Jun 12 2016


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Jun 23 2017


DSC01061I pray to God he strikes down the Republican Congress and Donald Trump. Angry Americans  are now descending on Washington D.C,to confront their government.  No mercy will be shown to Trump or Congress, just as they have shown no mercy to the millions of Americans they are depriving of healthcare, food, shelter, employment and education.

I can not describe the national contempt and hatred, that exists for these demons. There is no humanity in the Republican Party, and little in the Democrat Party. Greed, Power, contempt and hatred for suffering humanity is all Donald Trump and the Republican Congress know and feel. They are worst than Satan and his cesspool demons of hell. They are beneath contempt.  Americans can no longer wait, until they are cut off from all health care and any life support systems by the U.S Government, and strangled by the death grip of corporate hit men.

Recent polls state that 31% of the Americans polled believe Trump and the Republican Congress are telling them the truth , and are honorable men and women. 69% believe they are crooks and liars. This healthcare bill is proof they are  murderous sociopaths, eager to begin their genocide of  poor , elderly and disabled Americans. They have killed millions around the planet with American wars, financial sanctions, poisoned vaccinations and  spreading man made plagues and famines throughout the world ,and in the U.S.  It is time for every American and people in every nation, to wake up to the attack against them by their own genocidal government, made up of ruthless, soul less, sociopaths.







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Jun 22 2017


a matadors demise 2017

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Jun 18 2017


PROOF D TRUMP IS A COMPLETE IDIOTThe following videos are true statements and events that Donald Trump has made during  his public career.  After viewing either or both videos you will be forced to wonder how the hell Donald Trump became President of the United States.  America is either an insane nation or, we have the greatest sense of sick humor, than any other culture and country in the world.

Vince McMahon is Linda McMahon’s husband. Linda McMahon is Trump’s confirmed appointment for Director of The Small Business Administration, she was the CEO of the WWE.

L.A. Steel







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Jun 16 2017



I’m not a fan of Democrats or Republicans but the irony of last night’s baseball game score can’t be over stated. Democrat / Bernie supporter shoots 4 Republican ball players / Democrats win ball game by an overwhelming score of 11 to 2. Maybe the Republicans were all looking over their shoulders for shooters, instead of keeping their minds on the game. I didn’t understand why no local television news reports would say who won or what the score was, but only reported on the political unity emphasized by all at the game, until I looked up the results of the game on Google and saw the final score of 11 -2.  Not only were the Republicans defeated by their congressional rivals, they were humiliated by them on the field.

Perhaps the shooting put out of the game several better Republican players, but I can’t help wonder if the overwhelming defeat of the Republicans by the Democrats wasn’t in some way fueled by the new found resolve and aggression of some Democrat legislators and their fans in the stadium, who realize their base is far more radical than they realized , and may use violence against  Trump and  Republicans. The belligerence and arrogance of the Republican Congressional majority  is silenced and retreating from fear and cowardice. Even the biggest Ass Kicking Republican cheerleader Ted Nugent came out with a statement yesterday, that he was not going to talk about politics anymore, because it causes too much division. (And he’s afraid of getting shot at one of his Pro Trump concerts).

Maybe James T. Hogkinson’s actions and subsequent death has embolden Liberal Americans , who may consider him as a martyr. Liberals have been seen by Conservatives and Republicans as non violent wimps, but Liberals are fighting back hard against the cruelty and insanity that the Republicans and Trump are, and will not tolerate Republican greed and stupidity to dominate the U.S Government any longer.   I am glad the Democrats won the ball game, and hope they will carry their winning attitude into Congress and defeat the Republicans there, through their own bills and hearings, to unseat Donald Trump and end his Administration of Russian spies.

Chalk one up for the Democrats, who finally won a game against the Republicans. My only hope is that politics is no longer to be considered a game , but a dead serious, life altering change for the good, in the way the U.S Government is managed.

L.A. Steel



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Jun 15 2017




During the elections of 2016, Jeff Sessions was a major Trump cheerleader. Unlike what happened to most of Trump’s celebrity cheerleaders Sessions was the only one who could hang on to the Trump Train Wreck to win the election. Either Jeff Sessions knew Donald Trump personally and respected him, (which now seems hard to believe) or Trump lied to him and played him for a fool promising Sessions the Atty General Job for the most corrupt president in history. Trump has thrown Sessions under a bus, like he threw everyone else who diminished his shine.  Sorry Jeff but the only way to regain any of your integrity is to resign. To continue as Trump’s Attorney General, while he sinks in his own Tweets is a fool’s choice.

Trump will destroy Sessions as he did to Comey, Flynn, Christy, Gingrich and Gulliani  and soon to be fired Sean Spicer . Kelly Anne Conway has gone under cover never to be seen on television again. Steve Bannon has been demoted to slovenly public pictures and suicidal looks of anger and depression. Since the assassination attempts on Congressional, Republican, Baseball players, Mike Pence or Paul Ryan are not eager to assume a new promotion to the presidency.

