May 09 2019



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May 07 2019




Donald “Moe” Trump, Mike “Curley” Pompeo, and John “Larry” Bolton are the Three Stooges of American Foreign Policy. The most incompetent buffoons ever to serve in their respective capacities as the statesmen representing the United States in all foreign affairs. They can be thanked for the failure of North Korean nuclear talks, China trade war, Iran debacle, and new insane sanctions and war threats, the placement of the U.S embassy in Jeruselum and encouragement of the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians, the departure of the U.S from the UN Human Rights Council, the absence of a UN ambassador since the resignation of Nikki Haley, the bombing of Syria, Yemen and continued war in Afghanistan as well as their failed coup in Venezuela and their direct involvement in the blowback from their insane immigration policies with South American countries.

Their insane threats of withdrawal from NATO and Donald “Moe” Trump’s “bro luv” with Vlad Putin, Kim Jong Un and the Saudi Prince MBS  have created an international embarrassment to the U.S bordering on absolute treason or absolute incompetence and insanity, even worse than the G.W. Bush debacles of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, all of which one of the three stooges John” Larry” Bolton was involved with at the time. The entire State Dept currently has 40 ambassador vacancies since the firing of former Sec.of Stater Rex Tillerson, who called Donald “Moe”  Trump a moron during a cabinet meeting. Defense Sec. Mattis resigned out of contempt for Trump and is rash decision to pull troops out of Syria, after his brief talk with his puppet master Vladimir Putin. Also, the abrupt resignation of Trump’s Chief of Staff John Kelly, who stated the Trump White House was “Crazyland” and he had enough.

Unless Donald “Moe” Trump is impeached and indicted for treason and obstruction of justice immediately the U.S will sink into a cesspool of “Moe” Trump’s insane and incompetent decisions. Moe and his top advisers “Curley” Pompeo and “Larry” Bolton are leading the United States and its closest allies to drown in a flood of Russian entanglement and aggressive encroachment and destruction of Western Democracies. Moe Trump believes he’s a king or emperor, but he is nothing but an ignorant, insane, psychopathic narcissist, supported by his sycophant cabinet and staff cheering on his insanity and belligerent lies and stupidity.






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May 06 2019



Every day Trump and his lying cabinet members and aids lie to the media, lie to each other and lie to the American People. The Washington Post recently counted 10,000 lies Trump has personally told the public since his inauguration. I hate listening to anything Trump says because everything he says is a lie. His sick pathological lying has become pervasive throughout the country. Every television right-wing host and contributor lie to the camera and their viewers. Every drug company CEO lies, every CEO of every major company lies, every lawyer working for Trump is told to lie as well as every Trump cabinet member and accountant.  Our country is inundated by lies and liars our government lies constantly most politicians are despicable liars especially if they are Republicans.

In my entire life, I have never witnessed the world as such an overwhelming web of deception. George Orwell famously stated: “In a world of deception telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Unless the honest and truthful Americans demand truth and honesty from its government, media, Wall Street and all businesses, we are doomed as a nation and society to live out our lives in a lie. Democrats must demand the resignation of AG Barr for lying to Congress and demand the Impeachment of Donald Trump, and expose the criminality of the Republicans in the House and Senate. America is no longer a country governed by its people but an illegal and tyrannical billionaire oligarchy set to destroy the country, impoverishing the working and middle classes and pollute and destroy all national treasures, the water we drink and the air we breathe. These liars and thieves who now control the United States are so greed driven with reptilian hearts they are not human.

People like Trump and his mindless loyalists in government are not human, they are completely determined to destroy and steal all they can. America is faced with the largest number of homeless since the Great Depression. Middle Class and poor are unable to live normal lives because of poor wages, crippling medical and student debt, health issues caused by Chemical companies and food industry polluting their food and water and air destroying the health and environment of millions of Americans and people throughout the world.

