Feb 13 2014

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Two Robins In A Blizzard (A Poem)

They were together on a tree
outside our bedroom window,
this morning during the blizzard.
We wondered why they were there
and if the robins were lost
in the February storm.

We marveled as we watched them
because we both thought
robins migrated in winter.
I looked it up on my computer.
As soon as I put in the words
Do robins: three questions appeared.

Do robins Migrate?
Do robins Migrate in Winter?
Where do robins migrate to?
I wondered how many times
these questions had been asked
during a February blizzard.

There were hundreds of Google results
but the general consensus was,
that some robins migrate,
though not all robins do.
Some stay home and flock in the woods,
while others go south for abundant food.
We were both surprised by the answer
as we watched the two robins in the tree.
I said to her “Isn’t that funny?”
She replied, ” Yes, it is strange to see robins in
a blizzard in mid February.”
I laughed and said,”I thought it was spring.”


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