Oct 22 2017



NAKED AT THE MIC / The Survival of a Liberal in a Time of Peril, is a book based upon ten years of research and personal experiences , collected as a historical recollection of the national and international politics, and the national  social upheaval during the Conservative Revolution. That political movement of Bush and Republican Fascism during the first decade of the 21st Century, as I witnessed and reported it on my television and commercial FM radio programs, and my website www.lasteelshow.org during the years of 2000 to 2009.

Naked at the Mic is also a tribute to the many people who fought  to print and broadcast truth, and liberal commentary, while the entire broadcast media was dominated and censored of Liberal Thought and discussion, by the Conservative right wing media, the G.W Bush administration, and the cabal of Muslim hating warmongers, famously known as the NeoCons.

“Naked at the Mic” also commemorates the many heroic members of activist and citizen action groups and organizations , that fought daily to protect themselves and their country from the insanity of G.W Bush’s administration,  his minions, and their nightmare reality of war , genocide and slaughter in the Middle East, and the cruel, corrupt and oppressive, government they imposed on the American people during their reign of terror and torture from 2000 to 2008.

I speak honestly about the 2008 presidential candidates and the election of Barack Obama, and why I voted for him, and my great disappointment, after his horrific betrayal of all who elected him. The research for “Naked at the Mic” entailed over 5000 news articles that I have archived and preserved on paper, to verify every quote and reference I make, and over 500 books and recorded interviews with authors, activists and politicians in 1300 archived radio shows on BlogTalkRadio.com/lasteelshoworg, ten televised documentaries , and 400 television programs up to 2009, when I completed this book.

Naked at the Mic  is an honest look back through time at people and events now nearly forgotten, that have been at the forefront of national and world changing events. This book is a historical record of one of the most volatile decades in American and world history. It reports and comments on many of the most important national and international issues and individuals from 2000 to 2009. I discuss in detail the corrupt 2000 presidential election, 911, the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions, Katrina, and expose the massive corporate, financial and political corruption and mass media cover ups, until the end of 2009. I honestly expose left and right wing politics, and give a unique front line perspective of the massive sea change of American Society, that caused G.W Bush’s 75 percent approval rating in 2001, to his final approval rating of 24% in 2008, and the election of Barack Obama.

“Naked at the Mic / The Survival of a Liberal in a Time of Peril”, is honest, fast moving, highly informative, well researched, and is an accurate, history of the characters involved with one of the longest running liberal radio shows in America, during one of the most politically conservative, and most destructive periods in American history, that has led to the current economic, military and moral demise of America.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated in his essay “The Oversoul” “Oh, Believe that every word that was meant for thine ear to hear will come to thee…”.

I believe a lot of people are meant to hear what this book has to say.



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Apr 26 2018



the dream 2018

Everyone has dreams they wish would come true. A Dream Weaver is a master of illusion who mocks the wishful minds of the masses with lies and foolish dreams. This is the mastery of mind controllers. Dream Weavers are  men and women who are continually misdirecting the masses away from reality to gain personally, politically, or economically.

We are never certain of our future unless we are grounded in the present and aware of our past. A Dream Weaver is a magician who casts a spell of hope over his audience, by showing  empathy towards all who come to see and hear them speak. Politicians, and performers understand the powers of magic they possess or possess them.  Dream Weavers create an illusion of hope with words and promises of universal justice, peace, prosperity and morality. A Dream Weaver creates the tale of wonder that launch their audiences into an alternate dimension, while the Dream Weavers pick the pockets of  their audience.

Bernie Sanders is a Dream Weaver of socialist and communist ideologies, which have proven to be disastrous for most countries ruled by them.  I am not anti capitalist, I am for the well being and advancement of Mankind. I believe in many social justice issues that do not disallow personal incentive and individual achievement. Group, national and international consciousnesses are the Dream Weavers’s vehicle of deception. They focus upon the most essential human needs and wants and offer them all to their audiences, to be implemented under one form of government led by the Dream Weaver.

Bernie Sanders exposed himself as a  Dream Weaver in 2016 and can never regain the faith of his believers, who he betrayed with his endorsement of Hillary Clinton one week before the Democrat Convention. National news reports stated, by the end of Bernie’s presidential campaign he made $220 million dollars in campaign contributions and had $120 million in reported campaign expenses. Bernie made $100 million dollars in 2016 as a Dream Weaver, all money donated to a political candidate after expenses can be kept by the candidate.

