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Sep 13 2018

DEVIL’S BREATH A Video Poem About 9/11/01 And BLOOD RED A Video Poem Of Revolution

  Devil’s Breath was created several days after 9/11/2001. The backdrop was the first tribute ceremony in New York City to honor the 3000 lives lost by the attack on the World Trade Center. It was a terrible event in American History that changed the world and destroyed the Middle East and U.S relations ever …

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Apr 12 2016


    Crocuses and daffodils are having a hard April. The early frost and late snow stunted their growth. Yellow and white rows of waving daffodils do not adorn my garden this year.   As I looked at the snow on rows of unbloomed flowers I noticed three white and two yellow daffodils and one white …

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Mar 13 2016


    I parked on River Road, overlooking the water, It was night, the river was flowing under the recent snowfall. I slept in a quilt, under my closed skylight.   I listened to rock and. roll on the radio. The full moon showed blindingly through my windshield, reflecting against the silver hood.   L.A. Steel …

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Jan 06 2016


  I Never Knew Your Name      (written in 1996)   I met you in the silence as we spoke in whispers wondering our next reply.   The unearthed medallion showed its magic as your vision appeared.   You were the wonder in my trance like stare of hallucinogenic love.   Seldom in the …

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Nov 21 2015

Throwing Out Old Suits and Ties and Things


  I’ve been throwing out things all day, now I’m nearly done. I threw out everything I never want to see again. I was hanging on to clothes and books and outdated ties,(I haven’t worn a tie since 1994) ties are phallic symbols, I had a lot of ties. I’m glad those tie days are …

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Nov 05 2015


Reclusive   I am somewhere between wonder and reason, laughing at the sunshine and the blue sky of this morning, thankful I can enjoy them.   All creators create their creations by hearing them or seeing them, and receiving them, from the divine mind, that navigates the winds of time.   L.A. Steel Share

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Oct 29 2015


LIQUID THOUGHT  10/27/05 In the sequenced hours of liquid thought all rise against the powers of political intent.All rise to peer through the lattice work of lies, in the sunlight and darkness of mixed dreams. In the dens of delusion the gilded garter adorns the supple thigh, as a drunken kiss from lipsticked lips. Faces …

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Oct 22 2015


IMPRISONED, 10/27/08 Within the boundaries of the physical world the three dimensional limits bind the human spirit. The spirit breathes with rhythmic motion and listens to earth bound sounds. It is a prisoner of memory, fear and forgetfulness. The stars move subtly to dazzle the observer of the night sky. Bathed in mist and moonlight …

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Aug 17 2015

Thinking of you

I thought of you today, when the sunlight in the window shone through. “You were destined to meet.” said the Oracle of Delphi. She sang to me in the sun filled room, as I entered her delirium, and altered my destiny.   L.A.  Steel   Share

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Apr 23 2015

Lost World of Yesterday

In the lost world of yesterday I wander through partial memories, where no one can verify my actions. I remember an aging fool running, grinning and fumbling papers and pads, believing he was important, making greater fools laugh. The late April air is still cold, as green shoots point upward the sun teases them from …

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Apr 06 2015


There is a place few of us will ever discover . I am writing from it. I am light years away from earth. The light and warmth and enchantment are beyond earthly description, and exists within me, and I believe it exists in all of us, if we close our eyes to see. I am …

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Mar 07 2015

Word Rain

In the loss of restrictions is the bounty of freedom and thinking and philosophy under the mainstay of finite solutions, to the proxy of education. Fill in the blanks of emptiness and falsehoods until the wells of fresh thoughts are springing forth into fountains. Experience the boldness of believers who isolate the words of wonder …

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Mar 05 2015

Winter Tree

    Limbs as arms and legs of men hung upright or upside down, against the grey sky and snow piled high on the ground. A thousand offshoots, leafless and brown shiver in the wind, without making a sound waiting for spring to come. Square panes within rectangle windows surround the courtyard like broad bars …

