Oct 22 2017



NAKED AT THE MIC / The Survival of a Liberal in a Time of Peril, is a book based upon ten years of research and personal experiences , collected as a historical account of the national and international politics, and the national  social upheaval during the Conservative Revolution. That political movement of Bush and Republican Fascism during the first decade of the 21st Century, as I witnessed and reported it on my television and commercial FM radio programs, and my website www.lasteelshow.org during the years of 2000 to 2009.

Naked at the Mic is also a tribute to the many people who fought  to print and broadcast truth, and liberal commentary, while the entire broadcast media was dominated and censored of Liberal Thought and discussion, by the Conservative right wing media, the G.W Bush administration, and the cabal of Muslim hating warmongers, famously known as the NeoCons.

“Naked at the Mic” also commemorates the many heroic members of activist and citizen action groups and organizations , that fought daily to protect themselves and their country from the insanity of G.W Bush’s administration,  his minions, and their nightmare reality of war , genocide and slaughter in the Middle East, and the cruel, corrupt and oppressive, government they imposed on the American people during their reign of terror and torture from 2000 to 2008.

I speak honestly about the 2008 presidential candidates and the election of Barack Obama, and why I voted for him, and my great disappointment, after his horrific betrayal of all who elected him. The research for “Naked at the Mic” entailed over 5000 news articles that I have archived and preserved on paper, to verify every quote and reference I make, and over 500 books and recorded interviews with authors, activists and politicians in 1300 archived radio shows on BlogTalkRadio.com/lasteelshoworg, ten televised documentaries , and 400 television programs I produced up to 2009, when I completed this book.

Naked at the Mic  is an honest look back through time at people and events now nearly forgotten, that have been at the forefront of national and world changing events. This book is a historical record of one of the most volatile decades in American and world history. It reports and comments on many of the most important national and international issues and individuals from 2000 to 2009. I discuss in detail the corrupt 2000 presidential election, 911, the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions, Katrina, and expose the massive corporate, financial and political corruption and mass media cover ups, until the end of 2009. I honestly expose left and right wing politics, and give a unique front line perspective of the massive sea change of American Society, that caused G.W Bush’s 75 percent approval rating in 2001, to his final approval rating of 24% in 2008, and the election of Barack Obama.

“Naked at the Mic / The Survival of a Liberal in a Time of Peril”, is honest, fast moving, highly informative, well researched, and is an accurate, historical account of the characters involved with one of the longest running liberal radio shows in America, during one of the most politically conservative, and most destructive periods in American history, that has led to the current economic, military and moral demise of America.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated in his essay “The Oversoul” “Oh, Believe that every word that was meant for thine ear to hear will come to thee…”.

I believe a lot of people are meant to hear what this book has to say.



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Mar 18 2018



Only in America can a porn star bring down a president. Most countries wouldn’t care if their president had an affair or two or three , but in the U.S where almost every president has had an affair or two before , during and after their time in office, still creates a great moral stain against the presidency.  John Kennedy had a publicly known  affair with Marilyn Monroe, who had started her modeling and film career doing porn movies and nude calendar photos, and became Playboy Magazine’s first Playmate of the Month, which catapulted her into doing featured films and creating her iconic  sexy blonde bombshell character. She inspired many actresses to begin their careers in sexy movies.

Trump owned the Miss. America and Miss Universe beauty pageants, where many actresses, network reporters and talk show hosts got their chance for national and international attention. Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin was a beauty contestant as Miss Alaska , and later became the Governor of Alaska and John McCain’s Vice Presidential choice in 2008.  Trump must of made and received hundreds of indecent proposals , as witnessed recently in the #Me Too Movement, most actresses and actors were sexually harassed by famous producers and directors for roles in their movies.   Stormy Daniels is an opportunistic business woman, who acts in, directs and produces porn movies. Trump offered her a role in his reality show “Apprentice”, and she cornered Trump by threatening to reveal their affair, then agreed to keep her secret for $130,000 payoff, one month before the 11/16 election, never thinking he could possibly win. Now she wants to give it back, so she can do a tell all book and interviews and make millions, and possibly bring down the Trump presidency, securing her permanent place in history as the ultimate Femme Fatale.

