Jun 12 2016


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Aug 23 2017



madness 2015


Donald Trump gave a speech last night in Pheonix Arizona. I watched a short part of it until , my Trump Translator went out of control,   When Trump began his speech the translator’s closed captions began to read,”Hee Haw, Hee Haw, Hee, haw , haw , hee, ha ha ha, hee haw, hee , haw, heeee hawwww,ahahahahahahahahee haw ha he heeeee hawww haaa, choo, hee, hawwww,hawwww pardon Arpio, ah ha. haaaa ah haaaa. HEE HAW HAW HAW, I , ME, MY, IIIIII LOVE ME HEE HEEE HEEEE EHHEHEEHHH!!!!!!!!!!

I listened to his words until, I realized what the Translator was saying. Trump’S speech is insane, makes no sense, and a direct insult to the Media and the American People. Trump is a farce, a conceited liar, a fool under a mask. Madness is a side effect of power and greed. Trump’s madness spread quickly to his few supporters in the room, like the Black guy sitting behind Trump, waving a ” Black Republicans for Trump 2020.com” sign. Or the cute “Barbie” blond in a “TRUMP,” sleeveless, white tea shirt, wearing cut up to the crotch jeans, and waving a sign over her head that said, “WOMEN FOR TRUMP”.

Suddenly, I realized what Trump was saying, as I synced his voice with the translation, and realized it was absolutely correct. The Translator translated every word Trump spoke correctly. I can only imagine what other peoples’ Trump Translators must have said.

L.A. Steel

2020 , Non Political Party, Write In, Presidential Candidate

waving flag 2002


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Aug 22 2017


sized bomb

Everything about the Trump White House and presidency appears to be similar to a radiation blast zone in Nevada or more recently in Fukashima. Washington D.C is a dead zone. All Trump and Republican supporters of Trump are falling ill daily from “Trump Sickness.” Everyone in Washington D.C is gasping in the excessive heat of August, and the compulsive upheaval of Trump’s presidential puking of executive orders, lies and insane behavior.  His staff are being fired and investigated, as his family members are loosing their luster and glow of billionaires without cares. They are burning to a crisp under the harsh  blaze of Congressional and Special Prosecutor’s investigations and public and media criticism, as well as the newly added heat of criticism from so many angry, abruptly departed, former Trump staffers.

Eric and Donald Trump Jr. have been quoted saying, “They can’t wait for their father’s presidency to end.” Donald Jr. may have made that wish come true by revealing the Russian emails given to the Trump campaign to destroy Hillary Clinton’s campaign. So many scoundrels surround Donald Trump, that their  diseases are contaminating the entire White House and government departments they administrate. Between Trump’s bouts of bigotry,  tweets, and explosive anger at his critics and his own staff members, all astute political observers can see the signs of the advancing Dead Zone, and hear the desperate cries of Donald Trump, as he sinks further into madness and despair.

Tonight in Phoenix Arizona Trump expects to give a speech to his fledgling supporters against the advice of the Republican Mayor of Phoenix. Tens of thousands anti and pro Trump supporters are expected at the rally.   “Biker’s For Trump” expect to be at the rally to “defend” Trump and his supporters from Antifa and other anti Trump protesters.  One of the greatest farces in America today are” Bikers For Trump”, notorious for their vast methamphetamine use and manufacturing in the U.S.  Fat, bearded, brain dead members of biker gangs in black leather jackets, hyped up on hate, exhaust fumes, meth and  liquor all headed to the Trump rally in Phoenix. This rally will bring an end to the Trump presidency with a ferocious fight between the warring factions. This may well be the deciding moment of truth for Trump and his supporters. Pheonix Arizona will look and feel like a nuclear bomb blast site in 105 degrees expected temperature, with  broken, bruised and dead bodies strewn through out Ground Zero of the the Trump rally.

All who still have their Solar Eclipse Glasses, may want to wear them while watching the Trump speech tonight on television, to prevent the blasts of light from bond fires, bomb blasts and White Supremacist Tiki Torches injuring their eyes, as the Trump presidency goes down in flames.

L.A. Steel


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Aug 20 2017

Brain Dead Bannon And Trump’s Alt Right Boys

brain dead bannon and Trump's alt right boys

It took a year for Steve Bannon and Donald Trump to be exposed for who and what they are.  When I first heard about Bannon  when he joined the Trump campaign I had never heard of Alt Right Radio, and Breitbart.com was a conservative lunatic asylum for white nationalists and anti Planned Parenthood activists.  I never understood the insanity that prevails within  neo nazi ,white nationalist, KKK kind of people, until I ran into a few (not with my car) but I had to tolerate them in a small town I grew up in, and a college town where All White and White Supremacists Fraternities ruled the campus.