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Feb 15 2015

In the Doorway

A celestial image stands in the doorway her beauty is beyond all earthly sight. She pauses before she enters the room and asks If I will stay the night.   Beyond all dreams of life , what more could I desire, than her beauty and body in my arms, her radiant soul laying with mine, …

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Jan 23 2015

A Break Away Day

1/23/15 A new day was born today, a day that hasn’t been overwrought yet by stresses of living. This day is breaking away from worry, work, anger and despair. Pain and suffering are not yet here, but may arrive at anytime. I am breaking away from today, into a happy and peaceful state of mind. …

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Jan 14 2015

False Flag Dreams

      The false flags of dreams and schemes and conquests are  only pieces of tattered memories sewn into patterns of stars and stripes and colors. No one knows what the symbols on their flags mean, but to not pledge allegiance to them is treason. I remember as a child I had to pledge …

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Dec 19 2014

Trans-Dimensional Radio with L.A.Steel 12/18/14

Check Out Spirituality Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with L A STEEL SHOW on BlogTalkRadio Tonight I read my poetry from 2014. You can read along with me and see the art and photography associated with the poems by going to the Poetry Menu at the top of the front page of this site. Share

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Nov 16 2014

Remembering Spring in November

Remembering Spring in November is one way to forget the cold weather, grey skies, bitter winds, bleak days, long nights, cold floors and frost coated windows. L.A. Steel Share

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Oct 15 2014

A Dog Poem

  When my dog died I felt that I lost a part of me rather than a friend. My dog was an extension of me. He walked with me, and talked with me. He ate with me and sometimes he would sleep with me. He waited for me to come home. He slept soundly on …

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Oct 09 2014

Blood Moon, 2014

    In the deepest night it passes over head. The doorway of death is the Blood Moon shining as the star gate to eternity.   The Blood Moon screams silently as it passes over humanity; eclipsing its own reflection.   Only blood stained souls fear and hear the cry of the Blood Moon and see …

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Sep 09 2014

Meeting Me

    In a mad moment of a dream I met myself. He laughed at me and said I was a fool to stay depressed over failure. I told him he didn’t understand the losses I had, or the loss of the vision I once had of me.  He laughed  again and said,”Here I am …

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Aug 28 2014

Remembering the Future

Is the future  real ? We forgot what we have done and revise what we do. Our future is tomorrow. Our present is today. Our past and future are yesterday. L.A. Steel Share

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Jun 03 2014

Dancing with the Wind

Dancing with the wind

I hear its music, and feel the sound of the lost wind whirling around the imaginal realm. I hear its song, the beautiful song and feel the joy as, I dance with the wind. The sun smiles at me and the meadow flowers swaying in rhythmic motion, to the song of the wind. L.A.Steel Share

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Jun 01 2014

The Lost Post


It stood firmly in the ground alone and weather ravaged stoic and silent. It was all by itself in a field, someone had planted it and left it alone and never returned. What did it mean? What did it mark? Why did anyone bother? As I got closer it began to turn color and the …

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Jun 01 2014

The Forgotten


A vaporous memory passes before my inner eye reminding me of the forgotten. I see its form. I hear its faint cry, and wonder what it was. Was it a face or body or cry or wave of a forgotten friend? Somewhere in the distance of day a long forgotten memory smiles or frowns at …

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May 09 2014

Trans-Dimensional Radio with L.A.Steel

Popular Spirituality Internet Radio with L A STEEL SHOW on BlogTalkRadio This is the first Trans-Dimensional Radio Show. I read Ralph Waldo Emerson’s remarkable essay “Nature” and several of my poems and essays relating to the trans-dimensional aspect of our existence, and our close connection to Nature and the creation of our reality. Share

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Apr 27 2014

The Lost Spirit of Hope

How long must we despair in the poverty of our nation’s soul, before we call upon the spirit of hope? On the back streets of the United States poverty is disguised and ignored by local,state and federal government. The poor, sick and homeless are voiceless. Their screams are masked by sirens as they are taken …

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Apr 26 2014

“Most Persons Do Not See The Sun”

