Aug 30 2007

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There comes a time in everyone’s life when they must take stock in who they are and what they have become and who they are trying to become. I am like everyone who searchs for their unique place in the world. I have asked myself, who and what am I. Since my public debut of the first L.A. Steel television show on 7/31/99, I have tried to establish as a host and artist of controversial entertainment. Out of sheer annoyance at the main stream media’s news, art and literary publications, I decided to do something few people were attempting to do at the time. That was to create a weekly television series that would promote unknown artists and activists like myself.

Poetry has always been a mainstay of my identity. I was once a performance poet. At the time there were many viable venues for poets to read their own works. I made a number of good poet friends, with varying degrees of talent. Some were amazing performers, others were sincere and compellingly unique, and some were not so talented, whose only desire was for someone to listen to their work, even if that meant rejection and in some instances public humiliation.

It is extremely difficult for poets to express themselves without appearing too personal, too sentimental, too arrogant or too absurd. What ever the reason or need one has to express themselves through poetry, it is the obligation of other poets to listen to them. Unfortunately there has never been a wide audience for poetry, even amongst poets. Most poets write for themselves. Writing good poetry is a form of self mutilation as well as self emulation. It is difficult to explain this to someone who is not a poet. Poets bleed words. They are unlike many other people, because they hear and feel their connection to the infinite. That connection is unique to each poet as well as musician, artist, writer and everyone who wants to express themselves in these areas.

All poets are essentially idealistic. They may appear withdrawn or cynical or angry, but they continue to create their art and seek an appreciative audience. It is the fear of rejection, the fear of failure and isolation that hold artists back. Great poets and artists of world fame achieve their status through hard work, knowledge of their craft , persistence, optimism, and a distinct understanding; that they write or create for themselves. They transend this world by their purest passion and connect with the infinite, when they know they have created a masterpiece.

To the detriment of the world many masterpieces are lost or hidden by their creators; because of fear of criticism, and having to defend their work. The artists are often uncertain of the source of their inspiration, that connect them to the infinite. Poets and artists often keep their very best works to themselves and never reveal them to anyone. This is because they feel their work is truly far too personal, too beautiful, too incomprehensible for even themselves to define or to share with someone else. This is the way of the greatest teachers, gurus, prophets, saints, and masters. They know more than they could possibly attempt to teach to an uninterested, or unworthy audience. How can anyone, who has seen the face of God and the vision of eternity, describe it to someone, who does not believe in God or eternity. Why should enlightened masters face humiliation, public condemnation, danger, imprisonment, torture, and death, to bring to the masses a pure vision of eternity. They can not, and will not. Those who have the confidence of knowing their reason for existence, will sympathize with those who do not. They will attempt to guide others who desire or show genuine interest in understanding the infinite, but they can never fully reveal their most private and personal connection, for the ascension of their reality.

Throwing pearls to swine is a crude statement however, it was kept in a biblical text to demonstate in basic terms,that the wonders someone may see and understand,are their treasures. Poetry and the arts are established vehicles to express unique knowledge and vision. What makes a work of art a masterpiece is the artist’s expression of their vision. It is only when we open the door to others and show our private interior and private vision with complete confidence, courage and generosity of spirit;that we will become masters and visionaries.

A poet is the most primary of beings. The solitary journey of a poet begins with their first vision of the infinite. That first spark of divine inspiration ignites their passions, and creates a poetic thought, that changes their lives. Men and women are all poets, we are all primary creatures striving for the idealic vision, that confirms our immortality. The personal brand we wish to identify ourselves with, is always derived from the poet within us. Success or failure in our lives depends upon how free we allow the poet within us to be.


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