Stormy weather ahead Mr.Trump. Batten down your hatches and prepare for Stormy seas, because Stormy isn’t stopping. The $20 million dollar  frivolous law suit you filed against her last week is a joke to the public and the courts. You’re a fraud, a pervert and a prick Mr. Trump, and Stormy Daniels will be the one to prove it to the world. She says she has pictures and videos implicating Trump in sex acts with her.  I would recommend to anyone interested in seeing examples of Stormy Daniels erotic acting, to  look up Stormy Daniels Porn Videos in Google or Yahoo, and you will gain a better understanding of who she is, and why Trump wants to shut her up.



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Mar 17 2018



I created this television  program in 11/ 2004 shortly after the elections.  John Kerry had conceded within 24 hours after the initial vote count. However, more than 3 million Provisional Ballots were not counted in Florida, New Mexico and Ohio, and were considered “spoilage” by Republican Registrars, more than 50% were minority voters.  The following articles are from three separate journalists and voting experts. Kerry did not demand a vote count, though the Democratic National Committee did. These articles I read are from journalists who have proven massive election fraud happened , and John Kerry actually won.


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Mar 15 2018



There is nothing worth salvaging from this worn out wasted presidency of Donald Trump and his ventriloquist dummy Mike Pence. They are the disposable presidency, to be remembered for their impeachment, cronyism , stupidity of and contempt for the American people. They are the cheap plastic bags of politics, to use once and throw away. They represent all the smelly worst of America’s  throw away society who would murder or destroy all poor , elderly and disabled people by the cruel and inhumane policies of Trump and Pence and their Republican criminal cohorts in Congress.

Trump and Pence are the two dirty boots of America’s white working class, who hoped they would save their jobs, healthcare and homes. Instead they received a kick in the gut, crude and vulgar insults and loss of all they hoped for, with all U.S wealth given to Trump’s friends and Billionaires. The following example of the distorted and desperate hold Trump and Pence have over the white poor working class is they say and do extremely stupid things, similar to so many who speak as they do, or hate as they do, or eat fast food as they do, or hate all who aren’t white as they do. Steve Bannon former White House aide and Trump campaign strategist stated recently in a speech , “All White Supremacists should wear their racism as a badge of honor.”

I know a poor working class white woman, who has an adult disabled child and has lived in rent assisted housing for 20 years, and disagrees with everyone about everything, yet proudly displays her Trump Pence campaign sign near her front door.  Even after all the scandals and firings, and criminal investigations and indictments of the Trump Pence presidency, their ruthless attacks against the poor, disabled and elderly by Trump’s budget cuts stripping  Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and food stamps. This poor woman, like so many Trump Pence followers still hold their loyalty to them.

Perhaps I am missing something  in the translation of the Trump Pence Message to these poor, uneducated, and sad people, who refuse to see the lies and criminality of Trump and Pence, and the cruel, sociopathic policies they and the Republican Majority in Congress are creating, and their genocide of all disabled, elderly,  poor, working class whites, minorities, and veterans, addicted to opioids due to their ceaseless pain and terminal diseases. Trump and Pence are waging war on prescription pain medications with their ” War on Opioids.” Their destruction of unions, and callous and heartless treatment of long established and law abiding immigrants, being deported and torn from families and friends, jobs and careers is on par with insane serial killers and mass murderers like Hitler and the Nazis did to Jews, Gays and  Gypsies, and anyone they could cast their hatred upon.

The Trump Pence Presidency is the worst I have experienced in my lifetime. Even the George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan presidencies, though both were horrendous , the Trump Pence presidency is by far the worst. G.W Bush and Ronald Reagan had the loyalty and love of the same sector of society as Trump and Pence, even though they were two of the worst presidents in U.S history, and did more to destroy the poor and working classes  in America than anyone except, Trump and Pence, and the current Republican Majority in both houses of Congress. Perhaps, this misplaced loyalty of the working class whites and crazy white supremacists, is similar to the cowering loyalty of an abused animal, child or spouse, who regardless how badly they are treated, they still cling to their abusers. They are like the recently exposed family of 13 children who were handcuffed and starved by their parents for their entire lives, until one 16 year old child had enough and escaped and contacted authorities, who immediately arrested the parents and freed the children , some as old as 29. This is the same mind set displayed  by all Trump Pence and Republican followers..