I was threatened for not pledging to the national fraternity at the college I attended. I scorned the fraternity and all of the idiots who joined . The week of Hell Week a few friends of mine had been accepted by the frat and endured pain and humiliation that I said was criminal and made a statement to the administration . I saw my ex friends endure what I would have never allowed myself to endure, to become a Frat Brother of a National Fraternity of White Racists, ignorant idiots.  Their President of the local frat, put out a threat to me that they would all be coming for me on Hell Night , and I’d better leave town or they would have a blanket party with me. A blanket party was where someone the frat didn’t like they would kidnap,  wrap them in a blanket , then beat the hell out of them, and leave them stranded and naked somewhere to find their way back .

This didn’t scare me, because I believed they were bluffing me, but as a precaution I borrowed a friend’s double barreled shot gun as I stayed in my room on Hell Night and waited to see if the Frat Boys were going to carry out their threat.    I had drank a bottle of wine as  I waited for the rumbling down the hallway to end. My room mate apologized for changing dorm room the week before, after the word got out that the fraternity had threatened me.

On Hell Night 15 new fraternity pledges where being hazed in the community room at the end of the hallway on my Dorm floor. As the night progressed  I could hear yells and screams of pledges shouting” YES SIR! NO SIR! SORRY SIR! ” as if it were basic training in the Marine Corp. Then all went silent for several minutes . I loaded my double barrel shot gun and sat in my Captain’s chair facing the door with the gun aimed at the door way.  I didn’t intend to kill or wound anyone, but I intended to scare the crap out of them if they tried to open the door and invite me to their blanket party.

After a silent few minutes, suddenly I heard a group yell as they thundered down the hallway banging the walls with their fists and floor with baseball bats, until they reached my door and someone kicked it in, as they began to rush into my room they saw the shot gun aimed and cocked at them, as I sat calmly and drunk in the captain’s chair. The Frat President  who originally threatened me, stopped dead in his tracks as the others began to push him into the doorway and then he yelled. “The Fucker has a gun, back out of here!!!” I aimed the gun over the doorway towards the ceiling and shot a round of bird shot when everyone yelled and ran around the dorm hallway. No one was injured except a few tiles in the ceiling but I was never threatened by anyone in that college or town again. Oddly their were no witnesses who came forward, when the College President inquired about the gun that had gone off in the dormitory. He asked me why I shot at the ceiling, and I told him I was cleaning the gun and it accidentally fired.

He told me he had heard a different story from another student who said I was defending myself from the fraternity boys.  I laughed and asked him if anyone else witnessed what happened. Then he laughed and said , “No, if they had they would have all been expelled, and you could have charged them with assault and battery, and had them all arrested.” This is the kind of mentality White Crazy Bastards have, in a group of White Crazy Bastards. This was a long time ago, but it appears little has changed regardless of the generation.

Donald Trump is a racist, Steve Bannon is a racist, and everyone in Trump’s family and Administration are racists. There is no minority member of his White House Staff and one Black member of his Cabinet Ben Carson. The only advisers he has left are Jewish lawyers, and Jewish Family Members. Every major Jewish Celebrity and media mogul has denounced Trump as a racist. White Supremacists and Neo Nazis are notoriously anti Jewish.  I believe Donald Trump will be Impeached and thrown out of office before 2017 is over and, indicted for high crimes and treason. The Media is lying when it states that he has a 40% approval rating with Republicans. The Republican Congress is preparing articles of Impeachment already.  Two weeks ago Trump had a 31 % approval rating nationally, and most of his Base supporters are  casting characters for “The Walking Dead White Zombies” sequel.

L.A. Steel



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Aug 16 2017

Woody Guthrie Sings Against Donald Trump And His Racist Father “Old Man Trump” (VIDEOS)wOD






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Aug 15 2017


fire sized


War is fire, red hot blasts of bombs and torches setting fire to buildings and homes around the world. War is emotional fire, that causes insanity and death. Saturday’s Alt Right Riot in Charlottesville Virginia is not the first racial riot caused by White Supremacists, Neo Fascist, hate groups. I can understand how the most ardent racist could condemn the removal of Robert Lee’s statue and others who led the Confederate Army into slaughter, and held high and proud the flag of Slavery and discrimination for all the world to see. The mass enslavement and murders of Black men, women and children can never be rationalized . The fire of hatred in some American white people will never be extinguished by the cool waters of rational thought. Those who were fired up emotionally showed themselves in Charlottesville last weekend, as ignorant, angry and brainless, bands of white men and women marching, shouting and raging against everything “Non White”. The moron who drove his car into a group of anti right wing protesters, became the national poster boy for all completely stupid white boys and men, who believe they are superior beings, and have the right to kill and condemn anyone or any institution that isn’t WHITE.

