Apr 10 2012

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A flower has great power. It has color and scent, and grace. It has beauty, fragrance, oneness with nature and oneness with itself. A flower holds the universe in it’s most complex or simple design.

A flower understands its place and purpose in existence. A flower accepts its fate, regardless of the outcome. Its seeds are blown in the wind, its life takes root in all soils, its desire is only to live and thrive. It gives its pollen, or honey, nourishment, or water from the dew of it’s petals or stem. A flower smiles with the sun, cries with the rain , sings with color, dances to the rhythm of the earth and the melody of the wind.

I should be like a flower experiencing the seasons, accepting my fate, being useful to the world in the way I was created to be. If I were a flower I might be a weed or a solitary wild flower growing towards the sun. I would proudly display my colors, where ever my roots took ground. I would move with the wind, drink the rain,bask in sunlight and be content with my life. I would be aware, but not care; if I was picked, admired, or ignored by a passerby, harmed by disease, killed by frost, or uprooted by a storm. My fate determined by the seasons.


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