Maybe we are living in the End Times when Satan rules the world and his minions are everywhere reincarnating into the bodies of Donald Trump and his loyalists and followers the “Walking Dead” who live in hatred and evil enflamed by the evil, hatred, racism, greed, and insanity of Donald Trump, which has infested the entire U.S government and U.S society. Trump’s obvious treason with Russia is the final blow to the safety of all Americans. Trump has encouraged and allowed Russia to invade and infiltrate our government through cyber theft of our elections and bribery of Republican politicians and highest officials. We must stop it now. We must demand as the remaining honest people and politicians in America the arrest of Trump all his Cabinet and his White House staff and aids and advisers before they completely destroy our country with their lies and treachery.



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May 02 2019


One of the most entertaining personalities at yesterday’s Senate Hearing with AG Bill Barr was the “jarhead” military/former military guy sitting behind Barr at the left of the tv screen. His animated expressions were interesting to watch as Barr told lie after lie and the Senator’s questions became more accusatory and direct challenging Barr’s honesty. While Barr sat like a bulldog, the guy behind him would stare intimidatingly at the camera or else he would express fear and surprise when Barr made up his foolish defense of Mueller’s letter reprimanding Barr for his misrepresentation of the Mueller Report findings.

The entire hearing was an exercise in futility with Barr’s heartburn reactions to the questioning and Lindsey Graham’s insipid flattering remarks to Barr suggestive of a Gay come on. There really was nothing interesting to watch other than three Democrat Presidential candidates taking Feather Weight hits at Barr and his arrogant filler busting replies which didn’t answer their questions.

Here are a few pictured highlights of the “guy sitting behind Barr”.





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Apr 30 2019



download (1) hillary imageIt appears that all the estrogen in the Democratic Party this year has produced another impotent 2020 male presidential contender Joe Biden. “We’re fighting for the soul of the nation,” Biden said in his campaign announcement video. The last thing the nation needs is another old corporate Democrat who will sell out the country. His first campaign stop was sponsored by Comcast and a Healthcare insurance company who gave him $6 million in one night. Comcast does not want Net Neutrality, and Health Ins.companies do not want Universal Healthcare or Medicare for all. Everything old centrist Biden represents is a recipe for Democrats to lose in 2020, and if they keep up their amazing stupidity they will lose everything again as they did in 2016.

Times have changed outside the Democrat Party, and they refuse to recognize it. The DNC recently changed their election process and refuse to let any Democratic primary challengers run against incumbent Democrats. They are deliberately going against all democratic processes to preserve their pathetic political party. It is time for a New Democrat Socialist or something party to destroy the power of the old guard of dementia ridden sold out Democrats. The party of the people has become the party of the pathetic. After the 2018 election, there was great hope and enthusiasm for the Democrats whose elderly members reluctantly accepted a new progressive challenge to their old methods of campaigning and taking their constituents for granted. All Americans today under the age of 50 with liberal and humanitarian attitudes and beliefs are opposed to the hypocritical old fogies now dominating the Democrat Party. Old Joe sponsored the bill in the Senate that prevented students from filing bankruptcy from their massive student loan debts forced upon them by the preditor banks and student loan lenders including the federal government.

Americans are drowning in debt due to impossible to pay medical and student debt. These should be like every other industrialized country free to the public. Free education and Universal Healthcare. Young and old Americans are strangled by debt that no other citizens of other industrialized countries have to bare. Americans are literally dying from debt imposed upon them by high taxes, high medical costs and high interest rates on student loans. These are just some of the burdens Americans have that other countries do not. The Billionaire class of the U.S has gotten away with financial murder of the middle classes and working classes. Their strangulation of the American people is allowed and sponsored by their oligarchic government, now headed by one of the worst oligarchs and possible dictator to ever hold the office of the President of the U.S. Biden and most Democrats owe their political careers and campaigns to these mega companies and the billionaires who run them. Unless Joe Biden and all Democrats like him are thrown out of government, there will never be change and as the great frustration of the Progressive Caucus in the House of Reps mounts, there will be a chasm created in the party and the Progressives will form their own party to oppose old Democrat incumbents in both the House and Senate.

Few if any progressives will vote for Joe Biden just as few voted for Hillary because they understand their hypocrisy and political impotence and consider Joe Biden as a Republican-lite, Hillary Democrat, with a penis.



