Nov 21 2015

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Throwing Out Old Suits and Ties and Things



I’ve been throwing out things all day,

now I’m nearly done.

I threw out everything I never want to see again.

I was hanging on to clothes and books and

outdated ties,(I haven’t worn a tie since 1994)

ties are phallic symbols, I had a lot of ties.

I’m glad those tie days are over.

I never new why anyone had to wear one.

One of my later dreams, after 1995 was to never

wear a tie. But I kept all of my ties on a tie

rack and took them out once and a while to

remember the days, when I wore the ties

selling my company and  selling myself.

I never want to buy another tie.

I have more than I will ever need.

If I donate them to a consignment shop

I wonder what anyone would pay for them.

They were expensive when I bought them, but the

economy was good and I believed in the symbols of success.

But now I am a success without any of the symbols.

I realize that all of my ties were a part of the lies of the phallic,

foolish, flagrant, salesman, who thought he was rich and was;

until the world changed and the markets tanked and wives left,

partners ran off, and there was no way further to sink.

Good bye I said to the world I knew, and all my salesmen friends.

I told them I could not sell for anyone else again.

My ties, and suits, and shoes, and  things did not fit me anymore.

They were too loose or tight, to short or kept on hangers for too long.

Their styles were too loud, or mute, or woolly, or brash, or garish.

My ties were loud , and so was I.

I never knew how to sell, until I sold me to myself.

I am happier now without it all, and I will forever be.

L.A. Steel

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