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Aug 21 2019



Trump believes he is the King of the Jews. Trump is not Jewish or king of anything. He’s the biggest idiot this country has ever had as president. If the God of all creation does not take offense to this sacrilege and abomination of narcissistic evil, then the world is doomed to perish and there are none who will be saved. I curse Trump and his kingdom with all the darkness eternal hell has to offer in the world’s worst “shithole”.ISRAHELL.



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Aug 20 2019


lightening blast 2019

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Aug 18 2019


rashida-tlaib-grandmother-ftr 2

“May God ruin him.” This was the curse by Rashida Tlaib’s Palestinian grandmother. Unfortunately, Palestinian prayers seem to be unanswered by God. If the God of Zionist Jews is the God of all, then I dis zone myself from any belief in any deity. The Zionist God is one of hatred, genocide, and murder, racism and bigotry. This is not the God I worship, this is Satan. Real Jews or Orthodox Jews are completely opposed to Zionism. Orthodox Jews in Israel are often arrested for protesting the Palestinian occupation and imprisonment of millions of Palestinians in GAZA.

May Rashida’s grandmother’s curse on Trump also be a curse on Israel and all Zionists. Palestinians must be granted freedom and their lands returned to them. Israelis must be brought before the International Court for human rights violations and genocide of the Palestinian people and their entire government disbanded. No two-state solution is possible with a satanic cult. All Zionists must be banned from Palestine and Israel be ruined as the Revelation so states. I believe Trump is Satan reincarnated in the final days during the Great Tribulation. Satan will be destroyed along with his minions. The world is waking up to the insanity and cruelty of Trump and Israel’s oppressive and brutal governments. Trump has no understanding of human dignity or compassion and spits his bloody spume of bigotry and hatred across the country infecting the hearts and minds of every hate-driven racist and Nazi in American society. Every hate-filled white man and women in America love Trump because they believe in the ideals of White Supremacy and disdain for anyone not white. The minority members in society who support Trump are supporting their own deportation, discrimination, and destruction. We can never understand their motivations, but for our own sanity, we must dismiss them as paid pawns in Trump’s game or simply as fools.

“May God ruin him” is my prayer also but not to Satan, but to the true God of all mankind and creation. I pray that all Karma be released upon Trump and his administration in the near future. All people know who Trump is and represents, and evil, destruction, hatred, and ruin are his bywords.

May the true God of all creation soon wreak havoc and ruin upon Donald Trump, and save all who turn away from him.




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Aug 17 2019


rashida tlaib


I am proud of U.S Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib for rejecting the left-handed offer from Israel to let her visit her 91-year-old Palestinian grandmother, with the exception that she retract her statements about an Israeli boycott and the genocide of Palestinians.  Rashida is one of the “Squad” of Freshman Congresswomen, who have criticized Israel’s genocide of Palestinians and supported the BDS movement of Boycott, Divest and Sanctions against Israel for their inhumane treatment of the Palestinians.

Rashida is a Palestinian American born in the U.S. She is a fierce warrior for racial and economic justice and a threat along with her fellow Squad members against the overt racism and Islamophobic insanity of Trump and his many sycophants in the Senate and Congress and the blind racist supporters throughout the U.S. Her belief that Israel is an aggressive illegal occupation of Palestine puts her in the crosshairs of the Israeli government and is hypocritically cursed by Trump as an antisemite, even though the only real Semites are Palestinians.

May God Bless Rashida Tlaib and keep her safe.and her fellow Squad Members and especially Ilhan Omar who Israel totally rejected visiting Israel and Trump has made horrendous racial insults to. May both these women find strength in all who support them and encourage their vision of Racial and Economic Justice for all, and end the occupation of Palestine by Israel and end Trump’s insane and racist administration.


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Aug 15 2019






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Aug 12 2019




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Aug 07 2019



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Aug 06 2019

A WARNING: To All Violators Of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez


A warning to all violators of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. The recent mockery, insults and threats towards Alexandria by a punk ruled school of Catholic Conservative Cultists, will not be forgiven by anyone who has an ounce of self-respect and respect for women.  I have never witnessed in my lifetime such hatred and white male pubescent hysterics directed at any woman but, now is directed at  Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. I advise Alexandria to immediately contact Secret Service and insist that all “The Catholic Boys” in the picture be arrested for threatening a U.S Congresswoman.

From Trump to Pelosi Alexandria has been insulted by the most powerful people in the world and has come back swinging with knockout punches, and is only in her first year in Congress. Messing with AOC is messing with the wrong girl and tens of millions of her devoted followers.

This warning also applies to all violators of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who has courageously fought off harsh threats and racial attacks by Trump and the media. The “Right-Wing Conservative Christian Church of Lunacy” has demonized Alexandria and Ilhan with their base followers whose deity is Donald Trump. Americans who believe in these women will defend them in web posts, social media, and protests and will condemn the criminal nature of their violators. These two women are the truest voices of change and the most sympathetic to millions of struggling Americans regardless of their race or  origin. They are the hope of the world, and the future of America, They must be protected, honored, and embraced as our daughters of Freedom and Liberty.


ilhan omar picture 2019

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Aug 05 2019



Poor Moscow Mitch has taken a fall and broke his shoulder.  He’s in his seventies and his bones are brittle he’s slower and meaner than ever. Moscow Mitch has been found out to be a Russian sellout, along with everyone in the Republican Party. Mitch McConnel has become an evil comic book character named “Turtle Head,” Imagine his reaction to seeing billboards like these and worse throughout Kentucky.

Few people have loyalty or sympathy for Moscow Mitch since he sold out our country to the Russians and has blocked all legislation to protect the U.S election process, even after Robert Mueller’s testimony of the great threat Russia is and has been to our election process.


moscow mitch


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Aug 01 2019

The Quiet Self Confidence And Common Sense Of Tulsi Gabbard (video)

I have been an admirer of Tusli Gabbard since she first announced her bid for the presidency. She is a 16 year active Army Major who served two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan her intelligence, and self confidence were revealed in the latest debate. Her latest performance has given her a new status amongst Democratic Voters as a strong presidential contender, who understands Patience and Reward. Tulsi represents the respect, integrity and patriotism needed for the office of the President.



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