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Apr 26 2019



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Apr 26 2019





I have never been a fan of Joe Biden throughout his career.  Joe Biden had to drop out of his first run for President in 1988 because he was caught plagiarizing an entire speech written by a British Member of Parlament. Joe also made many other bad decisions as a Senator and presidential candidate as noted in the above-captioned pictured events throughout his career. I can not support Joe Biden for many reasons and one is he will be 80 years old by 2021.

Old Joe represents the era of post-segregation, Anti Vietnam War protests, the Women’s’ Rights movement and the Civil Rights Movement that challenged White American Men’s political and domestic dominance in American culture. White American men were getting beaten up by all sides of American society challenging their power and prejudice in their homes, government, and workplace and resist the tidal wave of Liberal American idealism, representing the Anti War movement that stopped the Vietnam war and ended the Military Draft. White Men were fighting a war in Asia and a war on their home front with their wives, daughters and, sons and themselves for granting independence and equality for women and minorities. Minority Americans were fighting American White Men for their basic Civil Rights and equality under the law and winning their battles. The ferocity of those movements during the Sixties and Seventies caused  White American Men to fight then and now to keep the white status quo.

Old Joe’s Democrat Party was once the party of Sen. Richard Byrd the “Grand Wizard” of the KKK. After the Civil Rights movement was claimed by the Democratic Party under JFK and Johnson and passed into law, the KKK members and White nationalist neo-Nazis all changed their loyalty to the Republican Party and created the GOP as we know it today. Trump’s father was a hood wearing KKK member in New York in the 1930s and was arrested for participating in a KKK march through New York City. He was also notorious for not renting his apartments to minorities.   The same complaints were waged against Donald Trump during the early 1970s and into the 1980s.

Old Joe Biden in 1991 chaired the Judiciary Committee that nominated Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. Joe confronted Anita Hill with accusatory and aggressive questions when she testified before his committee against Clarence Thomas accusing Thomas of sexual harassment while she was working for him. As of Joe’s recent announcement to run for president, Anita Hill rejected Biden’s recent attempt to apologize to her, for his 1991 public insult, and that Clarence Thomas still sits on the Supreme Court 28 years later due to his approval of his nomination.

Old Joe is a corporate-owned, corrupt, onset dementia ridden, Democrat trying to make his last stand and earn a few big campaign donations so he can fill his retirement nest. He’s been out of work for the last two years and is getting bored and cranky and misses the limelight when he was once important in politics. Politicians fade away when they fall out of fame. Joe is trying to capture a moment that has eluded him his entire life and will elude him once again as the number one wish on his bucket list, to be President of the United States.


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Apr 25 2019





Trump is on fire and burning out of control. He has begun to spill over like boiling nuclear wastewater in a Fuckashima cooling tower.  Trump’s Public Defender Rudy Guliani famously known as the greatest idiot lawyer who ever practiced Law. Rudy’s recent 3rd marriage and his publicly nasty previous divorce have created some stress in poor Rudy. Rudy knows too much about Trump and his only defense for Trump is his own insanity. His 911 demons have come home to stay. Rudy Guliani will be the man known as “Mayor 911” and the lawyer who tried to defend Satan aka Donald Trump. Trump’s former “fixer” and personal lawyer Michael Cohen testified before the Judiciary and Oversite committees that Trump ” is a cheat, liar, and conman.” and to never trust Trump.

The Mueller Report which was falsely summarized by Atty.Gen. Barr is the guillotine for Trump and Barr. Congress must win out over Trump’s Contempt of Congress and obtain all the documents and witnesses they have subpoenaed. At the current rate of Trump’s insane tweets of 50 per day, I believe Trump is beginning to disintegrate from the excessive heat and pressure from Congress and Media and maybe will explode publicly within a few weeks from now when he meets the Queen of England at the 75th anniversary of D DAY. Hundreds of thousands of English protestors against Trump’s visit have organized a parade throughout the city of London during his public visit.

