Oct 22 2017




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Jan 15 2018


sh-t holes

Many Americans say “shit holes” when describing an unpleasant place . It is a permanent flaw in our lexicon. I have heard workers call their jobs or factories “shit holes” or their bosses “shit heads”, most people are thinking these statements when describing or reacting to something or someone we are disgusted or angered at. There are over a billion toilets in a billion bathrooms and restrooms though out all 50 states.  Many parents and grandparents have read to children “Everybody Poops” , a popular children’s book that teaches children to be potty trained and to understand their own bodily functions.

Some Americans saw nothing wrong with Donald Trump’s “shit hole ” statement referring to the countries of Haiti and Africa.  Everyone has been in a “shit hole” at least once in their lives. Has anyone’s spouse ever come home after work or from where ever to find dog poop greeting them as they open the front door, because someone didn’t let the dog out , or pick up a kid’s dirty diaper.  Any veteran of any country in any war has been to, or live in ,what most would call a  “shit hole”. I have been to many shit hole restaurants, hotels, resorts, countries, states, towns and cities that could all be considered shit holes.  Chef Ramsey never compromised his words. A bad and dirty restaurant and kitchen he would call a “shit hole”, and the owners “fucking assholes” Chef Ramsey gets away with it every week on television and Americans enjoy his outrageous temper and unfiltered language, when directing or correcting his apprentice master chefs.

Donald Trump is President of the U.S, because so many Americans express themselves in the same vulgar words used by Trump.  I would be the biggest hypocrite in the world,to deny I have ever said “Shit Hole.” I have said the words to my friends, relatives and others, generally expressing my disgust at something or someone. It is a commonly used term in the United States, and heard and used often in other countries.  All that we are as human beings depends on basic functions of our bodies. How we describe them metaphorically, clinically, crudely, or politely depends upon our personal sensitivity.

Denying the existence of our vulgar and most real selves is denying who we are. The words shit and fuck are two of the most vulgar words in the English language,that describe two of the most basic creature functions and yet they are perhaps the most used, abused, and understood of any words in the English language, they are universal words.  Not all Americans are vulgar, but many of them are, or can be on occasion, especially when they are surprised, shocked, hurt, or angry. These words express our most vulgar selves, of which most people prefer not to expose, while others like Donald Trump say the words as part of there normal language, and has said them millions of times before.

There are many places that qualify to be described as “shit holes” in the U.S, and around the world. All who lived in or visited these places have been repulsed by the poverty, destruction, lack of sanitation and clean water, and would never want to live in those conditions, unless they were forced to. What is racist, or discriminating and hurtful is when one group of people put down and discriminate against the poorest,  and most dangerous countries, whose people are desperate to leave to save their lives and lives of their families.  Vulgarity creates repulsion, segregation, and exploitation, which explodes into racial tensions and hatred leading to wars and terrorism spawned by religious , cultural or political hatred.

Donald Trump is an embarrassment to many polite Americans, however he was elected, by millions of Americans who think and speak like he does, and who believe he understands them, because he speaks to them and to everyone without a filter of political correctness. Unlike most politicians and statesmen who reach the highest offices in their governments, have had political correctness surgically implanted  in their frontal lobe, Donald Trump instead is getting political correctness  stamped on his forehead and tattooed on his arms and ass by his White House staff, and hundreds of millions of angry Americans.

L.A. Steel


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Jan 14 2018



the vulgar president 2018


adjective: vulgar
  1. lacking sophistication or good taste; unrefined.
    “the vulgar trappings of wealth”
    synonyms: tastelesscrasstawdryostentatiousflamboyantoverdoneshowygaudygarishbrassykitschkitschy, tinselly, loudMore
    antonyms: tastefulrestrainedgenteeldecorous
    • making explicit and offensive reference to sex or bodily functions; coarse and rude.
      “a vulgar joke”
      synonyms: rudeindecentindelicateoffensivedistastefulcoarsecruderibaldrisquénaughtysuggestiveracyearthyoff-colorbawdyobsceneprofanelewdsalacioussmuttydirtyfilthypornographicX-ratedMore
      antonyms: decentinoffensive
    • dated
      characteristic of or belonging to the masses.
late Middle English: from Latin vulgaris, from vulgus ‘common people.’ The original sense was ‘used in ordinary calculations’ (surviving in vulgar fraction) and ‘in ordinary use, used by the people’ (surviving in vulgar Latin and vulgar tongue).
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Use over time for: vulgar


Donald Trump is vulgar. Everything about him is vulgar . How he speaks and what he says, offends billions of people from every country in the world. He is as flamboyant as Liberace and The Rhinestone Cowboy together .   Donald Trump attracts the cruelest , tasteless, rude and crude parts of the human psyche , the dark side of humanity, the cynic, the racist, the slovenly, the cruel and barbaric cave creature in everyone.  Millions of years of human evolution could not completely clean our minds,bodies and spirits from barbarism.

