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Nov 20 2018


california fires 2018


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Nov 17 2018


TRUMP VISITS CALIFORNIA 201838227543_10156413743868418_14409245910892544_n





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Nov 14 2018


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Melania Trump has assumed the role of President of the U.S by firing Mira Ricardel, who currently serves as national security adviser under John Bolton. It appears by all mainstream media reports that Donald Trump has retreated into a major depression and withdrawn into a reclusive and argumentative state attacking the press and his staff, after the Republican massacre in the Midterm Elections. His embarrassing actions in Paris France by missing the WWI Ceremony because of the rain, and neglecting to honor the Veterans on Veterans Day at Arlington Cemetary was a slap in the face to all Veterans dead or alive and has received death threats and threats of a military revolt against him to be led by Gen. Mattis and the Joint Chiefs. He has canceled all his meetings with foreign leaders and Cabinet members and advisers and sits in his bedroom eating mass quantities of  McDonald  Big Macs and French Fries and cases of Diet Coke. He has been overheard calling his friends and heads of state on his unsecured cell phone, lashing out and swearing at them, while intently watching Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and ABC cable news programs simultaneously on the four large screen television sets he has in his bedroom.

Melania Trump, perhaps the most blatantly ignorant “First Lady” ever to hold that position has now usurped the power of the presidency by locking up Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly, changing her fashionable couture outfits to  white balloon pants, black tie and white shirt with 8 inch black patent leather stilettos as she sits in the Oval Office having her nails done by her recently hired White House Manicurist and makeup artist. She has appointed fashion experts from Vogue as her foreign and domestic advisers and fashion photographer as her White House photographer. She has replaced Trump’s former female secretaries with topless male dancers and models and insists they only wear thongs in her presence.  She has replaced Sarah Huckabee Sanders with The View host Megan McCain, and her son Barron will be her Communications Director. She has engaged the support of Trump’s evangelical Christian, and white supremacist leaders around the country by having a cross burning ceremony on the White House lawn and handing out Slovakian bibles and  Tiki Torches to all who attended.

The Republican-held Senate has taken a stance of overlooking Melania’s actions by admiring her recent naked presidential portrait stating, “She is the prettiest president the country has ever had.” Mike Pence has formally abdicated his right as Vice President to Melania Trump until the swearing in of the new Congress and Senate in January, and. Melania has promised him that all newly hired male dancers and models in her White House will not be Gay, have sworn their love for Jesus, and are completely heterosexual to service her needs. Secretary of State Pompeo was also appeased by Melania by granting him full White House Kitchen privileges, to eat and drink whatever he pleased and promised all of her thong-wearing male staff would be heterosexual.

The country has sighed a great sigh of relief since Melania has taken over the presidency and Trump is safely away from all presidential responsibilities while gluttonously indulging himself in his bedroom. It has been reported by members of White House domestic staff that Trump has called and requested Stormy Daniels to visit him for several days in his White House bedroom to work off the $130,000 dollar payment he made for her services as a porn star and massage therapist. it has yet to be verified or reported by her attorney Mike Avenatti if she has accepted the offer.


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Nov 07 2018



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Nov 07 2018






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Nov 06 2018



As a confirmed Independent, I voted my first straight Democratic Ticket today. Am I proud of it, not necessarily but given the options on the ballot of so many parties and pitfall candidates I decided the only way to save this country and keep it from the Repugs and Trump is to vote a straight Democratic Ticket. Once in a great while, there are a few crossover candidates that appear to have integrity and honesty and are qualified for the job regardless of their political party. But under this new regime of repugnant Republicans or “Repugs”, I could not trust any of the local, state, or national, independent or Republican candidates. The thought of giving my vote to anyone who would deny seniors of Medicare and Social Security and poor people health care, food, and shelter was beyond the pale of any reasonable and compassionate person. The cornerstone of Republican politics is to grant billionaires more tax breaks, steal from the poor and middle classes, deny them and their children public educations and affordable health care. This is not what America stands for it is what Trump and his repugnant Republicans stand for and Americans can not and will not stand for it anymore.

Trump tricked Americans into voting for him by rigging the election in 2016 with Russian aid and hundreds of millions of dollars and creating a greater loathing for Democrats and their candidate Hillary Clinton. The Democrats rigging the primaries and pushing Bernie Sanders and other qualified candidates out created a vast and growing anger and distrust of the Democrats. However, Trump’s appeal to the forgotten blue-collar Democrats and Republicans and Clinton’s “Deplorable” campaign against them became the tidal wave of change that they were promised by Trump. Trump lied to everyone and is still lying to everyone. His sickening regime is the most imbecilic, poorly managed without the ability to hire. No intelligent, patriotic and qualified American wants to work in the Trump White House or any part of his administration. No one but the absolute worst of former Republican advisers to G.W Bush and nationally known foolish economic advisers, who are laughed at by most serious economists are now advising Trump.

