May 17 2012

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I have discovered that I am an endless source of continual creation. Every person is. This is what we are. We create. Our existence is based solely upon what we create. Having the ability to imagine and create, and procreate, are the greatest gifts of life. We have the ability to renew ourselves and ascend to heights of achievement, yet to be seen on earth. This is who we are. This is what we are. This is our purpose. We are because we are. We live because we live. This is the cause and effect of our existence.

We attract to ourselves what we most desire. This truth has been known to mankind since mankind was first created. I desire peace and tranquility and I find a way to achieve it. I desire truth, and I find it. I desire love, and I receive it. I desire knowledge and it becomes available. I desire friendship and I create it. What I most desire I will receive. It will exist because I exist.

I can not create what I do not most desire to create. It can not happen. If I desire to be wealthy I must first understand what wealth is. Is it money? Is it fame and money? Is it love? Is it an endless abundance of love, joy and financial security? Is it good health? Is it everything I have ever desired or will desire? Great and true wealth is the compliment of all these.

I have had money. I have known poverty. I have had ill health. I have enjoyed good health. I have had love and lost love. I have found love again and again. Love is not something I can possess it is something I must give. Friendship can not be possessed, it too must be given. Wealth can not be had unless it is given. Wealth in all things is received, as a payment is received for services rendered. The greater the service one renders,the greater the wealth they receive. One’s own existence is a gift from our creator. Our parents give us birth. The guidence we receive throughout our lives is given and taught to us. Everything of value is attained through giving. Genius, art , music, literature, science, nature, life, health, happiness, love, friendship, kindness, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, beauty, laughter, companionship; these are all gifts we receive.

Why do people steal, or murder, or lie, or cheat, or become obsessed with material gain, or competition against others, when the way to wealth is simply to appreciate and use the many gifts we have already received? The greatest gift we can give or receive is an idea. An idea creates a desire, a desire creates an action, an action creates a result.

We are who we become. We become who we most desire to be. The speed by which we evolve into our desired selves depends upon the magnitude of our desire. We can not become adults until our body and mind grow to that capacity. We can not become all we desire to become unless we also grow into that capacity. Time is the essential element for the realization of a desire. Good fortune is granted to all, who desire it most. A great life filled with abundance, can only be achieved through the desire to achieve it. The desire must be transformed into action. It can then be revised,but it must never be diminished. The golden dreams of our imagination will become our reality, if they are what we most desire.


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