The Trump Pence Presidency will soon be disposed of and thrown onto to the trash heap of historically failed presidencies and sociopathic politicians. I fear that even if all are indicted, their poor , foolish followers will remain loyal to them, for fear their own beliefs and faith are false. Then upon this cruel awakening they will fall into despair and disassociate themselves from all politicians, their false faiths, and crooked , pedophile pastors, who like Trump and Pence and fellow Republicans, only want to steal from them and abuse them, knowing they will never stand up to them. They know their lives and ways of thinking must change or they will become an extinct class in American society, forgotten and thrown upon the trash heap of extinct cultures and buried anonymously in the bottomless landfill of forgotten history.



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Mar 13 2018


march madness 2018

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Mar 13 2018



Everything Trump and his followers stand for is against everything Californians stand for and have proven with their elections and laws. Sanctuary cities, Marijuana legalization and wide spread investment in pot farms is a sign of Californians’ unrelenting disregard for Trump and Sessions and all Republican led laws on immigration, pollution , Pot and every insane Conservative policy wonk in Congress.

If Californians are who I believe they are, there will be hundreds of thousands of protesters at the Trump rally, and possibly riots started by Trump’s paid provocateurs. Trump needs a spectacle to please his liberal hating racist followers now that he is tanking in the polls.  His entering enemy territory is an obvious Trump in your face ploy, that may be more than he bargained for. If Californians are as adamant and radical as they have been in recent protests, Trump may not survive physically or politically after today.

Trump is in so much trouble, that the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee issued  a statement yesterday without Democrat members approval stating, “There is no evidence of collusion with Russia, and they are closing down their investigation.”     The farcical statement is merit less and a completely partisan and bogus report protecting Trump and all of his cohorts in the Republican party. Adam Schiff the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee calls the Republican statement ridiculous. Trump’s CIA Director Mike Pompeo , who as of today became Trump’s new Sec.of State stated, there was no doubt that Russia interfered with the 2016 election to help Trump.The undeniable proof of Russian election interference was Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russian cyber trolls,  who were caught rigging the election and trolling social media sites with fake news about Hillary and pro Trump propaganda before and after the election.

I wish California and it’s proudly radical residents all the best. Your next step might be secession. California has the economic and political power as the world’s 6th largest economy, to be its own country. Let the Republican wing nuts create their own space in Alabama, West Virginia or Florida, where they already rule and have recently been declared by the UN, as worse than most third world countries, and have filed grievances against the U.S based on their investigations and visits to these areas, which included Native American Reservations in Western States.  It is time for a Radical Change in the U.S. What happens to Trump and his crazy cohorts after today’s California visit, may be the catalyst that takes down Trump’s presidency, and Republican rule forever.



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Mar 12 2018



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Mar 11 2018


stormy daniels and daring dong donald 2018

The following is a potential adult film script for Stormy Daniels, who is a famous producer, director and actress in many adult films. In Trump’s legal agreement with Daniels one of the clauses was that, all  videos, films, pictures, and personal letters or anything revealing of his name or person during  the time of their affair was to be turned over to Trump’s alias DD’s attorney. Trump’s masked name on the document was initialed DD agreeing to all clauses.   Trump’s attorney did not get Trump / aka DD to sign the document with his signature however, he did initial each paragraph as DD and the amount of $130,000 was paid to Stormy.



Scene One

Daring Dong Donald meets Stormy at a golf tournament in Florida and says to her:

‘I’m a great fan of your talents , would you like to be on my reality show?”

Stormy is surprised by Daring Dong Donald’s request and said:

‘Yes, I would love to be on your show.”

Daring Dong Donald reaches in his pocket and pulls out his hotel key to look at and says :

“I’m in room 555 come up and see me in an hour and we’ll talk more about it, I’ll leave the door unlocked for you.”