Maybe Americans will send Trump off to England with an impeachment march through Washington D.C. It is time again to organize all Americans who want to take their country back and fight for the right cause together toward a more Perfect Union. This will never happen without our commitment to what America should be: Justice, opportunity, equality, compassion, and education practiced for and by every citizen. America can no longer be the greatest terrorist nation, responsible for over 20 million deaths since WWII. We must conquer our problems and threats with reason and understanding, avoiding military conflicts around the world.

It is time for a change Americans and as Trump explodes himself and his presidency we can sit back and watch Trump’s White House burn or we can organize and be in D.C by D.Day to ensure Trump and his administration are destroyed on D DAY 2019.


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Apr 25 2019


spring dream series 4 2019

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Apr 24 2019



Democrats seem to have lost their Constitutional Power but also their political power and even their manly power. The men in the Democrat Party are wimps being bullied by the scowling lies and hate calls of Republicans who will say and do anything to protect their seats and their criminal presidency. Only Elizabeth Warren, Kamila Harris, Maxine Waters, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and Rashida Tlaib have taken the bold and aggressive lead in demanding the Impeachment of Donald Trump. All of the Democrat Committee male Chairmen have made public statements of their holding back on Articles of Impeachment.  Adam Shiff Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee was attacked and told to resign by his own committee Republicans in a publicly televised hearing. He retaliated and stated he was certain that Trump committed a conspiracy with Russia and Barr’s early summary of the Mueller Report favoring Trump with no collusion and no obstruction were lies that corrupted the true results and findings of the Mueller Investigation.

Elijah Cummings Chairman of the Oversight Committee has had his subpoenas ignored by the White House and the Treasury Secretary for Trump’s Tax Returns and an unredacted copy of the Mueller Report from the Attorney General, and for several witnesses in the Mueller Report to testify. Trump and the Republicans in the House and Senate have been trying to cover up their bribes and involvements by Russia during the 2016 and 2018 elections and their current involvement trying to influence the 2020 elections. Republicans and Trump are petrified with fear that the truth of their conspiracy which Mueller found plenty of evidence of will destroy them and indict them for criminal conspiracy and taking bribes from Russia to change U.S policy against Russia. They have proven time and again in the last 2 years since Trump’s inauguration that Trump has done what he was paid to do.  Russian sanctions were all taken off by Trump, and pro-Russian legislation was passed and is still being passed by the Republican-held Senate.

Democrats need a serious backbone and Pelosi has currently wheel chaired the Impeachment of Trump. Her passive resistance to Trump is a foolish and ineffective method of fighting against a belligerent, racist misogynist, who has no respect for anyone and any law. She has no understanding of how fierce the Republican resentment is toward her in the House as the Speaker of the House. She seems to prance through her day smiling to the press while trying to contain the Progressive Caucus and get no aid from Schumer the powerless minority leader in the Senate.

It is time to get tough against Trump and his Republican criminals. Biden and Bernie are playing in their own sandbox afraid to commit to impeaching Trump due to their age and weakness against Trump’s full assault against them. Biden has an exposable past and many embarrassing moments during his political career. Bernie appears to be near a heart attack as he shouts his words and leans over the podium. The physical stamina needed for the job as President cannot be sustained by 80-year-old men. The alternative to Bernie and Biden is openly gay Peter Buttigieg. His wimpy approach to Trump’s bullying is to hold off on Impeachment. Beto O’rorke is a Crypto Republican former computer Hacker. Cory Booker has begun a Peace and Love campaign where he would rather kiss and hug and make up with Trump while taking major donations from Big Pharma and Health Insurance Companies to vote against Medicare for All. The other male Democrat presidential candidates are not worth mentioning in any contest against Republicans’ and Trump’s assault against them.

If Democrats don’t fight back with subpoenas, the press and political power of the House of Representatives and show their emotional and physical strength and resolve against Republican and Trump administration bullies, they are doomed to have sand kicked in their faces, and their asses kicked daily by Trump and Republicans until they lose all respect of the American people and lose in the 2020 elections because they were too weak and “peaceful” to fight against the downfall of our democracy by the tyrannical take over by Trump and his Republican minions.





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