Apr 02 2007

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Remembering the Moon


I often look at the night sky to see unfamiliar changes. Some nights the moon is full and bright and other nights it does not appear at all . I have often wondered on those particular nights, when the moon is lost how I would feel if I never saw it again.

My memory of the moon is so transient that I have difficulty deciding what appearance I should remember it by. It is similar to remembering what friends looked like the last time you saw them. Should I remember the moon as bright and full or as a half moon? Should I remember it as a quarter moon, or as a fine, bright, curved edge blade, suspended in the dark, distant sky.

Should I remember it as it appeared to me when I was a child? Some nights it would be big and bright, other nights it would be large and yellow. Some nights it would appear to have eyes and ears and a nose. Many nights it would have a halo of mist, or look like a street lamp, or as a white or light grey cloud, or not appear at all.

I did not look at the moon last night. I do not know if it was visible or not. I did not even think of the moon last night. I just assumed it was there. Today I am remembering it as I have seen it many times . I can remember how I felt when I looked at the moon on certain nights. I remember who I was with or without. I did not look for the moon last night, and I now feel a loss for not having that experience. I wonder what it looked like? I wonder what I missed? I wonder if I will ever see it again? If the moon is visible tonight I will not fail to look at it. I will honor the moon always by looking for it each night; even if time only allows me a moment. I feel obliged to look at it with admiration as I would an old friend, who I may never have the chance to see again.


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