The sudden dryness of the air startles the arid thoughts of loss, sadness and remorse. The regret of actions taken or not rushes over the desert mind as a flash flood of tears. The madness of loneliness becomes the death knell in the final scream. “Most persons do not see the Sun.” They only see …

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Apr 16 2014

Sacred Lotus


One afternoon as my spirit landed, I watched rays of sun dancing upon the petals of a pink lotus. My soul merged with the soul of the flower, and I heard its song. Its sacred spirit danced with me and sang its song enchantingly, inspiring this poem. L.A.Steel Share

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Apr 15 2014

Winter Is Finally Over

Spring has sprung

The cold days of gray sky and snow covered ground are finally gone. Smiles of petals and leaves, are widely grinning. It was warm but breezy yesterday, until the rain clouds crept in late last night and this morning, careful not to drown the newly budding greens. This evening might bring frost, to the North …

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Apr 10 2014

Out of the Wastelands


In the Wastelands the bright sun blinds the mad beast raging in the windswept desert of the mind. Left to its own demise the beast carries a torch of passion that tortures him with fire filled days of magnetic vice, that steals all traces of his soul. Near the borderland of madness the beast drags …

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Mar 23 2014

The Hallucination

The holographic effect of words rhyming with visions seems to throw a shadow over the concept of clear precise meaning. Imagine a deep dark cavern of stalactites and bats clinging to the ceiling, then imagine the lost voyager that last came through the cave and what happened to him. I was he and now found …

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Mar 20 2014

Calamus Spring

In the wild and worn world of old poets and poems few are born with inspiration, yet none can live without it. The hallucinogenics of modern users and the holographic lives they live forget Calamus burns with the light of poetry within the realm of dreams. Oh beautiful for days gone by for everyone who …

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Feb 20 2014

White Fields (a poem)

I wrote and first published this poem in “The Voice” Newspaper in 2002. White Fields There are no sanctions in life, each thought or action is balanced. Each day brings night each wrong brings right, to the right of darkness is light. Rolling and level fields of white stretch before the wanderers of life. Every …

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Feb 13 2014

Two Robins In A Blizzard (A Poem)

They were together on a tree outside our bedroom window, this morning during the blizzard. We wondered why they were there and if the robins were lost in the February storm. We marveled as we watched them because we both thought robins migrated in winter. I looked it up on my computer. As soon as …

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Jan 24 2014

The Winter Dead

There is no silence among the winter dead. They scream their names carved on headstones, as they are beaten by cold winds,ice and snow. L.A.Steel Share

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Nov 24 2013


I can’t remember their faces or why I should remember them. I remember they were once close to me, like a family,but if they were how could I forget them? Their entire existence is fading from my memory. Who or what they were or are I can no longer see. They are faceless and nameless …

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Oct 16 2013

A Broken Heart

A heart can break forever, or may not break at all. A heart can break from grief, or from betrayal. A heart can break from hate. A heart can break from pain. The pain can be forgotten, or remembered in a frame. L.A. Steel Share

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Sep 26 2013

The Inevitable

The Inevitable is: The anger of betrayal. A baby cries. A politician lies. Doors are opened. Windows are closed. It rains in spring and winter is cold. Love abandons hate. A stone is hard. A fire is hot. A feather is soft. Loneliness is lonely. Laughter brings joy. All die who are born. Souls transcend …

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Sep 18 2013


Hate for politicians is a common human trait. Patriots hate traitors. Traitors hate patriots. There is nothing real in the political game, other than the death and destruction of war. There is treasure and power to be won and lost but nothing of value to be gained. There is a point I want to make, …

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Jan 11 2013


1/11/13 Anyone who understands the Merkabah understands that it is our interdimensional travel machine. My friend George Dickson first introduced me to the term Merkabah and the meditations to awaken this force within us. I have tried to explain interdimensional travel in my last few posts, which try to explain the unexplainable. Understanding that we …

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Feb 29 2012

The Poet

THE POET We met at a time when vice was the only virtue I knew. One dark, cold, night a poet knocked at my door. He was beaten down,homeless,drunk and cold, and continued to knock until I answered. L.A. Steel Share

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