The insanity of the White Right Movement is beyond all rational and responsible speech. The rally for racism has no right to exist anywhere. All people can disagree or agree with one another, however racial hatred becomes the torch that sets fire to all Alt Right and White national rallies and speeches.  Free Speech is an American Right , and should be a Human Right , but far too much is censored by the media or the government that could be incendiary, if the truth were allowed to be heard unfiltered and uncensored. Satanism and evil in all of its forms permeates the pulpits of all Christian, Muslim, Jew and all religious sects. Their ignoble attempt to convince their followers that their message is the truth of God, has always been forced upon the world by fires and wars. Each religion claims God as their defender.  God never agreed to allow his faithful to murder, rape, pillage, in his name. White Racist groups in America cling foolishly to their White Racist Christian Preachers and pedophile priests, confusing any and all divine message with hate, greed and sexual deviance.

Fire is a great cleanser that destroys or provides comfort. Fire for warmth, cooking and industry are good, controlled uses for this explosive and dangerous force of nature. However fire allowed to grow uncontrolled can only bring destruction and devastation to everyone and everything . Donald Trump’s openly racist beliefs has set a torch to the angry , forgotten souls of the American Working Classes, and especially White American Men. Their losses are not caused by an irresponsible government, or any specific group or race of people. Their losses are because of their own hatred, ignorance and mindless contempt for anyone who is not White. This is insanity. This is Neo Fascism, This is Alt Right, This is the out of control fire in America about to consume us all in another fierce Civil War.  Donald Trump and his racist minions must be brought down from power and influence in the U.S. Trump’s indictment and impeachment must be brought soon, or this uncontrolled fire of hate will consume the entire country.



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Aug 14 2017


Donald Trump has an approval rating of 25% and falling based on current polls. The only Americans that approve of his presidency are ALT RIGHT, Neo fascists, white supremacists. This is why he will not alienate his only followers by denouncing them for the Charlottsville riot, that hurt 19 people and killed one. The insanity of these Alt Right and White Supremacists groups is apparent in their leader Donald Trump. Trump is a racist, just as his father was. Trump is a fool and will pay for his stupidity in his major downfall about to happen. He can’t hide who he is anymore. The country and world have marked him as a racist , ignorant autocrat. Even the idiot Kim Jong Un is playing Trump for a fool.

The U.S and every other country regrets the day Donald Trump became President, although Hillary Clinton may have been worse. Yesterday the CEO of Merck  Pharmaceutical , who is a Black American, resigned from the White House Council of Manufacturers because of his disgust by Trump’s refusal to condemn White Supremacists in the riot of Charlottsville, Va on Saturday. Former KKK member David Duke made a statement during the riot stating: “Donald Trump knows it was White People that won him the presidency.” Trump realizes that if he condemns White Racists, he will lose the rest of his base and become the first president in history to have a 0 % approval rating in his first seven months in office.

This weekend Trump has shot himself in his foot, and continues to shoot himself in his defense of Steve Bannon’s Alt Right idiots, and Brietbart’s maniacal spokesmen and “journalists”. There is no place in America for Racism, regardless of its color or gender. Anyone who leads this country, based on his racial hatred for the vast majority of Americans, will soon be destroyed by his own petty,defenseless ignorance and those in his administration. It’s all over Trump for you and your racist minions,except for the wailing and gnashing of teeth, as you and they are convicted and  locked up never again to see daylight.

L.A. Steel


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Aug 09 2017

A Glen Campbell Tribute

If you were a child or adult in the late 1960s and 1970s Glen Campbell and his music were part of your music lexicon. Songs like Rhine Stone Cowboy, By the Time I Get to Pheonix, Wichita Lineman, Gentle on My Mind, and many of his other songs were played on radio everyday of the year. There was nothing not to like about Glen Campbell, his charm, wit, and tremendous talent made him an American Music Icon, and he played with almost every famous country and pop musical artist in the U.S. His television show was highly rated and his amazing guitar playing and singing voice was respected by every musician in the world.  Glenn Campbell died yesterday at 81 years old, but his musical legacy will never die, or be forgotten by his millions of fans.