Mike Pence has kept his nose cleaner than the other members of Trump’s team. Pence must be horrified at the thought of his being implicated in the Russian entanglements and must wish he was back in his Governor’s office in Indiana, rather than in succession for the office of an Impeached and possibly imprisoned President.

The party is over guys and girls of the Trump administration. It’s time to go home, before you all get arrested for letting Trump drive you off a cliff, under the influence of  the Russian government.

L.A. Steel



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Jun 15 2017

The Problem With James T. Hodgkinson Was He Believed In Bernie Sanders and Democrats

WIN_20160115_134257 (2)James T. Hodgkinson, was a misguided, foolish, Progressive Liberal, who believed in and volunteered for Bernie Sanders, but forgot the Primaries were fixed for Hillary.  Bernie Sanders betrayed him by endorsing Hillary, because he was never meant to win the Democrat Nomination. Hodgkinson’s devotion to Democrats and Bernie Sanders was completely misplaced as was the support and beliefs of every Bernie supporter. “Progressives” will care little about the victims of James Hodgkinson, because he represents their views and sympathies, If a Trump supporter shot up the Democrat Base Ball team the Liberal media would be demanding that all Trump supporters be arrested.

Being real isn’t something the Left has been good at doing lately. Death is real , everyone believes that. The assault against the Republican Base ball Team may be an omen of something far worse that will beset this country against all politicians. I do not advocate any violence against anyone, but  the Left’s constant voice of Non Violence, suddenly  has become a murderous movement financially backed by traitorous men , women and foreign governments. If the Left or Right learns anything from the mad assault by James Hodgkinson it will be that they have to watch their backs, and that their cruel, stupid, and callous legislation and public statements will cause a political and social backlash against Republicans and Democrats, unlike anything this country has seen since the Civil War.

I have seen social media statements praising the assailant James Hodgkinson for shooting Republicans. I do not agree, and condemn this attitude and violence. However thousands and perhaps millions of Progressive Democrats and affiliated groups seem to have embraced violence in their Civil Disobedience. The Right has been caught off balance , and all of their insulting arrogance and stupidity has caught up with them. It appears the Right Wing gun owners may actually be cowards, when faced by violent , angry, Left Wing gun owners. Fear is running through Congress today. Fear of the anger and hatred of the American People against them, regardless of their political leanings. Hatred for Republicans in Congress today, has never been greater. Hatred for a sitting President has never been greater, even under G.W.Bush. The blatant stupidity and callous non concern for the well being and health of 99% of American People, is very real and apparent in the Republican held Congress and Presidency. The lies and outright deceit of the Republicans and Trump, will no longer be tolerated. The Special Prosecutor will soon be investigating Trump for Obstruction of Justice. Once guilt is found, which I am certain will be, most of Trump’s administration and his supporters in Congress will also be under investigation, or politically ruined.

The end is near for Republican victory joviality. Soon all in and out of Congress will be frightened for their lives. It is a bad karma rising as they  continue to resist the onslaught of the American people demanding justice, and righteous government. Most Americans will not resort to violence against their Government or Republican neighbors, but some will, and perhaps many will . The great surprise to the Democrats pushing for gun control is when the Democrats begin to rage against the Anti Gun Democrats in Congress. If the U.S is heading for an armed Civil War, no one in their right minds, who owns a gun will ever give up  their right to own one or restrict its use. Many non gun owners will soon become gun owners, for self protection. Trump and the Republicans have brought about their own worst nightmare.  It appears their may not be anymore “nice guys” in the Liberal Resistance Movement. Unfortunately all right and left wing revolutions need martyrs to forward their cause.  No longer is the wide use of violence looked down upon by Progressive and even moderate liberals, when their livelihoods and that of their families are being jeopardized and  undercut by cruel and insane Republican Congressmen and women, and the maniacal whims of an insane and corrupt President.

It’s time Americans wake up to what is happening all around them, before more James Hodgkinsons kill more politicians. It is time we stop listening to the insane rants of  politicians and fight for truth, honesty and reason in our government, and our society. This can not be achieved through violence, only though non violent resistance.  Americans have mobilized and will continue to organize as this year continues in mass riots, and more deaths and injuries and arrests of politicians and angry Americans, until the goal of a fair and just government and society are achieved.

L.A. Steel

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Jun 12 2017

DAY & NIGHT 2017

day & night 2017

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Jun 10 2017




I laughed , when Donald Trump offered to testify under oath about his conversation with James Comey. Trump is a serial liar and will lie and lie and lie until his face melts with dishonesty. Trump is a proven liar, even when under oath.  Trump lying is just another typical  day’s activity for him, whether he was President or not.