Bernie Sanders is 78 years old, his running for president in 2020 is absurd. The country knows he is a Democrat shill trying to seduce Independent lefties into the Democrat  Party. Anyone holding out hope for a Sanders presidential election is completely delusional, and fallen under the Dream Weaver’s spell.



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Apr 24 2018



Donald Trump depicts the worst of humanity. He is a vile plague cast upon the world. He is a pestilent disease, erupting everywhere , especially in Washington D.C, causing immediate nausea, repulsion and disgust to all who meet him or greet him around the world, except for his devoted Neo Nazi followers and Fox News fanatics . Everything about him is a breeding ground for the most debase  , brain and flesh eating parasite ever to plague the world. His recent meeting with the French President and his wife are a show boat display of Trump’s paltry platitudes to appease European criticism , while trying to grope and sexually assault the French President’s wife.

Trump’s arrogance and stupidity are on display daily with his moronic presidential tweets. Now he apparently is attracted to the most vile and debase brain diseased cast and contributors of the Fox News Network, who are becoming his closest advisers. The blatant insanity of these far right, wing nut, Fox News Trump minions and sycophants,  are beyond all rational reasoning. Their desperate insults against Trump’s critics and inane arguments for Trump’s policies and personality flaws are beyond all comprehension.

If Donald Trump were accused of pedophilia Justice Jeanine, Sean Hannity,  Tucker Carlson and Loud mouth Laura Ingrahm would be whooping and wailing  at how unfair the media reporting is,and how they would trust Donald Trump with their own children. Once The Russian Pee Tape and Dossier are made public and Mueller eventually indicts Trump for high crimes and misdemeanors, all the Trump media sycophants will be arrested as well,for enabling and encouraging the Trump crime family to continue their crime spree, with Russian mob laundered money financing all Trump businesses and real estate holdings. Then all  Fox News and Evangelical Trump lovers will loudly defend Donald Trump’s pissing on Russian prostitutes, while denying his proven collusion with Russia influencing the 2016 elections.



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Apr 14 2018

2003 Documentary of the One World Fair Peace Rally Cummington Mass. (part 1 & 2 of 5)

This documentary has been abridged to three 30 minute parts, remarkable information, and historical performances featured at The 2003 One World Fair in Cummington , Massachusetts , several months after the American invasion of Iraq and the signing of the Patriot Act.

Our featured guests were Amy Goodman of Democracy Now and international, investigative Journalist, Greg Palast, presenting his latest book “The Best Democracy Money can Buy.”

This first part features interviews with the fair hosts,  opening speeches and some special performers. Also featured is a rare performance and interview with the Raging Grannies.



Part 2 of this documentary features Amy Goodman of Democracy Now,  giving an informative talk on the G.W Bush invasion of Iraq and the Patriot Act privacy violations. This is a great recap on the historical events that happened during and leading up to the 3/20/2003 invasion of Iraq.  The L.A.Steel Liberal  FM talk show launched its first broadcast on 3/4/03, on Wqqq103.3fm . We were one of the first commercially broadcasted radio programs to condemn the Iraq invasion and call out Bush’s lies of WMDs.

This completes the amazing speech by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now. As an eye witness to 911 she gives her emotional description of that day and the horror of the WTC collapse. She reveals the absolute lies of G.W. Bush regarding 911 and his reasons for the invasions of Afghanistan. She attacks Dick Cheney for his out right lies about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and causing the 911 attack.


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Apr 14 2018


Download Scary Clown Joker With A Smile And Red Hair With A Big Knife On Stock Photo - Image of circus, creepy: 77379840

Donald Trump and his Krazy Kabinet have decided to attack Syria today, because of unproven claims that Syria used chemical weapons against the the last ISIS and Rebel stronghold in Syria. One week ago Trump announced he would soon be leaving Syria , today he says he is planning a strike. An observant political writer  would have to wonder why Trump would announce a strike one day after the release of Former FBI Director James Comey’s new book , indicting Trump as a “mob boss” with crooks and Russian mobsters throughout the Trump organization, and in the White House.

Trump is a master at distraction and deception. Every time he is trapped in a corner he attacks someone or something to distract the negative attention off of him.  Trump’s in Trouble. Big Trouble. He needs big distractions. He has emptied his entire White House Staff and part of the Cabinet , until he has no one left but sycophants and imbeciles to advise him and soothe his battered ego. Trump needed a big bang moment to distract from the new revelations by James Comey released yesterday in his new book , specifically explaining the  The “Pee Tape Dossier,” which horrified Trump, when Comey warned him that compromising tapes may have been made by the Russians and used to influence the Trump campaign and presidency.

