Jan 14 2015

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The Great Hypocrisy of Charlie Hebdo?

the grand hypocrisy of charlie hebdo




If the 60,000 copies of the magazine issued in their last edition got the Charlie Hebdo staff killed, imagine what 3 million copies of the  magazine will accomplish, possibly the annihilation of the entire building and staff  and any and all remnants of  Charlie, or the mass murder of thousands of innocent people of France. Instead of rethinking their insane editorial policies and respectfully mourn the tragedy of the murder of 12 staff members, the greedy and giddy idiots who run the magazine now, further insult the 1.6 billion followers of Islam, and jeopardize every French citizen by provoking more  major terrorist attacks against the magazine and the people of France.

I am sorry for the many who have died and I am certain that many others around the world are sympathetic to the families and friends of all the victims who died in the terror attack, not only the staff of Charlie Hebdo. I cannot condone the utter arrogance, irresponsibility, ¬†and insanity of the owners and managers of the magazine to greedily publish 3 million copies of their latest magazine, with an insulting ¬†picture on the front cover of Muhammad weeping and holding a sign that says ” I forgive you” . ¬† Perhaps greater than the insult by Charlie Hebdo to the prophet Muhammad and his 1.6 billion followers, is the insult by any atheist or ignorant Christian who buys this magazine. They prove to the rest of the world what complete ignorant fools they are, to support the spiteful idiots who actually own and operate Charlie Hebdo,

I do not condemn the French people for the actions of a few idiots and leader in their society anymore than I condemn all Americans for their imprisonment by the New World Order government and Zionist controlled news media.  Yes, we are fools to allow ourselves to be enslaved by these powers, however there is no justification for the flagrant  insult and  provocation of the entire Muslim world by the stupid, spiteful, greed and hate driven owners and staff of the Charlie Hebdo Magazine. Simple common sense would insist that any rational thinking person , after witnessing the recent terror attack in France, would  cease the insane, suicidal response of further insult and arrogance against the Muslim extremists by those who could be completely destroyed by another provoked attack against them.

Charlie Hebdo is dead. Killed by its own stupidity and hate. Let it be remembered for what it really was and bury or cremate dear old Charlie along with the 3 million copies of his final insult to the world. ¬†Barack Obama’s absence from the Paris March I hope was an intentional snub, so not to be part of ¬†the hypocritical display of Free Speech by the blatant hypocrisy of the uninvited, murderous, Netanyahoo, mocking the deaths and illegal occupation of the Palestinians, while marching self righteously in unison with all the ¬†other New World Order puppets of Europe.


L.A. Steel


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