Mar 05 2014

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A Shadow’s Poem

I am shadow.
I am dark wonder,
a form without substance,
darkness without depth.

I am shadow,
a half person with voice
without body,
without light.

I am free
to feel and hear,
and to exist
without identity.

I am the ruler of darkness.
Light exposes all.
I exist in darkness.
I am shadow.

I am nameless.
I am the first and last.
I am the serene and sullen statue
at the gate of death.

I am the sentry of conscience,
the dark warrior of defense.
I am indifferent to pain.
I am indifferent to fear.

I am blind,
yet all sensing.
I exist in darkness.
I cannot see the sun.

I am an illusion
of sadness and despair.
I am alone always,
though I am part of everyone.

I am solitary.
I am alive.
I am spirit.
I am a reflection of life.

I am nightmare.
I am here.
I dwell in oblivion.
I rest in fear.

I am the deepest darkness.
I am the outline of everyone.
I am their subconscious,
and darkest vision.

I walk in darkness
merging with night.
I am seen against buildings and walls
illuminated by lamp light.

I am shadow,
the evolving human,
the great cave beast,
the Neanderthal and Cromagnon.

Before love was need,
before compassion was greed,
before death became ceremony
there was only me.

I am the Lord of Night
the ancient man,
the stalker,hunter, gatherer,
the inventor of fire.

I am Shadow,
long and lean,
short and stout,
tall and round.

I am the illusion of thought
melting into memories,
bitter and sweet,
creating a fleeting history.

I am the illusive dream,
the illusive goal,
the wealth wished for,
the mirror of the soul.

I am shadow,
invincible, unshakable.
I am the image
of darkness in all.

I am eternal cold.
I am dark and void.
I am the iceman.
I am a glacier.

I am the dark waters
frozen above and beneath ground.
I am the Arctic and Antarctic
polar separation.

I am elongated in late afternoon.
I am the reflection of the sun and moon,
the solitude of loneliness,
and solace of death.

I am the poet
of cast off thought,
the unfinished poem,
the incomplete vision.

I am the embodiment of
the secular god,
the last thought and memory,
the unwritten epic poem.

I am war.
I am peace.
I am all.
All are me.

I am shadow,
dark and deep.
I am history.
I am the unforgiven.

I am shadow
beneath the midday sun,
casted against gravestones
of sorrow and sin.

I am oblivion.
I am darkness.
I am daylight.
I am sleep.

I emerge from a dark sea,
as water on to dry land,
as a dark form
over white sand.

I merge with the night sky,
until a moonbeam shines
to cast my form out of darkness
exposing me to light.

I am shade against the sun,
eclipsing the light of day.
I am seen by all
in empty ruins.

Listen to my silent voice.
I speak in silent thought.
I work in silent toil.
I sleep in silent dream.

I am morning, night and afternoon.
I am life and death and in between.
I am the shadow
that darkens every room.

I am Shadow.
The dark reflection
of everyone
and everything.

L.A. Steel

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