Apr 10 2012

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I have surrendered , to the great God of All Knowing, every ethical consideration I had regarding politics. I am overwhelmed by the sudden sense of relief , and individual, intellectual freedom I have gained. I had become too obsessed recently, with the political and social ills of this world. It is beyond the pale for any rational , reasonably well adjusted person, to spend any time what so ever , in the study of, or practice of politics.

The absolute irrelevance of politicians, has become grossly apparent ; especially when a person is asked to face the choices they must make, with regards to their pick for president, or senators or representatives. To equate one’s self, and the identity of the American nation, with the likes of Hillary Clinton, or Barack Obama, or (God forbid), Rudy Guilliani, or Mitt Romney or the absolutely pathetic, John McCain, is an abomination to the American spirit. The idiocy of the G.W Bush Administration is a slap in the face, not only to all Americans , but to the entire world. To think that the most powerful and wealthy nation in history could elect as as it’s leader a completely corrupt, imbecile,and a contemptable and corrupt congress is enough to make any rational thinking individual put up his hands in surrender, and completely back away from the American political system.

OH SAY CAN YOU SEE BY THE DAWN’S EARLY LIGHT…..the vanity of these fools who say they want to lead the nation. Lead us to where? I do not want to be lead anywhere that these parasitic, political, life forms want to lead me. I resist everyone of them who lie, cheat and steal their way to leadership in this country, or any country. It’s a scam, a con game, high priced prostitution. ” Give me 2300 bucks and I’ll kiss your derriere or ….” Who the hell is kidding who?

I can no longer grant asylum to my political concerns. I have thrown them out onto the mean streets they came from. I do not need their banter and packaged promises , or fascist , socialist, capitalist, communist, or corporatist, ideologies. I am declaring my complete independence from any political ideology. I simply desire truth, competence, and compassion in all leadership. If these virtues are not apparent in some one’s character; then they are not worthy of my attention , and will receive none. I believe that anyone who harbors political ambitions is either a vane fool, or a con man.

So let all crumble and fall. Be certain that I will no longer worry about; who or what is running for any elected office. I honestly don’t care. In America as in most countries, all elections are rigged. The fairest elections happen in countries with no elections. At least under an overt dictatorship everyone understands they don’t have a choice. Under the “Democratic” tradition everyone thinks they have a choice, but don’t. The decision is made for them long before the candidates are announced for any office. This is the truth dear reader. I can not apologize to you for speaking under the influence of my new found freedom. It is a marvelous feeling. I strongly suggest everyone experience it by simply,casting out of your mind all concern and thoughts of politics and politicians. Remember that politics and politicians are responsible for most of the social ills in society. Good politicians, peace makers and ethical reformers, die young by assassins bullets, or accidental plane,or car crashes.

This year the price of political favor is $2300.00. State and local reps can be bought off for much less. If you have the money to waste, and want to spend it on entertainment, throw a party for a politician, set up a stage , higher a strip club dj for the event , and instruct all your guests to bring a small stack of single dollar bills; instead of their check books. Invite more than one politician, female and male, and let each give their speech with the background music of “Sexual Healing”, or “Super Freak”, as your many guests stuff their dollar bills in their favorite politician’s thong. I can vividly imagine Hillary on stage gyrating, while talking about universal heath insurance. I can see Barack Obama as a lady’s favorite, giving lap and table dances, and favoring all the ” Liberal , Boomer Babes ” at the party. Throw a Sno Ball for Guilliani and other Republican bisexuals. No one really cares any more how politicians raise their money. Word on the street says you can buy these guys and girls real cheap.

Politics are irrelevant to any rational thinking individual. I suggest that before anyone gives a second thought about their right to elect their representatives to government, they should first think about the weather, then work, and then give a few thoughts about one’s family and their well being. If after all of these, far more important thoughts, have been given adequate consideration by you, and you have a few free megabites of your mind left to consider politics; then by all means do so, just keep it light.


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