Jun 12 2016


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Feb 22 2017

Milo Yiannopoulos’ s Career Is Ended. What Other Perversions Are He and Breitbart Promoting ?


Milo Y. ‘s career is ended at Breitbart, and anywhere else.. His press conference yesterday, where he apologized for his stupid remarks advocating child molestation was deplorable, and though he said it was a bad joke everyone else who heard him say it found it absolutely offensive and realized Milo was sick and demented. His statements and resignation casts a long shadow on Breitbart.com as a legitimate news outlet, or is it a promoter of white racism and advocates pedophilia. Also what does it say about Breitbart’s  former CEO Steve Bannon is Donald Trump’s Senior Political Adviser. Milo admitted he was an alcoholic and drug abuser in his twenties (and probably still is), and had gay relationships with much older men beginning when he was 13 years old. Regardless if his statement is true or not why would he try to legitimize and publicly acknowledge pedophilia as a normal practice?

This public shock humor isn’t funny, and pedophilia and underage homosexual and heterosexual sex is promoted by the music industry on stage and off. Also the movie and television industries rampantly promote underage hetero and homosexual relationships in many new hit series such as Shameless, The Fosters, Switched at Birth, Orange is the New Black, and numerous other programs on cable and internet. I wasn’t surprised Simon and Shuster cancelled Milo’s book and big advance. They couldn’t be associated with Milo once he exposed he was a sick, paid off, provocateur in the pocket of the New World Order, trying to pervert the morality of his young ALT RIGHT followers.  Hate and sex sells books and television shows and movies. The more perverted they are the more shock value they have. Milo spoke to the sick minds of our society, that hate everyone who disagrees with them.  I’m sorry Milo was sexually abused at 13, but that doesn’t give him any right to advocate child sexual abuse as a joke, or as a belief he holds to justify his own molestation or that of others he might have molested.

Child Trafficking rings have been recently uncovered in Europe and in the U.S, and has been associated with the Clinton Campaign and the Democratic and Republican parties. The Republican former Speaker of the House Denny Hastert is currently serving a jail sentence for several charges of child molestation. The FBI has recently closed and arrested the staffs of several adoption agencies in the U.S and abroad that specialize in the trafficking of children for sex rings throughout Europe and the U.S .  Britain had a recent major sex scandal of trafficking children for sex and satanic rituals by England’s political elite and the Royal Family.  Pedophilia is a world plague against children and young women some stolen from their parents, or are orphans and others are sold to traffickers by their parents or relatives.

Our new Attorney General Jeff Sessions during his confirmation hearing vowed that he would put an end to Human Trafficking in the U.S and end the steady flow of illegal immigration and the smuggling of sex slaves across our open borders.  I have lost all respect for Breitbart.com for hiring Milo Y. as a right wing, openly homosexual provocateur simply to attract politically and sexually confused White Millennials into the ALT RIGHT movement. Based on Milo’s stupidity and vulgarity I can understand now, why Berkeley Students violently rioted against him. Free speech is a right to all Americans, but with that right also comes responsibility not to promote immoral behavior, or to advocate dangerous murder cults, hate philosophies or religions. Freedom of Speech is a constitutional protection in America, just as gun ownership is protected as a constitutional right. However, that right assumes responsibility by all who speak publicly and all who own or carry a gun.   Words can be as lethal as guns, as Milo has recently discovered.

Many experienced writers, public speakers , celebrities and politicians know too well the explosive power of words. They can destroy and build careers. They can destroy or build trusting relationships.  The Bible informs us that, Creation began with the Word. It is how we speak or write to each other that evokes our thoughts and feelings, which create our actions and reactions.  Milo Yiannopoulos is a damaged and dangerous young man. If he has learned from his tragically stupid mistake, he may be able to resuscitate his career, however not as a promoter of pedophilia or an irresponsible paid provocateur.

