Jan 08 2015

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The Charlie Hebdo Massacre

DEATH BY SATIREThe recent attack by Muslim extremists on the staff of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo makes little sense to anyone, except perhaps to Muslim extremist groups or to other hate groups trying to defend some fundamentalist concept of a religion.  Anti Abortionists are all “Christians” yet they murder and bomb abortion doctors and clinics. White hate groups claim to be defenders of God and the White race. More wars have been  fought in the name of Gods than any other cause. The history of Catholic conversions by war and torture and burning heretics at the stake are proof of the insanity of religious fanatics and the insanity of any religious group or cult that conquers and converts by barbarism.

The occupation and genocide of Palestinians by Israel is considered by some a “Holy War”, even though only 20% of Israelis profess to be religious.  Fanatics always dominate religions, and dominate many governments regardless what religion or political philosophy they have.  Religious tyranny and hatred is the most dominant trait of any fundamentalist fanatical group, consider ISIS for an example.  How could anyone who professes love for their God kill in his or her name; unless that God or Goddess is one of death and destruction, which many of them are. Fanatics are psychotic, regardless what they profess.  The unbalanced mind of any violent fanatic is a threat to everyone. So many of these insane individuals grab power through brutal violent acts, government sponsored genocides and wars, propaganda and fear.  Unfortunately the editors of Charlie Hebdo were too arrogant and foolish to see, or at least guard themselves against Muslim fanatics, even though they were threatened before.  If anyone constantly publicly insults an entire group of violent religious fanatics by publishing cartoons depicting them as idiots, they  must expect the possibility of violent retaliation by that group. Especially since there are numerous violent examples of such retaliation. If you play with fire you will eventually get burned. This is what happened to the staff of Charlie Hebdo.

My entire career as a controversial writer and radio talk show host has been constantly marred and hampered by government and corporate censorship and public criticism. I am a strong supporter of Freedom of Speech and all Human Rights and will remain so.  However I am constantly vigilant of the possibility of government or corporate censorship or individual cyber attacks against my website and radio show,  and there have been many. I have to  accept these attacks and censorship as part of doing business and as professional hazards. The one thing I believe that has kept me from being  physically assaulted by enemies through these many years is , I do not constantly provoke by public humiliation any specific religious or political fanaticism . Instead I try to be inclusive of all fanaticism and be as democratic in my insults of them and their leaders as possible.

L.A. Steel

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