Stormy swoons at the chance to be on Daring Dong Donald’s television show and agrees to meet him in an hour.


Scene 2


Stormy knocks on Daring Dong Donald’s unlocked hotel room door and walks in the room. She sees him lying naked on the bed and laughs, then shuts the door and removes her cloths and gets on the bed with Daring Dong Donald, when he slaps her buttocks and says:

“Hey, you know what ? I always dreamed of doing the dirty dog with you.”

Stormy laughs and says:” Ok,but are you up to it?”

Daring Dong Donald replies: “Up and running hard ! ”

As they engage in the activity, Daring Dong Donald suddenly bends over Stormy, reaches to the night stand, and picks up and takes a bite of a cold cheeseburger and takes a gulp of warm Coke, when Stormy tells him:

“Hey Daring Dong Donald, what are you doing!”

Daring Dong Donald replies:

” Damn it ! My cheeseburger is cold, my Coke is warm , and my Daring Dong is down.”

Stormy frowns, then turns around and says:

“Oh, poor little Daring Dong is scared and hiding. Come on little DD show me how big and brave you are.”

Daring Dong Donald laughs and says:

“Daring Dong just came out of hiding and is big and brave now. Can he finish where he left off ?”

Stormy replies:

” OOOO is  Daring Dong  bigger and braver than ever ?”

Daring Dong Donald says:

“Yes,and he loves Stormy so much he can’t stand being outside of her . ”

Stormy then does what she does with Daring Dong Donald, until he gasps in  ecstatic orgasm. Then he rolls over Stormy on to the floor . Stormy jumps out of bed worried and runs to help him.  Suddenly the door of their hotel room is opened by a Hotel Detective and attorney, followed by Melenia who is screaming :

“You miserable bastard !”

She throws divorce papers at Daring Dong Donald, who is laying on the floor.

Daring Dong Donald looks at her in fear and hears her scream at him, then gasps, puts his hands on his chest and cries out:

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do it. She made me! ”

Stormy looks at him and laughs out loud saying :

“I made you do it ?”

Those are the last words ever spoken by Daring Dong Donald, as he passes out and dies.

Stormy and  Melenia stare at Daring Dong Donald’s dead dick , then look at each other, and begin to laugh.

(Fade to black)

The End


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Mar 11 2018

Blizzard Series 2018

Blizzard series 2018

This is the first of eighteen pictures in the Blizzard Series 2018 exhibited on my art and photography website linked in the header menu of this site.  These pictures were taken in the nearby towns shortly after the recent Nor Easter of last week.



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Mar 06 2018





It completely amazes me how Donald Trump could have hired so many incompetent people and still be President. It can only mean that Hillary’s people were more incompetent than Trump’s. Wow, imagine the nightmare of a Hillary presidency. Sam Nunberg is another DC Comic Character in the Trump campaign. His closeness to Rodger Stone ,  the most notorious Republican trouble maker in history. He led the “Rat Fucking” during the Nixon Years, and was fired by the Bush Sr. Campaign, when it became public that he belonged to a Swingers group. Rodger Stone has become “Rodger the Dodger” of the Republican party. He seems to get fired from campaigns, and then rehired. His talents are very valuable to the Republicans regardless who the President is.

Nunberg stated in several interviews this week, that “Rodger Stone is my mentor, and father.” If Rodger Stone is his mentor, how can anyone believe him? Rodger Stone has no integrity, he will do whatever it takes to get the job done, and that is why he is still alive. Nunberg in his drunken numbness insists the he will sooner go to jail rather than say anything about Rodger Stone, which is part of the Subpoena he was issued last weekend.    Nunberg is scared to death of having to release all of his emails during the 2016 presidential campaign.

