Jun 12 2016


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Apr 27 2017

The Salisbury, Ct. 2002 Memorial Day Parade

flag waving free 2002 series 2BW 2002 Salibury VetsBW Fire Dept 2002DSC03770DSC03774Salisbury Band 2000 #2DSC03782DSC03780lakeville fire truck 2002

This series was adapted from my 2002 television show featuring the parade.  I dedicated and donated this series of pictures to the town of Salisbury, Connecticut, as a show of my appreciation for the people of a great community.

L.A. Steel


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Apr 26 2017


This is one of my favorite songs in the world. Leila and I would sing it each night with our guests, when we closed our FM radio show, on WQQQ103.3fm. Most Americans over 50 might remember this song,and Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.  Hope you enjoy it . I wish all of my readers Happy Trails.




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Apr 24 2017

Doubling Down On Donald Trump


 The latest FAKENEWS MEDIA  are doubling downwards and over themselves trying to prove their polls are morally conducted and accurately accessed. Everyone conveniently forgets G.W Bush in 2001, when he took office by Supreme Court Decision. He was at a 24% approval rating and falling; until 911 when he became the “Decider in Chief “, and gave his famous 911 Speech , telling Americans to “Go Shopping.”  Few remember the miserable memory, of G.W. Bush standing on top of a pile of fallen rubble, from the World Trade Center. Days later he  immediately attacked Afghanistan in retaliation for harboring Osama Bin Laden,  and one year later he invaded Iraq. Bush was one sick President, and yet no one is talking about him. George W’s Daddy, George H. W.Bush approved as the Vice President under Ronald Reagan, the worst tax increase in American History, that devastated the Stock and Housing Markets for nearly two decades, and immortalized his words “Read My Lips, NO NEW TAXES!”

Few Americans may be as frustrated as I am, at the remarkable gaffes in Trump’s Cabinet appointments, and the complete rescission of his executive orders by congress and the courts, as well as his complete disregard for environmental protections, indigenous rights, and selling or leasing Federal Lands to private corporations for mining, lumber, and oil . As the Media continues to double downward their opinion of Trump, and downing everything he does or says. I have decided to Double Down on Donald Trump, to  hope he comes to reason. I agree with him on the North Korean Issue as do the Chinese and most of the countries in the U.N. The Russians have been unusually quiet on No. Korea, especially now that they are charged with espionage and rigging the American election, and they are tied up in protecting Assad’s Syria now that the U.S and Israel are attacking Assad’s forces. Many believe that ISIS really stands for Israeli Intelligence Service.

Trump’s latest move with China reflects another kink in his campaign promise of labeling China a “Currency Manipulator.”  It is odd however, that Ivanka Trump received complete and guarded copyrights in China for her fashion and perfume lines, the day after she banqueted with her Father and Xi of China, only a few hours before Trump gave the order to strike the Syrian Air Base.  I have written very critically about Donald Trump, in the last few months, and I cannot adequately express how disappointed I am at the actions Trump has taken, and continues to take.  I am greatly concerned that he will recklessly lead this country into war and ruin, as he continues to collide with world leaders and Congressional opponents from both political parties.

I distrust the odds currently placed against Trump by the  media polls, because I have been impressed by seeing the number of national  Anti Trump Protests , and Pro Trump Protests. I am  betting that, half of all betting Americans are  Doubling Down on Donald Trump to win, and lead the U.S out of the deep hole this country is in. Unfortunately the other half of all politically concerned Americans are non betting, and are physically doubled over by their anguish and fear, that Trump will destroy the world.

L.A. Steel




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Apr 21 2017


See my three new floral photograph series now on my Art and Photography Website.

L.A. Steel

PURPLE HYACINTH SERIES 2017blue hyacinth 6 2017pink hyacinth 6 2017



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Apr 18 2017

Google Censorship of Info Wars, Natural News, L.A.Steel Show and More


The entire internet is censored by so many servers, governments, corporations and main stream media, that any controversial website is now censored for a myriad of political and economic reasons. As of June of 2016 I was receiving upwards of 3 million visits per month for over an entire year of verifiable statistics.  June 1st of 2016 six days before Super Tuesday Primaries Google enacted its major censorship to all political articles that were negative Hillary Clinton and Democrats. Obviously the founders of Google publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton, and rendered all attack articles against Clinton, removed from Google Search. Within that day until now my website has seen a 90% drop in traffic, however I still receive regular readers from over 150 countries per month from other search engines. In the beginning of May of 2016 I had over 149,000 results on Google Search, and 10 first pages of results under lasteelshow.org by June, all results on Google had been reduced to 2900 with no anti Hillary articles posted on my site were mentioned in Google Search. At that time Natural News .com and Info Wars.com both announced massive drops in their Google Search results , similar to my own.