L.A. Steel




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Aug 08 2017


fight of the century blumenthal vs. trump 2017

Donald Trump has proven time and again since he began campaigning in June 2015, that he has no shame or dignity. He crudely insulted all his political and media opponents, especially women.  Trump is a blowhard and a farce. His great fortune was made from his father’s fortune, not his own. He lost over 1 billion dollars in his businesses, and bankrupted several times. He defaulted on hundreds of millions of dollars in loans, and his properties are heavily financed by foreign banks and investors linked to Russian billionaires.

Trump’s hatred for minorities is an inherited bigotry. His notorious father “Old Man Trump” became a famous racist during the 1930s and 1940’s, made nationally famous by Woody Guthries’s song “Old Man Trump”, banned all minorities from his many properties.  In contrast to the Trump legacy of racism and bigotry, Richard Blumenthal has had many victories as Connecticut Attorney General and as Senator.  As a Connecticut resident I interviewed him several times on my television and radio programs. I have followed the career of Richard Blumenthal, and have been critical of some of his decisions, however he is a fighter for human rights, and civil rights. He has taken on the tobacco companies and power companies and won. He has defeated tough political opponents . His only real obvious political mistake was when Linda McMahon ran against him for the Senate in 2010, and exposed his lie that he served in Vietnam. He served in the military and was honorably discharged, and has been a strong advocate for veterans his entire political career. Despite this scandal and sincere public apology, Connecticut voters still believed in  him and voted against Republican candidate Linda McMahon.  Linda McMahon and her husband are the owners of the World Wrestling Entertainment company, and she has been appointed by Donald Trump to the Director of the Small Business Administration.

I know Richard Blumenthal  is fighter and will meet Donald Trump’s every blow and insult with his own. Trump is a heavy weight, but slow and dumb. He can take a punch and give one, but he’s punch drunk and is now staggering under the weight of the FBI and Special Prosecutor’s investigation and low approval ratings by the American people. Even his base supporters are leaving him.  Every day Trump is being staggered by blows from his Democrat opponents and the media, that are exposing his lies, stupidity, and vulnerability. His anger has blinded him into distrust for his staff members and cabinet, who he has fired seven since he took office. His White House is in complete chaos, without trustworthy leadership.    Every Executive Order and proposed legislation has failed either by Judicial or Congressional rejection. His speeches and tweeted statements are foolish and arrogant, similar to a punch drunk fighter hailing insults at his opponents in and out of the ring.

Trump is a bloated, out of shape , beaten up  buffoon, who believes he is undefeatable. Richard Blumenthal is a scrappy middle weight with iron fists ready to take on Trump. Once Trump comes back into the public arena from his 17 day golf vacation, he will be challenged by Blumenthal with a subpoena,  to testify before the Senate Justice Committee, which Blumenthal is a ranking member. My money is on Richard Blumenthal in this fight. He will throw a flurry of hard punches to Trump’s stomach , then a hard right and left to Trump’s jaw, until Trump falls on the mat defeated and indicted for high crimes and treason. His body will then be dragged off the mat and out off the ring on a stretcher by Robert Mueller and his entourage of prosecutors.

The fight is on, televised on all stations world wide, but Trump is a notorious cheater, who constantly hits below the belt, and will do anything to win even go to war with No. Korea or start WWIII.  My only advice to Dick Blumenthal is to do some serious training and get ready for the fight, and know that most  Americans and people around the world will be in his corner.

L.A. Steel











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Aug 04 2017



Donald Trump is a myth . His entire life has been centered around his belief that he is a legendary figure on scale with Hercules, King David, or Frodo the Hobbit. His visions of grandeur are as hollow as he is and the gold plated hallways of Trump Tower.  Today it was announced that Trump will take a 17 day vacation. He has only been in office for six months and has accomplished nothing but to attempt to destroy the fabric of American Democracy . By leaving the White House, which he considers “a dump” he will be travelling to his personal resorts, where his entourage of security and aids will be housed in one of his hotels at taxpayer expense, and Trump will personally profit from.

Trump is nothing but a self promoting shell of fake blonde hair and a whining voice. “I’m the best President in the history of the country!”, He is the biggest blowhard anyone has ever seen. He needs his two generals to hold him up, and keep him away from the nuclear codes. Trump is drunk on himself. His ambition is far beyond any sane individual. His stupidity is glaring into camera’s daily,as he bleats with a a sick smile, or tweets a self approving tweet of his latest failures.

