Jan 14 2015

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False Flag Dreams




book coverThe false flags of dreams and schemes and conquests are  only pieces of tattered memories sewn into patterns of stars and stripes and colors. No one knows what the symbols on their flags mean, but to not pledge allegiance to them is treason.

I remember as a child I had to pledge allegiance to a flag. It made little sense to me. I thought how foolish it was to pledge my young life to a cloth on a pole.  But my teachers all said  I must, and my parents said if I didn’t they would scold me.

I was always alone in my rebellion then, when everyone recited their pledge. No one seemed to understand what they were really doing or saying.  It was only a rote statement of idealism and  loyalty to a piece of cloth.

I was told to believe in one nation, one religion, one god, one way of life.  I  always  wondered why. I refused to believe the lies.  I was a student of life , history and philosophy.

I am a  creator of  ideas, sculpture, books, poetry and  paintings. I am a builder of dreams. I am a creator of love and hate and schemes.  I am the fulfillment of my desires, the maker of fire, and the creator of my allegiances.

L.A. Steel

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