I have to shake my head in disbelief when I hear Trump supporters trying to white wash his insane statements and his statement made by his personal attorney.  Imagine Trump is so damned dishonest he needed his personal attorney, not a White House spokesman, to announce that James Comey is a liar, and Trump is a saint. Putting Trump under oath is like putting his attorney under oath, both professional liars paid to lie , why would anyone in their right mind, believe either of them about anything they say?

If Donald Trump comes out of these hearings and the investigation of Special Prosecutor Mueller,unscathed, the country and the world will know without question that Trump and all of his cronies and opponents in and outside of the government are paid off, or professionally and personally threatened and  pressured, to white wash the investigation, similar to 911, all of G.W Bush’s crimes, and all of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s, and Barack Obama’s crimes.  Democrats have too many of their own crimes to honestly accuse Trump of impeachable crimes. If Clinton had won the election the American people would be calling for her head, and demanding she be “locked up”.  The only way to have honesty in government, is to demand it, vote for it, and stand guard over it, so Americans are not being deceived by their elected leaders.

Politics is a blood sport, and everyone in it is ready to fight each other by anyway they can. Hillary Clinton had six witnesses willing to testify against her, mysteriously murdered in 2016, and the former CEO of the Clinton Foundation has been missing for over 6 months. Eric Braverman was the CEO hired by Chelsea Clinton to uncover her parents’s pay for play scam with the Clinton Foundation. After Hillary’s election defeat the Clinton Foundation was closed and the CEO went missing, no body was ever found and his where about is unknown to the public. The DNC has been sued for fraud, and its former Chairman Debbie Wasserman Shultz is under indictment for rigging the Democratic Primaries.  One of their former workers who leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks before the election was shot in the head execution style outside of his home. It was determined not to be a robbery, because nothing was taken from him, but his life.

The entire government is filthy and corrupt, and everyone in it is a proven liar. What an international  joke Trump under oath will be. The quintessential Congressional Hearing of Hypocrisy will go down in history as the greatest reality show on earth, where Reality is a myth, and everyone including Trump will be smiling sickeningly at the cameras trying to insure the cameras catch their best profiles.

Let the farce begin. Putting Trump under oath will hopefully cause him to choke and gasp for air, until he has a complete meltdown and anxiety attack in front of the world. Lying to all Americans and the entire world has been Trump’s mainstay in office, and on his campaign, but now according to recent polls less than 30% of Americans believe anything Trump says, and realize he is a serial, pathological liar. If he is under oath he should be attached to a lie detector as well, with each question’s result flashed on Twitter and shown on national television during the hearing.  I would bet that the lie detector would over load and sound a siren during Trump’s reading of his written testimony, and during his public hearing questioning.

L.A. Steel


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Jun 09 2017

Comey Had His Day

waving flag 2002

The tension mounted as nearly a billion people watched James Comey’s testimony before the Intelligence Committee. It appears that state secrets were stolen by the Russians and may have effected the Presidential election and the security of the U.S . However, Comey stated that he saw no evidence of direct rigging of the election from all voting data. He did attack Donald Trump as a liar, and said Trump pushed him to stop his investigation of Russian Influence, and to not pursue his investigation of Mike Flynn.  The real surprise in all of his testimony was how he stated he asked for help from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and asked him not to let him be alone with Donald Trump so he wouldn’t be compromised without a witness.  Trump did exactly that . He pressured Comey to drop his Russian investigation into his election, and into his staff’s connections with Russia.

Comey knew his end at the FBI was near. When Trump fired him, he then insulted Comey publicly, and told the Russians in a meeting that Comey was “a nut job”. and incompetent as were the leadership and staff in the FBI. Trump is a proven liar. Comey new Trump would lie about their meeting and took copious notes about the meeting during and immediately after. He stated he leaked his information to the media via a “friend”, to offset all lies and allegations Trump made against him. We all know Donald Trump is a serial liar.  He had his own personal lawyer make a statement against Comey and his testimony, stating Comey lied about everything. I believe James Comey, because he was put in a bad position, and left their by Jeff Sessions who refused to oversee the Trump and Comey discussion.  Jeff Sessions should resign. He will be asked to testify  soon and at that time Trump’s lies and accusations will be exposed for what they are.

I believe Trump will have impeachment proceedings against him by the 4th of July 2017 and hopefully resign or be arrested for high crimes and treason by Thanks Giving. So all celebrating Americans will have a great American Thanks Giving for ridding themselves of the biggest crook and liar to ever be President of the United States.





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Jun 05 2017

Orange Poppy First Bloom Series 2017

orange poppy first bloom 2 2017orange poppy first bloom 3 2017

orange poppy first bloom 2017orange poppy first bloom 4 2017


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