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Oct 26 2017



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Mar 05 2014

A Shadow’s Poem

I am shadow. I am dark wonder, a form without substance, darkness without depth. I am shadow, a half person with voice without body, without light. I am free to feel and hear, and to exist without identity. I am the ruler of darkness. Light exposes all. I exist in darkness. I am shadow. I …

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Nov 20 2013


In my darkest hour I ignored the sirens, and transcended reality into a deep sleep. I fell into darkness, that twisted my soul. I saw my face trying to escape my gaze. I fell and had to crawl. The clumsiness of my life overwhelmed the spiral speed of decent, and my mind crashed into oblivion. …

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Aug 13 2013

Running Brook

A running brook continues its course in daylight, moonlight and darkness. The cold water rushes over stones as they embed or roll with the current. The brook sings the songs of the earth, songs of anger, passion, love and compassion. Heavy rain or drought effect its depth and speed, as it moves onward through the …

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