L.A. Steel



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Feb 20 2017

WTF is with Breitbart’s Senior Editor and Spokesman Milo?

wtf is with milo

I have taken a completely new look at Steve Bannon and the Trump presidency. If Milo  Yiannopoulos is the Senior Editor and spokesman for Breitbart.com and the approved successor to Steve Bannon, maybe many Americans are looking at Trump the wrong way. If Trump’s Senor Political Adviser is advocating Milo’s sick and utterly demented persona, to be the public face of Breitbart, and the personal philosophy of Donald Trump is “Alt Right” represented by Milo Y., then I must pull my support from Donald Trump. Milo is a seriously sick, publicly acknowledged pedophile, who publicly stated he began his “gay” life after he was repeated molested by a Catholic priest at 13 years old. Is Steve Bannon gay as well and possibly doing Milo regularly and maybe in the White House? The thought is very disturbing, though G.W Bush Jr. had over 200 registered visits during his last year in office by Jeff Gannon a known male prostitute, who notoriously advertised himself as a  male escort in Soldier of Fortune magazine.  Also George H.W Bush Senior had an affinity for boy prostitutes. That story was discovered by The Washington Times reporters and published in the Washington Times as the  White House Scandal.

Pedophilia and homosexuality has run rampant in Washington among Presidents and other power elite. A book entitled “D.C Madame” , published by TrineDay Publishers was written by a homosexual escort service owner in D.C. This tell all book uncovers the twisted sexual practices of many famous members in the U.S government, some still in office today.

What the Fuck is going on with Milo Y. and Breitbart.com.? He has been invited as a speaker to CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference this year. ( I was invited in 2005 as a radio host and writer) . Milo Y. is an openly gay and extremely vulgar speaker , who wears garish women’s jewelry, says fuck every other word, and insults everyone in his audience. He is obviously a sandwich sign for Breitbart.com, but what is he really advertising and why? I must assume that Donald Trump and his very busy staff, including Steve Bannon, have not heard or seen any of Milo’s interviews or speeches. If they have, and still allow Milo to continue his circus act of sick, demented, insanity, they would immediately issue a statement of disassociation with Milo Y. and Breitbart.com.

I voted for myself in the 2016 election, but perhaps Trump voters were far too rash in hoping Donald Trump would make a good President, without investigating the ALT RIGHT Movement and Steve Bannon. I originally believed Bannon was a straight shooter and reasonably responsible Journalist. I read Brietbart.com and felt it had significantly improved since Bannon took over . But now it has sunk in my estimation as a valid news organization. With Milo Y. as it’s Senior Editor and main spokesperson it looks more like a means of destroying Trump’s credibility as a rational and responsible leader, who has allowed and encouraged his Senior Adviser Steve Bannon to be the Founder and Chief of this sick ALT RIGHT Philosophy as presented by Milo Y.. If Donald Trump and Steve Bannon continue in their silent sponsorship of Milo Y. and do not denounce him as a spokesman in any way for the Trump Administration, then I will be one of the first of his previous supporters, to advocate Donald Trump’s Impeachment.

L.A. Steel



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Feb 19 2017


donald trump is back

Yesterday’s Florida speech was Donald Trump at his best. No tie, grand slamming the press and courts, the Democrats and Republicans who are not supporting his nominees. He took a baseball bat to all of them. You could see from the crowd’s reaction to him that the spirit of revolution was present, and the support for their President was obvious and energetic. Trump was taking it all in and putting out some of his best one liners and attacks against his critics. His reading of his executive order for the immigration ban, was the first time most Americans heard it fully stated, and all of those who listened  agreed with him, that the 9th Circuit Court had no right to nullify his order, and neither did the “So called Judge’ from Washington State.