Another big bang moment today was Trump’s pardon of former G.W Bush White House Aid Scooter Libby. Even G.W Bush 10 years ago would not grant his own aid a pardon, but did commute his 30 year sentence for Obstruction of Justice. Libby was already a free man and had his law licence reinstated before today’s pardon by Trump. The flippant arrogance of Trump towards Mueller’s investigation and Comey’s recent allegations are a direct pie in face to the American People and Congress.

Trump is the giant, big footed, red headed, circus clown juggling scandal upon scandal above his head, until one falls he can’t catch and knocks him out. The James Comey revelations may be the scandal that knock Trump out. Then John Kelly and the few sane White House Staff Members left, will carry Trump out of the Oval Office on a stretcher, and hand him over to the FBI to be arrested.



trump is syria's real enemy 2018


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Apr 10 2018


Dawn from Recovery Room 2018

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Apr 05 2018

WISDOM & COMPASSION, a 2003 teaching by Buddhist Patriarch Sakya Trizin

a 2003 teaching by Buddhist Patriarck Sakya Trizin 2018


WISDOM & COMPASSION, a 2003 teaching by Buddhist Patriarch Sakya Trizin was filmed at the Ahimsa Institute.   Leila  interviews Sakya Trizin, and the founder of the Ahimsa  Institute, who hosted this Buddhist Teaching by  Sakya Trizin.



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Apr 02 2018


sized demon

The NRA and every conservative pundit and media publication have their guns out for Parkland Shooting Survivor David Hogg.  His anger is real, his celebrity as an activist is growing , and his powerful message against the morons attacking him are great. He’s a powerful speaker and a lightening bolt of youthful energy damning the system for its indifferent and insane elected lawmakers and gun owners, who believe owning a gun should be as easy as buying bubble gum at a convenience store.  Anyone under 18 can not buy a lottery ticket, a bottle of beer or a pack of cigarettes, but they can walk into any gun shop and buy an assault rifle, or any other kind of deadly weapon. I haven’t heard as much Right Wing Squealing against liberals since Nixon resigned, or since brain dead G.W Bush and his media minions demanded America go to war against Afghanistan and Iraq on outright lies of weapons of mass destruction, then raped the Constitution and the Geneva Convention stripping away all human rights , allowing surveillance, captivity and torture of foreign soldiers and domestic citizens, and have remained entrenched in these wars for the last 16 years.

I’ll admit Obama was a moderate / globalist, and no genius, nor was he a better politician than any of his predecessors. He lied and misrepresented most of his policies to the American people, and he and Hillary’s foreign policies virtually destroyed the Middle East. In light of the fact that Obama claimed to be liberal, his policies were little different from the Bush Jr. presidency, and his foreign affairs were still controlled by NeoCons and right wing war mongers in the Pentagon and as advisers. Obama has not criticized David Hogg or any shooting survivors or their parents, which is the right and honorable thing to do. For media attack dogs like Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson and all other Fox News puke pushers and contributors, to moronically lash out at a 17 year old radical and his group of School Shooting Survivors is not only beneath any public standard of dignity or integrity, but shows the public just how hateful  and shallow these people are. They are complete sell outs to the Conservative Holy Cults of Fox News and other hag rags of racist, homophobic, idiotic, media outlets.

David Hogg and his group of young activists are survivors of a mass school shooting that happened on Valentine’s Day this year at their high school. Their anger and energy is real and their social media followers and millions of others in the U.S and around the world are  sympathetic to their message. Their message being, the  lives and safety of all  children and adults in all schools and in all neighborhoods  should be kept from harm from gun violence, with simple and common sense gun laws, to protect people from madmen, gang violence, and mass killers. Enough is Enough, it is time for gun control laws that take away War Weapons from the civilian populations. It is no different than the War on Opioids , or strict laws against heroin dealers or violent criminals. Men and boys who own assault rifles and weapons of war own them to do harm against someone,either offensively or defensively , or they have  serious  phallic issues, and erectile dysfunction.  Women who own assault rifles and weapons of war have their own issues of power and defense, but a legal hand gun would provide them a more convenient and practical weapon.

