Jan 31 2013

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The Pettiness of Some People


I have lived long enough to realize how low and petty some people are.
Some people are the lowliest of the low, the pettiest of the petty, the meanest of the mean, the sickest of the sick. Some have unique sexual problems that frustrate them, others are bound up in sick relationships, and others are just insane. Unfortunately all sane and unpetty people must cope with these miserable, petty, people in their work place, in their families, and in other places in their lives.

I can’t say that I hate these petty, miserable, people, I can only say that I have to stay away from them. They are sick and unstable. They will strike out at anyone and anything if they feel offended or jealous or are simply having a bad day, and can cause problems for anyone who has to deal with them. Can I have compassion for them? NO. Can I have consideration for them? NO. Can I condemn them? Yes.

Ah, but why bother? These poor souls are so low, so very low,
they are crushed by Karma their entire lives.

L.A. Steel

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