This type of blocking from globalist courts, congressmen and senators, is the fuel for Trump’s anger and fuel for his supporters to condemn the media and congress for hypocrisy and inaction. Trump rightfully condemned the media for not showing the size of the crowd, and their terribly biased coverage of his successes since he took office less than one month ago. The majority of Americans like Trump and his policies, and don’t like all who are against him. They feel a personal insult and anger when their elected President is put down by a idiotic media and brain dead television news talk show hosts, CNN being the worst at “Fake News” .  All Presidents have had problems with the media precisely for the same problems Trump is condemning them for. All networks and printed media have been caught in lies and deceptions in their coverage of Donald Trump’s campaign and presidency. They have all been caught lying and fabricating stories against Trump, and he continues to catch them, and insults them at his press conferences, and dismissing questions from the most dishonest reporters and news outlets.

The fact that John McCain is criticizing Trump’s war against the media is proof to all that Trump is right . John McCain is the most bought off , babbling, George Soros sponsored, idiot in government. Nothing he says is truth and nothing he says has any relevance to anything in competent government operations. He’s a proven fool, and national disgrace, but continues to be the darling of the Arizona Alzheimer’s  patients, who consistently re-elect him, because it’s the only politician’s name they can remember.

Go get’em Mr. Trump! Use your 16 lb bowling ball of truth and commitment, to fulfill your promise to the American people, and you will get a strike every time against the dead pins in government and the media.

L.A. Steel



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Feb 17 2017


presidential wreaking ball 2017

After Donald Trump’s press conference yesterday I believe Americans have finally elected a Wrecking Ball President.  His attack on the Washington Press Corp. has taken presidential press conferences to a new height of Presidential Entertainment. Donald Trump appeared to be having a great time at the press conference, able to say what he felt about the news coverage and the petty little hypocrites of fake news, that accosted him during the conference and throughout his presidential campaign. His handling of them I felt was masterful. I especially liked his statement that Chuck Schumer is a “light weight”and the blunt put down of the BBC as “another one” who markets fake news, though some believe he spent too much time defending irrelevant questions that dealt with racial issues and his dismissal of National Security Adviser Mike Flynn. Trump put the blame on “leaks” to the press from inside the intelligence community, and that they leaked confidential and sensitive discussions with heads of state, and tried to sabotage him and Mike Flynn. He fired Mike Flynn for lying to Mike Pence about his Russian contacts, which created doubts of his trustworthiness and reliability.

I credit Donald Trump as I believe most of his supporters do for attacking the main sources in the media of fake news and publishing illegal leaks made to the media by traitors in the government. He has every intention to rid the government and his administration of all disloyal and treasonous government insiders trying to overturn and betray Trump’s presidency.  This was the first Presidential Press Conference in history, that I can remember enjoying and even laughing at. Donald Trump is an entertainer, no one can doubt that, but his direct aim at the reporters and television networks that continue to condemn him and his staff such as CNN and MSNBC he rightfully, publicly criticized  them as “mean and nasty people, whose comments about him and his staff were full of hatred.”  I have no respect for CNN or any main steam media news outlet. They have proven their incompetence and overwhelming Democrat,Globalist, Progressive, bias and will not report on anything Pro Trump. Donald Trump has every right to condemn them publicly in front of their own cameras for all their viewers to see, when he dismisses or insults some of the most aggressive and dishonest of Washington Press Corp reporters.

As many of his enemies in and outside of the government work harder at discrediting Donald Trump and his staff, more Americans will resent and mistrust what they hear from main stream sources and turn to Trump’s Twitter Feed, Face Book Page and You Tube Channel for his announcements to his supporters, and streaming of  his live events. The reality of the Trump administration is becoming very real and apparent to the Main Steam Media, that their days are as numbered as were Dinosaurs, because no one believes them anymore and no one needs them or wants them. Either they get real in their news coverage or more millions of Americans will terminate their Cable TV Contracts and eliminate all fake network news and main stream media reports. It is a new age of communications and a new age of news .  It is far more difficult to lie to the public without them finding out.  That only 25% of Americans receive their news from the Main Stream Media,in between assaults of pharmaceutical and laxative commercials, says volumes about how irrelevant the network news media has become.  Donald Trump’s wrecking ball demolished many over inflated egos in yesterday’s news conference, and will continue to do so, until the fake news Washington Press Corp. starts to report fair and truthful coverage, or Trump will dismiss most aggressive and belligerent reporters from all White House Press Conferences. I would have no problem with that.