I cannot speak for all bloggers and website/talk show producers and hosts , however unless you are Pro-Democrat, Pro Hillary, Pro Globalism, you are suffering under severe censorship, in a country that holds free speech as the First Constitutional Freedom protected by law.  It’s time for a serious change. I and all others are free to say what we want , but we are no longer allowed to be heard by the millions of listeners and readers who once followed us.  I am grateful to all who have direct linked my site, and bypass Google’s Search engines, others such as Yahoo, Majestic and Spidu have been less censored though they cater to a greater international audience. My international audience creates over half of my overall traffic, and I thank them for their continued interest in my work. I am grateful to see that my world audience has more freedom to see my work than many Americans who seek free and unrestricted writing and radio reports of American and international issues.




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Apr 17 2017

The Spring, A Poem By L.A.Steel

I wrote this poem in the Spring of 2001, and first published it in The Voice News Paper that  year and published it in my book of poems, Cantos of a Believer, displayed on this website, see the top menu. I wish the world a wonderful Spring.

L.A. Steel




THE SPRING,     2001


Robins return from winter nests

as spring winds blow warm over sun bright seas

of meadow flowers reaching upwards into blue.

Jealous Winter warns of Spring

as the violent time of changing,

when rivers overflow their banks

and mudslides ruin winter landscapes.

Winter screams its great March winds

that threaten cold and April snows,

then fade as haunting echoes

and morning frost melting in the rain.

What resonates true is the voice of Spring drawn

from thawing brooks and greening mountains,

birds singing as flowers dance

in brilliant colors with fragrant breezes.

Calendars are turned a page

revealing the blossoms of May.

Aries and Taurus begin their fight

until defeated by Gemini.

Goaded by the ram and teased by the twins

the bull and poet resist their yokes of winter and fall,

and are moved only by passion resisting change.

They wait the year in faith for the return of their season,

the lush hues of green in the warm light of May ,

when the poet writes of love

and the bull mates,

as the world is reborn in Spring.



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Apr 16 2017



This is one of eight pictures in the new Easter Sunday Flower Series featured on my art and photography website, Art and photography of L.A.Steel, linked on the Header Menu of this site.

Hope you enjoy it and have a Happy Easter.



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Apr 15 2017




Donald Trump and the Republican Party are everything everyone feared. I thought Trump would eventually settle into the job, and lead the nation reasonably and responsibly however, he has brought about chaos and personal contempt to himself and the American Government, and threatened the existences of No.Korea, Syria and Afghanistan, and every nation state in the world including the U.S. He and Congress are out of control , mad as hell, and Trump is about to chew the carpet in the Oval Office.  I am embarrassed by my past support of Trump. I had hope that he would “Drain the Swamp” and Arrest ‘Crooked Hillary” and destroy the Republican and Democrat Parties.  Instead he has destroyed the country in less than 90 days, declared illegal wars on Syria and No.Korea heated war tensions against the U.S  with China and Russia the two largest countries with nuclear stockpiles in the world.

The Democrat Party is existing under the grand illusion that they might make a come back after their disaster of 2016. The Democrat party will never make a comeback or gain the trust of the American people. Their criminal elections and incompetent criminal candidates are laughing stocks. Their new DNC Chairman has declared virtual war on all White Americans, planning to make the Democrat Party a political party of minorities and illegal immigrants. This is the most pathetic vision any political party has ever created.  It’s like gathering millions of followers to march to the ocean and walk in to drown.  Witnessing the rise of the PUSSYCRATS, after Trump won the presidency, I have absolutely no hope for an effective resistance or political party desperately contrived of establishment Democrats and Pathetic Pussycrats, They are an insult to the basic intelligence and integrity of any half thinking American voter.

If left unchecked, Trump will bring the U.S into war in the next 30 days. It appears that no one can or will stop him. Congress is impotent, and controlled by the worst people on the planet.  People like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnel , John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, and John Shumer and virtually everyone in Congress.  I am more frustrated than I was under the George Bush Jr. administration, that ended in the greatest Depression in American history, and Obama’s Administration that created 20 trillion dollars of debt by bailing out the world financial markets, leaving Americans to pick up the cost, then accelerating the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and destroying Libya and Syria by creating ISIS.  I see no one on the horizon to stop the insanity and spin into war and destruction of the U.S and the world as we know it.  I can not stand by quietly without trying to bring some voice of sanity and reason, to the insanity surrounding us everywhere.  I have no manifesto or threaten some crazed violent act against anyone or institution, I merely expect as anyone should expect their voice to be heard by their government as a truly concerned citizen, hoping to correct the wrongs that I see committed by my country, against its own people and against the people of other countries.