I am not against sane and legal gun ownership, but I am against the right wing bullying of David Hogg and any other activist who protests for their own safety in schools and neighborhoods, and sane gun control laws. What makes the insane adults and other attackers of these children in the media, any different than those mass murderers that  murdered their friends and schoolmates and tried to murder them? Why would they ever bow to or retreat from the hatred and intimidation,  of such brain dead, moronic imbeciles, who attack them in the media and on the floors of Congress and their own state legislatures .  If 17 year old school shooting survivors and children and parents around the country can see this serious national problem, why can’t fully grown men and women gun lovers understand the glaring problem as well ? Guns kill kids. Kids with guns kill kids. Insane adults with guns kill anyone.  It’s time to end the insanity, and it’s time to take David Hogg and all of  his “March for Life” activists seriously, and respect their suffering, and commitment to publicly demand respect and safety for the lives of all children.



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Mar 28 2018



The proof of Donald Trump’s madness is his recent appointment of John Bolton, former UN ambassador under George W. Bush. His insane outlook on foreign affairs is beyond the pale of any rational human being.



madness 2015



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Mar 27 2018



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Mar 25 2018



When I was seven years old, my crazy neighbor Donny, who was eight years old, received a BB gun for his birthday. He had to show every kid in the neighborhood his new gun and decided to test it out. I mentioned Donny was crazy, or all of us who knew him thought he was crazy. He liked to insult kids and bully them. One day as he was walking down the sidewalk with his new gun, he shot at a few squirrels and a pet dog leashed in a yard. He thought he was having a great time, until I yelled at him for shooting my neighbor’s dog. Crazy Donny laughed at me and said , “He’s just a dumb dog who barks at me all the time.” I told him he barked at him because he would tease it and throw rocks at it. He laughed and said ” Yeah, but now I can shoot him with a BB, see how he shut up .” The dog had been hit in the leg and was whining in pain. ”  I told Crazy Donny to put the gun away before he killed someone with it. He laughed and said, ” Maybe I’ll shoot you, unless you shut up and go home.”

I looked at the dead squirrel he shot that fell out a tree , and the dog who was licking his wound, and said “You’re crazy Donny, I’m going to tell my parents how crazy you are, and they will call the cops on you and take that gun away from you !”  I was one of the few kids to stand up to Crazy Donny, when he tried to bully me and I thought he would back down and go home, but instead he aimed the gun at my leg and shot  me in the foot. I was wearing sneakers and the BB hit my toe. Then Crazy Donny laughed and said “Shut up or I’ll shoot you again.”  I remember the shock and pain brought me to tears, until I screamed at him, and said,” YOU ARE CRAZY!!!!” He laughed at me until he realized I was limping home to tell my parents.  He turned and ran away . When I got home I told my mother what happened and she called Crazy Donny’s parents and said she was going to call the cops. She did and they came to investigate. They went to Crazy Donny’s house and took away his gun, and made his parents pay for the neighbor’s dog veterinarian bill.

Crazy Donny lost his gun that day and was forced by cops to see a psychiatrist. I nearly lost my toe, but to this day I remember what a crazy kid can do with a BB gun. Today there are too many “Crazy Donnys” in our schools, many who have access to deadly weapons and assault rifles. Mandatory background checks must become law before a gun can be bought. No gun or rifle should be owned by anyone under 21 years of age. No guns should be left in a home unlocked . Too many children are being killed accidentally or deliberately by careless or crazy kids, adults and parents. There must be stronger laws to punish parents and adults who let  kids play with loaded guns.  Everyone has the right to own a gun today, regardless of age or IQ. Too many children and adults are either suicidal or homicidal and too dangerous and dumb to own or shoot a gun. Everyone in the world knows guns are dangerous , and assault rifles and large magazine pistols are weapons of war, designed to kill people. It is time to end weapons of war owned by civilians, and children. It is time for this country and its foolish and flagrantly indifferent legislators to be thrown out of office . It is time for the NRA to be silenced and never allowed to contribute to political parties or politicians.

Those angry and frightened children and their parents, who marched in Washington D.C yesterday, and all who marched in every major city in the country are demanding an END TO GUN VIOLENCE IN SCHOOLS AND ON THEIR STREETS. If our Congress and President do not listen to them now, they will soon seriously regret it, because this movement is far greater than they are, and it may bring down this entire corrupt government . 800,000 children and parents in Washington D.C shouted “THROW THEM OUT!” and millions of Americans are shouting the same thing, in every town and city in the country.If this movement can stay alive and well until November and beyond, the cowards and crooks in Congress from both parties and the presidency will soon be thrown out of office by national mandate , and the NRA will be reduced to a neutered non profit, holding on to their assault rifles in their “Cold Dead Hands.”


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