Donald Trump is a revolutionary President, we must all get use to it. As in any major Revolution there is always an embedded and stiff opposition. The American people have been through 45  Revolutions. A new revolution begins whenever a new President is elected. I believe this American Revolution will be as big as the first in separating patriotic Americans from Globalist New World Order tyranny.  Be proud America and be proud of your major decision for massive and revolutionary change. It’s happening now and will continue as the Presidential Wrecking Ball of Donald Trump, continues to swing and demolish the establishment of Clinton style corruption and globalism, and give the country back to Americans, and create prosperity and promise of a future back to all who have lost hope, during the last many decades of incompetent and corrupt government, and finally end the corporate and government controlled and censored media. This is a revolutionary vision.

L.A. Steel




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Feb 15 2017

The Powerless President


Donald Trump has become the powerless President. For someone who swept the nation to win the Presidency he now appears to have become silent and powerless. The minority party of Pussycrats have instigated national riots and congressional investigations, and crippled his staff and family with countless slanderous  attacks and accusations, as the media has had an all out assault against him and has tried to devastate his first 20 days in office. These prigs of self righteous FAKE NEWS, and paid trolls including all Globalist night show comedians and daytime talk show hacks are attacking him like a pack of wild dogs. Saturday Night Live, has no respect or mercy for Donald Trump or his Cabinet and advisers. It is time to send a strong message to his many supporters to come out and support him. There must be a tidal wave of anger against Congress and every anti Trump protester by Trump supporters. If the Americans who voted for Trump do not defend him now , then their votes were worthless and their support of  Donald Trump is worthless. If his supporters do not step out and defend him publicly through tidal waves of congressional contacts, phone calls, emails and petitions Trump may not last 100 days in office, and America will have no chance of ridding the yoke of the NWO globalists around our necks, and ridding the country of illegal immigrants and Sanctuary cities, traitors in all government agencies and in the Senate and House of Representatives, especially those traitors in the Republican Party who voted against Donald Trump and are now his most vocal critics. Unless we rid government of all of these we will be in worse shape than we are now. Donald Trump and his supporters are the only chance he and we have of saving America for Americans.

No one can doubt that Donald Trump has been betrayed by his own staff and by every Neocon / Obamadite, remaining in the government.  It appears his own domestic White House staff are leaking personal information about Donald Trump. Why he doesn’t clear out all of the former Obama / Bush domestic staff is beyond me. If I were surrounded by spies and traitors I would get rid of all of them, especially those who clean my house, cook for me, or take out the garbage.  The CIA and Secret Service have been  major sources of treason and incompetence against many Presidents. The JFK, RFK and Martin Luther King Jr. assassinations were all allowed to happen and were performed by CIA and FBI assassins . Trump has his own professional security team who are loyal to him, and have kept him alive and well for many years and throughout his campaign. He must never allow them to leave his service and replaced by Secret Service employees. Donald Trump is far too trusting of the globalist minions setting him up to fail. The number of sensitive leaks to the press and to Trump’s congressional enemies, is outrageous. Several news sources have stated, who are close to Donald Trump have named Trump’s Chief of Staff Reince Priebus as one of the major leaks and will soon be fired.  These leaks must be stopped and stopped now, or Trump will be in worse shape before his first 100 days in office.