Trump lost over one billion dollars during his  days of running his businesses. He couldn’t get backers or investors from any American bank, because he burned them all, so he got foreign investors from money laundering banks , bleaching Russian mob money , eager to invest in Trump projects, and eager to influence his political ambitions. Mooch was a dubious hedge fund manager, with questionable ties to international money laundering banks  and was hired as an adviser to Trump during his presidential campaign. I believe he was later named Communications Director  by Trump, to try and deter the FBI and Special Prosecutor Mueller away from the Russian Investigation as well as publicly fire Spicer and Prevus, his Press Secretary and Chief of Staff, the suspected “leakers” to the press. This was never proven though both were fired in July, then Scaramucci,The Mooch who took over as Communications Director and was suddenly fired within 11 days by Trump as well.

As all myths are created by the tragic or heroic actions of a hero, Donald Trump has created the mythological character of a buffoon in the office of President of the U.S , elected by a foolish electorate, on his false promises to change the fabric of Washington D.C and correct the abuses in government by “Draining the Swamp”. However Trump is proving to be  another swamp creature far more dangerous in his cruelty, and ignorance of the office of the presidency and operations of government.

He gave a speech in West Virginia yesterday to obvious supporters, who can not or will not see Trump for what he is , and what he has done to destroy their lives .  A large portion of the audience were unemployed or Medicaid patients. West Virginia has one of the lowest per capita  income in the United States. The health and education of West Virginians are of the poorest in the country, and poverty in Appalachia is overwhelming. Trump has done nothing for these people, and has tried to virtually destroy them with the drastic reductions in Medicaid and Food Stamps as well as many other needed social services.  He has created tensions throughout the world with military attacks against Syria and Yemen and increasing military actions in So.Korea and threatening No.Korea with war.  Pulling away from NATO and insulting its leaders. Then secretly engaging with Russia and Putin in private talks to nullify sanctions against Russia, and create a friendship with Putin after Russia hacked the elections and investigations are proving Trump’s involvement with Russian Billionaires who invested in his businesses.

Trump has fired seven top aids and Cabinet members and created a dysfunctional Executive Office, with 400 major departmental appointments unfilled. Few qualified people are willing to join the Trump Administration and those that do want to be in his administration are not qualified, and have not been confirmed by the Senate.

Donald Trump is not a mythical hero, he is a  tragic clown on the world stage, singing an aria of how pathetic he is, and how harsh the world is treating him , as he is dressed in a costume of a long red tie, wrinkled  suit, and orange blonde clown wig.

L.A. Steel



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Aug 01 2017



Trump is crazy! He hired and fostered The Mooch, the most foul mouth,belligerent , bastard, ever placed in a position of power in the U.S. Government.  Scaramucci is what Donald Trump is. He is the mouth of Trump, he is the spit and the foul breath of Donald Trump. Trump hired The Mooch to get rid of Shawn Spicer and Reince Prievus in the most publicly embarrassing way. This cut out the two remaining remnants of the Paul Ryan Wisconsin loyalists, and White House spies for the Republican Party.

I am completely puzzled by the reaction of men like Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions and Gen.John Kelly, who have joined the ranks of Trump’s incompetent Cabinet. These three men were once respected men of intelligence and achievement in their careers. Rex T. was the CEO of Exxon Mobil. Jeff Sessions was a long established federal senator and former Attorney General of Alabama, and John Kelly was a Brigadier General. How have these men lowered their standards, to become the lackeys of Donald Trump, and allow themselves to be kicked by him anytime he feels like it. Jeff Sessions has proven to be a great disappointment. He is a liar, a racist, and an idiot. Rex Tillerson should have more intelligence and sense of self worth than Sessions. He should resign from his position and be rid of the embarrassment, showering down upon him publicly and daily by Trump’s foul mouth, angry, insane, tweets.

John Kelly is perhaps the most confusing to me. Here is a man who was an early supporter of Donald Trump just as was Jeff Sessions. They gave Trump credibility he never deserved. Either Trump is the biggest liar the world has ever known, and offered these men the chance to rule the world with him, or these Three Amigos are now realizing they look as foolish as the original “Three Amigos” in the famous movie farce with  Steve Martin , Chevy Chase and Martin Short.

It’s too strange to see how fast their glory has dissolved, into a cloudy wax molded by the clumsiness of Donald Trump. Integrity and honor have fled from these men in any historical perspective of the final days of their careers. Serving Donald Trump is the most desperate, doglike, job in the world, having to bow their heads low and smile stupidly to their moronic master.

L.A. Steel



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