Donald Trump is an obvious menace to the Government and people of the United States. It would be wrong and unpatriotic for me to disregard my growing concerns about Trump’s presidential actions. I am grateful to my many thousands of national and  international readers for their continued interest in my work. It confirms to me that regardless of the severity of internet censorship growing in the U.S, that has severely affected my site and radio program,  I  still reach hundreds of thousands of readers and listeners world wide, who seek an independent voice of resistance against the militarism and madness of Donald Trump and the Republican and Democrat controlled Congress.

I am anticipating another run for the Presidency in 2020 and will announce my decision in a few months after I review the viability and interest of creating a network of interested people and establishing a new political party that can honestly represent the American people , with real concern, compassion, and intelligence. Due to my extremely high volume of visitors during and after the 2016 election, I had to close my comment section of this site, because it became impossible for me to edit or answer so many.   Once I begin my 2020 campaign I will be more accessible than I have been.  No one can achieve the presidency of the U.S without the support and faith of the American people.  Upon my formal announcement of my campaign , I will disclose all pertinent personal and professional information, and proceed as a viable,”politician” and accessible candidate  with public speeches, radio and video talks and programs.  I am anxious to meet my readers and potential supporters, and will bring many fascinating individuals and discussions to present to America an honest, collaborated , workable vision for the reform and revision of the United States Government.  My promise to all is, that War and foreign intervention, except for our national self defense, will be prohibited under my administration.

L.A. Steel



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Apr 12 2017



Image result for ivanka trump donald trumpImage result for PICTURE OF TRUMP AND IVANKA ON HIS LAP

Eric Trump said his sister Ivanka,is his father’s greatest weakness. it appears that Donald Trump is a pussy whipped punk with a leash around his neck, taking orders from his daughter Ivanka to destroy Syria, and North Korea. “Yeah, Daddy that was fun.” was heard coming from the Oval Office during the Syrian Missile attack. Perfume and Fashion entrepreneur Ivanka Trump is the most powerful woman in the world today with Daddy Donald as her dotting  father.   The thought of a perfume pushing fashion model being the Presidential Top Adviser is beyond the pale of reason, however since the “great  generals” seem to do her bidding and enjoy the whiff of her perfume she gave their wives, all the “great” neocon war mongers are pussy whipped as well.

Steve Bannon must be having a meltdown.  I agreed with his new name for Jared Kushner, Ivanka’s husband and another top adviser to his Father in Law. “Cuckservative” is the new term coined by Bannon to describe Kushner. Its meaning signifies a Cuckold husband, but so is Trump a Cuckold husband. Melenia and Ivanka have more nude and seductive pictures on the internet and in magazines rivaling any actress, super model or playmate in history.  Trump’s pussy grabbing comment was one of his most revealing. We have to wonder what Ivanka thought of that remark and if she considered it normal for her father, as if it were something he regularly does or did.  I sense something very wrong with this presidential family relationship, when his oldest daughter can control him so completely, simply by sitting on his lap. Also that his neophyte son in law has so much power and authority in influencing his father in law.

Trump said in a recent New York Post interview lessening Bannon’s role in the White House stating: ” Bannon began advising him at the end of his campaign.” Bannon and Kelly Anne Conway won the election for Trump. He would never have won with out Bannon’s followers and KellyAnne’s charm. Now that the media has managed to destroy them both, Trump is clinging to his daughter and son in law for desperate advice.  Trump is a blatant egotist. Anything or anyone around him who diminishes the glow of his popularity, must leave  him, regardless of their invaluable advice. Trump is not loyal, nor is he capable of loyalty. He loves himself and has a desperate need for his daughter’s adulation and incompetent advice. It is a sad situation Americans now face, seeing the President of the U.S as he really is, a completely pussy whipped punk, totally controlled by his 30 Something year old perfume selling, fashion designer daughter, who is actually running the Trump administration, and convinced her father to bomb Syria and go to war with No.Korea, Russia and China.

Ivanka’s new line of gender busting fashions are about to be released this Spring, the Red Tie,White Shirt, Navy Blue Suit Jacket, no pants or skirt, only black or white lace panties (briefs or boxers are optional).  Poor Steve Bannon is the only man in the Trump administration with a set of balls, and unfortunately that is something Trump and his  eunuch dominated administration can’t stand.

L.A. Steel


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Apr 11 2017




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