Donald Trump must begin the investigation of Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and the criminal Democratic National Committee, as well as indict George Soros for undermining and bribing every political Trump opponent in both parties.  There is enough evidence to convict them for high crimes and treason. If Trump lives up to his campaign promise of ‘Locking Her Up”, it would shut up every Pussycrat and Soros backed “Progressive” in the country.  I believe Donald Trump has the courage and conviction to destroy all of this opponents in the government and media as he did during his campaign. However, unless he begins to show that resolve again,his supporters will soon fade away and fear for their own safety.  I have no qualms standing up for America, but I will not stand behind a weak and powerless president,  who is not able to fight for the dignity of his office and all who supported him,and fight for the honor and dignity of himself and his family.  My advice to Donald Trump and his closest and most trustworthy advisers is to stand firm, attack viciously all who attack you, with all the ammunition you have, and publicly request that all Trump Supporters , stand up against those who would insult them and their elected President.  Make those who disrespect Trump and his supporters pay the price of their stupidity and insults. Trump supporters must attack their opponents with law suits,and whatever weapons they can to physically defend themselves and their families, and defend their vote and Constitutional  Right, to elect Donald Trump as President of the United States.

We must all demand that Donald Trump cleans his house and protects his family and friends and supporters with all the power at his command. If he truly is rendered powerless by his enemies in congress and the courts and enemies within and outside the government, then there is no hope for Donald Trump’s presidency, and no  hope for the United States.

L.A. Steel



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Feb 14 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day 2017

happy valentines day 2017DAFFODIL SERIES 1

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Feb 13 2017



No one in the Senate exudes more of the traits of insanity than Al Franken of the state of Minnesota.  Franken is a Liar, con man, and terrible comedian. He has taken Senatorial Lunacy to a height never before seen in American History even beyond that of John McCain.  He has been proven to be a serial liar by several other senators recently in his foolish assault on Jeff Sessions. His seething hatred against anything to do with Trump or Republicans, has created a babbling idiot.  His statements are as stupid and venomous as he is. He was one of the main reasons the Liberal Radio Network “Air America” failed after only a few years on the air. No one could stand listening to Franken’s whiny voice, sick humor, and bad interviews.  He grabbed on to the Clinton coat tails during the Bush Jr. years and through the help of Democratic Gerrymandering of Minnesota Al Franken won his Senate seat.  He has done nothing since of any note or value, except to use his position and whinny voice in insulting anything Trump. Now he’s stating that he believes Donald Trump is mentally unstable. Al Franken is a soon to be committed, babbling idiot, calling the President of the United States insane.

The media obviously is making a big noise about Frankin’s remarks against Trump.since Trump has no respect for the media.  Franken should be put in a straight jacket. So long Al, your political career is as washed up as your career as a comedian. No one in the country finds you funny or even worth listening to. Give the country a break and resign, or shut the hell up.




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Feb 13 2017

A Tribute To The Recent Grammy Awards and Winner’s


Here is a picture of the Grammy Awards winners from last night.  The only thing missing from the awards show was beastiality, however some of the performances and performers were obscene enough to be considered Beastial, but that doesn’t mean anything for the Music and Movie Industry, where bondage, drug addiction, pornography and pedophilia are considered normal.   Those “celebs’ who mock and insult Donald Trump and his supporters with vulgar , racist and obscene and threatening statements and performances, while prancing around on stage and the Red Carpet half naked with pornographic poses in clownish couture costumes, proves how far down the Satanic hole the Music Industry has fallen. Anyone attending who joined these abhorrent examples of decadent Democrats and perverted morality , have no right to hurl insults at anyone and should expect severe fallout to their record sales and careers.

Those sick “celebs” and all others like them will soon suffer such a severe blow back from the American people , they won’t know what hit them.  I for one and several people I know have and will continue to expand our boycotts of all vocal Anti Trump “Celebs”, their music, movies, books, or anything they do. These “entertainers” are not entertainers , they are globalist, demonic icons of immorality, determined to denigrate and destroy all moral fabric and nationalistic pride . It is time to come down hard on these idiots and insane narcissists, and condemn them and their insanity. If Donald Trump arrests Hillary and Bill Clinton, the corrupt queen and king of these celebrities, as he promised the American people he would, then we will see the mass exodus of celebrities and refugees, treasonous Pussycrats, Republicans and anarchists to Canada, or non extradition countries. Then America will be great again.

