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May 09 2014

Trans-Dimensional Radio with L.A.Steel

Popular Spirituality Internet Radio with L A STEEL SHOW on BlogTalkRadio This is the first Trans-Dimensional Radio Show. I read Ralph Waldo Emerson’s remarkable essay “Nature” and several of my poems and essays relating to the trans-dimensional aspect of our existence, and our close connection to Nature and the creation of our reality. Share

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May 17 2012


I AM BECAUSE I AM 5/15/07 I have discovered that I am an endless source of continual creation. Every person is. This is what we are. We create. Our existence is based solely upon what we create. Having the ability to imagine and create, and procreate, are the greatest gifts of life. We have the …

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Apr 10 2012


FLOWER POWER 11/14/07 A flower has great power. It has color and scent, and grace. It has beauty, fragrance, oneness with nature and oneness with itself. A flower holds the universe in it’s most complex or simple design. A flower understands its place and purpose in existence. A flower accepts its fate, regardless of the …

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Mar 14 2012

The Inland Hurricane

THE INLAND HURRICANE                by L.A. Steel   Hurricane winds slash the coastline, while inland trees bend and break upon houses and power lines, Blowing off roofs and doors, breaking windows and flooding floors. We watch the trees that surround  the house sway, threatening with each blown branch to  shatter a window. Slashing rain  feels like …

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Dec 03 2008

Latest Religions Worship Man and Nature

  LATEST RELIGIONS WORSHIP MAN AND NATURE 12/3/08 Since history began stories and legends have been created surrounding either the worship of Man or Nature. As Man evolved into a more enlightened species it became apparent to most of Mankind ; that there was a supreme creator. Perhaps it was the self realization of men; …

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Jun 21 2008


THE NATURE OF THINGS 6/21/08 Nature is absolutely remarkable. It is understandable and predictable, mysterious and chaotic. It is the beginning and end of everything physical. It is beauty and horror , majesty and mayhem, misery and magnificence, simplicity and complexity, soft and hard, sweet and bitter, whole and hollow. If I plant a seed …

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Nov 12 2006


DEEP, BLUE, PURPLE, PANSY 11/12/06 Outside on my front door step sit several red clay pots with various annuals carefully arranged in them. I have forgotten the names of the many flowers that have wilted since Fall began; except in one of the larger pots lives a deep, blue, purple, pansy, unique in its desire …

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