Trump’s only competent Cabinet member was Rex Tillerson who was fired for stating that Trump was a ‘Moron”. Every competent lawyer, adviser or aid was fired by Trump in the first year of his term in office or they resigned from disgust at the incompetence and corruption of Donald Trump. The cowardly corrupt Republican Party was given hundreds of millions of dollars to bolster up their candidates’ campaigns and are now trying to hide their illegal Russian Contributions and election rigging. Robert Mueller’s investigation will soon reveal all the “collusion and obstruction of Justice and treason of the Trump administration and the Republican Party. Any American Voting for Republicans today are voting for Nazis and White Supremacists, hate and cruelty, stupidity and utter insanity. If they prove to be the majority of voting Americans, then there can be no compromise with them and the country will plummet into violent civil war. Liberals and Moderates will be called to arm themselves against the hordes of murderous Trump supporters. We cannot trust that any Republican will vote against his party, just as none voted against the Kavanaugh nomination to Supreme Court. Hatred and distrust of any Republican and Trump have become the belief and attitude of all Liberal and Moderate Americans who hold their Constitutional Rights and freedoms sacred. The insane Right Wing militias and moronic Evangelical “Christians” are never to be allowed to gain power again in the U.S. They are extreme terrorist groups and have been since their beginnings.

I am proud to have voted as an American today. I will be proud and happy when my government is taken back by sane and compassionate people, who will treat Americans humanely and restore trust in the world, that the United States of America is the greatest nation in the world.

L.A. Steel


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Nov 05 2018

November 6th, 2018 is America’s Battle for Humanity and Sanity


Tomorrow November 6th, 2018 will be America’s bloodless war to save humanity and sanity in the U.S and around the world. The cruel and inhumane, sociopathic insanity of Donald Trump and the Republican Congress are destroying everything America has stood for since its beginning. The ideals and greatness of America have been derived by our revolutionary spirit, our sense of cooperation, our majority disgust at bigotry and slavery and inhumanity.  Donald Trump’s insane nationalist, fascist insanity if continued after tomorrow’s election will destroy the U.S and bring war and civil war.

My hatred for Trump and Republicans are well known and my resolve to end their insane and heartless government is my wish for America. Only Americans who despise the cruelty, ignorance, and arrogance of Donald Trump and his Administration will vote him and them out on November 6th, 2018. Eligible voters who do not exercise their right to vote tomorrow are traitors and will be swept away by their indifference with the Trumpian Trash that will follow his impeachment and indictment and the indictments of all of his family and cronies.

For less than a century America has finally found its way towards human rights and dignity by the works and sacrifices of courageous leaders and activists, to elect its first Black President and many minority elected officials in local, state and national offices. These great gains in human rights and the integration of American society must be preserved and continue to flourish. Under the Racism, hatred, and ignorance of Trump and his supporters all strides America has made for the betterment and advancement of Humanity, Trump and his Republican minions are destroying. White Supremacy and fascism must be stopped. Bigotted fools who think they are superior to all other races, regardless, how ignorant, poor and pathetic their lives are, are herded like ignorant cattle and sheep to their slaughter under the Trump Republican control of government which they have allowed to happen.

I will forever oppose these criminals and fools in our government and our society. If intelligent and compassionate Americans do not vote against, protest and condemn these abhorrent idiots now serving themselves in the most corrupt Congress and Presidency America has ever known the American Dream and America will die. I end this essay with a famous quote and prophecy of one of America’s most outspoken political and social critics.

“On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” H. L. Mencken


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Nov 01 2018



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Oct 30 2018


The above-quoted article from the Daily Beast describes Andrew Gillum’s comeback to Trump who called him a “stone cold thief ” in a recent Fox News interview. Gillum retorted in a widely read Tweet, ” Never wrestle with a pig because you both get dirty and the pig likes it.”
I think Andrew Gillum is the bravest, boldest and brightest candidate in the country. His stand against his outright racist opponent and Trump makes Florida a unique battleground state in the upcoming election. For a Black American to win Florida’s Governorship would be one of the most important Democratic wins ever and the greatest kick in the faces and cracking of the backs of Florida’s White Nationalists, who make up a significant population in Florida. Andrew Gillum’s win will put Trump and all Republican Racists in the crosshairs of the American voters. Hatred for Trump has grown to insurmountable proportions in the U.S and around the world. His incompetence, cruelty, and bigotry are seen and known by all. Those supporting Trump and the Republicans are the most dangerous people in the country. There have been 294 mass shootings in America since 1/1/2018, 80% of all the shootings were done by Trump Supporting, White Nationalist Terrorists.
Andrew Gillum was right, when he said,  “Never wrestle with a pig because you both get dirty and the pig likes it.”


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Oct 29 2018




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