L.A. Steel





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Feb 08 2017



There are a few Senators that need to be ordered to “shut up”. Elizabeth Warren is the first and foremost shrill in the Senate. Her voice crackles and screeches, as her never ending redundancy must be considered the Godzilla Screech, whenever she speaks before the Senate or her own constituents. I have never commended Mitch McConnell for any statement he has ever made, except for shutting down Elizabeth Warren during the Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing.  I only wish someone would have told her to “shut up” during the Hillary Campaign. Prior to her insane campaign rants against Donald Trump, she was considered a possible presidential contender. I am so relieved that “Pocahontas” proved who she really was during her defense of Hillary Clinton and the criminal Democratic National Committee.

The second Senator who must be silenced is none other than my own Senator from Connecticut Chris Murphy, the Democrat Filibuster stage manager . Chris thinks he’s the cats meow for the Pussycrats Presidential nominee in 2020. I can’t believe anyone in Connecticut can stand this hypocrite and nationally known idiot. He has become the clown face of Democrat resistance, and will go down in flames and national ridicule as his Democrat / Independent predecessor Joe Leiberman, who was seen recently as Betsy DeVos’s legal and Senate hearing adviser sitting next to her at her confirmation hearing. Leiberman was always a Republican in Democrat clothing.

I am a fan of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General and have written about my support on this site.  Trump’s appointment of  Betsy DeVos aside from donating $9.4 million to Donald Trump’s campaign, doesn’t have any qualifications to be Secretary of Education.  If there is enough resistance to her from  Education Professionals under her new administration  she may not survive a 4 year term. If she does survive, the educational system in the U.S with either be unchanged or will be shut down by walkouts and strikes by teachers and administrators country wide. Home schooling may become the method of education in the U.S if all the Public Schools are closed in protest.


L.A. Steel



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Feb 07 2017

Bernie Sanders and Arnold Schwarzenegger MSM and Bill O’Reilly are such incredible Losers



These two Trump critics are the most hypocritical, criminals to ever defile the stage of national attention. Schwarzenegger who has lived in the U.S most of his natural life still can’t speak English without a translator. Bernie Sanders the traitor and crook who stole $100 million from his supporters and ditched them a week before the convention. These two aren’t worth the mud on Americans’ shoes.  Schwarzenegger has destroyed “The Apprentice” . Without his Terminator Gun and script he is completely inept .  His term as Governor of California led to a disaster of incompetence, enough to re-elect Jerry Brown for life.

Bernie Sanders / Larry David look a like, has no right to expect anyone to listen to his lies. His debate over Obamacare with Ted Cruz on CNN tonight is a complete and utter Liar Fest on the Fake News Network. Both Cruz and Sanders can never regain their credibility, and no one in their right minds would listen to either of them. The Progressive Morons of the media have pulled out everything they can to discredit Donald Trump, and each time they do something more stupid, they lose more credibility with the American people. I refuse to watch CNN, or MSNBC, CBS, NBC , ABC they are all completely globalists infiltrated and paid off by Soros and the Deep Government trying to destroy Trump before he begins his term in office.

Fox News  isn’t wrapped too well either. Their greatest idiot, Bill O’Reilly is the last sex offender still left on Fox News. In his recent incoherent interview with Donald Trump, that has been edited and cut up into mini pieces for all the networks to use, tried to get Trump to admit that Vladimir Putin is a murderer.  O’Reilly’s arrogance and stupidity know no limits. I believe Trump should do no interviews with any network, and announce all of his statements on the internet , his Face Book page, and replace the W.H. Press Corp with Independent Bloggers and news outlets.

Kelly Anne Conway and Steve Bannon should do their own internet show, and damn the Media. They honestly do not need them. Everyone in the Main stream media have  proven how false and corrupt they all are.

L.A. Steel

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