CNN Host Erin Burnett accused Nunberg of having alcohol on his breath. It would appear that the stress of bringing down his best friend or the Trump presidency, relies on his numbness . His stress level must be at maximum warp speed.  His continuous drinking from the cup in front of him each time he was flustered, could have been a water alcohol mix, a favorite of alcoholics.  Sammy is a goner no matter how much he drinks and he knows it. Either he turns in his best friend or Donald Trump and his entire campaign and white house staff, or he passes out in an alcoholic stuper.  My advice to Sam is to lay off the alcohol , get some exercise and join a gym, and stay in Washington D.C where you can smoke pot legally, get a concession truck , and sell hotdogs to senators , congressmen, their staffs and lobbyists. I have a name you can Trade Mark,” Sammy’s  Hot Dog Palace.”



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Mar 05 2018


hurry up mr mueller 2018

There are so many indictments and plea deals from the Special Prosecutor’s investigation into Donald Trump’s collusion and business. Jared Kushner and Ivanka are both being investigated for money laundering and if their businesses are effecting White House foreign policy.  The entire Trump administration including Dumb and Dumber Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions is a Criminal Enterprise, supposedly Mueller is attacking the Trump campaign staff and White House staff and family as Mobsters. This is probably a wise move, however why is it taking so long , especially with all the evidence Mueller now has in his hands, including plea deals and confessions, indictments and more evidence of treason and conspiracy ?

I am certain the pressure on Mueller is heavy, but most people don’t remember Mueller was FBI Director during the 911 investigation, and white washed the entire event by adhering to the bogus 911 Commission Report, which still stands as the greatest farce and cover-up of government conspiracy since the Warren Report, that white washed Kennedy’s assassination .  I want to trust Robert Mueller is doing right by America and the laws of the land, but seeing how his good friend and former FBI Director Comey failed to indict Hillary Clinton or the DNC, with overwhelming evidence of criminal activity and rigging election primaries, I have some doubts as to Mueller’s real ability to overcome those same problems with Trump’s administration.

As Mueller makes more mud patties to throw at Trump, he seems to be sinking further into the cesspool  of Trump’s family ties with Russian Mobsters, Money Laundering banks, Trump’s insane denials and Republican insanity, hypocrisy and cover-ups. Maybe the assignment is too big and burdensome for Mueller and his team of investigators? FBI Director Comey stated, “he didn’t indict Hillary because her crimes and the crimes of so many Democratic and Republican party members, and the DNC reached into every part of the government, and indictments of the guilty would have brought down the entire government.”  Mueller must be seeing the same thing, and being best friends with Comey, assures everyone that Comey turned over all FBI files regarding Hillary’s investigation, and everything he had on Trump’s collusion with Russia during the campaign and now.

So far my predictions of Mueller’s indictments have been right. I predicted indictments by Thanks Giving of 2017 and Manafort ,Gates and Papadopolus were all indicted. in late November 2017. George Papadoplus accepted a plea deal and admitted his guilt and is cooperating with Mueller. Gates recently was cleared of 30 counts of money laundering, and tax evasion by cooperating fully with Mueller and turning over on Manafort ( and Trump).  The second set of indictments came last month, which I had predicted would happen just in time for Valentines Day as Mueller’s Valentines Gift to the nation.  My Third prediction of Mueller’s indictments  I stated will happen in April or May. All evidences he has collected so far appears to be more than enough for a Grand Jury indictments of Trump and his entire former and present staff, and everyone in the Trump family, for money laundering, tax evasion, Obstruction of Justice, and High Treason.

My faith in Robert Mueller’s investigation is waning  however, I still believe Mueller will  soon rise out of Trump’s cesspool in a hazmat suit and hose, to drain the swamp of Trump’s  business empire and that of his family and closest billionaire cohorts and cabinet members, and expose all the dirt, debris, and stench of Donald Trump and his minions, drowning  Trump in his own cesspool of filth, criminality and treason.   I will keep my prediction of April or May as the month of Mueller’s massive indictments of everyone in the Trump administration.

Spring will be be beautiful after Mueller’s mud shower of indictments settle, and April rains cleanse the earth, as the sewage piles from Trump’s cesspool and all remnants and debris of Trump’s administration and Republican traitors in congress and the senate, including Mike Pence, will be hauled away, as the White House, Congress and the Senate are cleaned, and sanitized, to make way for a new government.to flourish.

L.A. Steel


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