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Sep 13 2018

DEVIL’S BREATH A Video Poem About 9/11/01 And BLOOD RED A Video Poem Of Revolution

  Devil’s Breath was created several days after 9/11/2001. The backdrop was the first tribute ceremony in New York City to honor the 3000 lives lost by the attack on the World Trade Center. It was a terrible event in American History that changed the world and destroyed the Middle East and U.S relations ever …

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Apr 12 2016


    Crocuses and daffodils are having a hard April. The early frost and late snow stunted their growth. Yellow and white rows of waving daffodils do not adorn my garden this year.   As I looked at the snow on rows of unbloomed flowers I noticed three white and two yellow daffodils and one white …

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Mar 13 2016


    I parked on River Road, overlooking the water, It was night, the river was flowing under the recent snowfall. I slept in a quilt, under my closed skylight.   I listened to rock and. roll on the radio. The full moon showed blindingly through my windshield, reflecting against the silver hood.   L.A. Steel …

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Jan 06 2016


  I Never Knew Your Name      (written in 1996)   I met you in the silence as we spoke in whispers wondering our next reply.   The unearthed medallion showed its magic as your vision appeared.   You were the wonder in my trance like stare of hallucinogenic love.   Seldom in the …

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Nov 21 2015

Throwing Out Old Suits and Ties and Things


  I’ve been throwing out things all day, now I’m nearly done. I threw out everything I never want to see again. I was hanging on to clothes and books and outdated ties,(I haven’t worn a tie since 1994) ties are phallic symbols, I had a lot of ties. I’m glad those tie days are …

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Nov 05 2015


Reclusive   I am somewhere between wonder and reason, laughing at the sunshine and the blue sky of this morning, thankful I can enjoy them.   All creators create their creations by hearing them or seeing them, and receiving them, from the divine mind, that navigates the winds of time.   L.A. Steel Share

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Oct 29 2015


LIQUID THOUGHT  10/27/05 In the sequenced hours of liquid thought all rise against the powers of political intent.All rise to peer through the lattice work of lies, in the sunlight and darkness of mixed dreams. In the dens of delusion the gilded garter adorns the supple thigh, as a drunken kiss from lipsticked lips. Faces …

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Oct 22 2015


IMPRISONED, 10/27/08 Within the boundaries of the physical world the three dimensional limits bind the human spirit. The spirit breathes with rhythmic motion and listens to earth bound sounds. It is a prisoner of memory, fear and forgetfulness. The stars move subtly to dazzle the observer of the night sky. Bathed in mist and moonlight …

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Aug 17 2015

Thinking of you

I thought of you today, when the sunlight in the window shone through. “You were destined to meet.” said the Oracle of Delphi. She sang to me in the sun filled room, as I entered her delirium, and altered my destiny.   L.A.  Steel   Share

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Apr 23 2015

Lost World of Yesterday

In the lost world of yesterday I wander through partial memories, where no one can verify my actions. I remember an aging fool running, grinning and fumbling papers and pads, believing he was important, making greater fools laugh. The late April air is still cold, as green shoots point upward the sun teases them from …

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