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Oct 16 2013

A Broken Heart

A heart can break forever, or may not break at all. A heart can break from grief, or from betrayal. A heart can break from hate. A heart can break from pain. The pain can be forgotten, or remembered in a frame. L.A. Steel Share

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May 20 2013

Saying Goodbye

When someone is near death or diagnosed with a terminal disease, what does one say to them without being overly sympathetic and sad? This person needs something more than “I’m sorry to hear” or “Gee, are you alright?” or simply”Hello, get well soon.” For most of my life I have dreaded death and funerals and …

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Jun 15 2012


Listen to internet radio with L A STEEL SHOW on Blog Talk Radio My great friend George Dickson died today at 3:00am Eastern Standard Time. He was a friend to many and a remarkable man. FRIDAY NIGHT WITH GEORGE DICKSON will remain a permanent tribute to him (as long as I live) and all of …

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May 17 2012

My Great Great Grandmother

My Great Great Grandmother 5/17/12 A few years ago I had a psychic reading done by a Medicine Man and seer. He could read and communcate with the spirits around me. His gift and his curse was that he could see and communicate with the spirits, that surrounded each individual. My reading was unsolicited. I …

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Mar 20 2007


THE NEED TO DISCONNECT 3/20/07 There comes a time in everyone’s life when we all need to disconnect ourselves from the world around us. Reality as we create it or it is created for us, often becomes too overwhelming for the senses to accept. When this occurs we can become anxiety ridden and irritable or …

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