Somewhere in my awakened consciousness there is a place that is blurred and unrecognizable. A place in the mist of memory unknown and unexperienced. There is a place within my mind that refuses to reveal itself. It isn’t my subconscious, I spend my sleeping hours there and know it quite …

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