Ignorance and cruelty are inherent in all mankind. To what degree we are born with these traits or acquire these traits later in our lives is debatable . The greatest enhancements of culture and status in any society are created by the degree of refinement and education individuals achieve, not the level of vulgarity.  A crude person is scorned in polite society.  Many Americans like Donald Trump are  vulgar in the way they dress, eat, drink, speak, or spend money. Many  Americans are brash and bawdy, and proud of their wealth, cars , houses, family and fashions.  Americans live the dream even if it isn’t reality. High crime or  mad rushes and riots on Black Fridays prove Americans are competitive and verbally and physically combative, aggressive and  greed driven. Americans are gun carrying , tobacco smoking, alcohol drinking, pizza eating , overweight , and may be broke, but still believe we can win the lottery.  That’s the American Dream, that keeps Americans and Immigrants going to work every day, or taking that risk to move to America, or start a business, raise a family in safety and follow their dreams.



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Jan 12 2018

Ralph Nader Presidential Campaign Speech On August 23 1997 Filmed And Directed By Joe Besade

August 1997 ralph nader campaign speech New london,ct Joe Besade

My old friend Joe Besade filmed this Ralph Nader Speech in New London Ct. on August, 23 1997. Joe was featured in the Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone Documentary uploaded on this channel.

Ralph Nader’s statements, policies and predictions were accurate, and enhanced into a national voice and audience in Nader’s 2000 presidential campaign. This is the only known copy of this speech, and I thanked Joe Besade for filming it, the microphone and pickup truck used by Nader in the speech were Joe’s . I present the speech here unedited in his memory. Joe passed away in 2003 one year after we aired the Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone documentary, which he was prominently featured in and is uploaded on this channel.


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Jan 11 2018


stephen miller is a sycophant

There appears to be an unstable genius working in the White House as Donald Trump’s senior adviser, Stephen Miller. Many nationally known commentators have taken note of the Hitleresque,  autocratic, tone and demeanor of Stephen Miller. He is without doubt , (next to Lindsey Graham)  the biggest Donald Trump sycophant in the United States of America. A recent interview that went viral was Stephen Miller on the Jake Tapper CNN show.  Within the first minute of the interview Miller’s personality began to noticeably change to a dead-eyed expression, then  morph into a short circuited automaton filibustering the defense and praise of Trump’s incredibly “stable genius!” Miller’s entire personality eclipsed and then morphed into an MK-ULTRA brainwashed moron repeating endlessly, ” Donald Trump is a genius!”.

I have to hand it to Miller for his ability to hold on to Donald Trump’s attention for as long as he has,  and allow the White House Staff to tolerate him.  After watching his dead expression, and his mindlessly repeating complements to Trump, any observant viewer would immediately see his  instability and madness, which caused Jake Tapper to cut him off and have security throw him out of the building.  Stephen Miller is crazy. No one in their right mind, after watching the CNN interview would give Miller a minute on air or in their face, without calling a security guard or 911. His insane faith , love and wonderment of Donald Trump was the most slurpy , sycophantic, praise, to come from a presidential adviser about his boss, ever witness by a television audience.

Stephen Miller reminded me of Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s right hand man and senior adviser. 30% and falling are Trump’s latest poll rankings. That 30% of Americans are Nazi Flag wavers, white supremacists, and hate anyone who hates Trump. Stephen Miller is their perfect mirrored image and will go down with Trump , never to be seen or heard from again, except as Trump’s groaning  bunk mate, in a maximum security prison.

L.A. Steel


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Jan 09 2018


fun with fire and fury 2018

The last few days since the release of the book “Fire and Fury’ have been the most  fun the  news media and the reading world have had in over a year, since Donald Trump won the election and was inaugurated. The author Mike Wolff stated in an interview that his book is a “cultural event,  when the American people say, holy crap”. That is more or less what Trump Watchers have said about the book’s revelations, even though we thought we had heard most of Trump’s scandals and read or heard about most of his babbling tweets.

As a writer and broadcaster I am having fun laughing daily at Steve Bannon’s lame retractions, Stephen Miller’s insane denials, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders angry, inept, and ridiculous responses to reporters. Bannon and Miller  were two of Trump’s closest aids, during his first year in the White House. No one has any respect for Stephen Miller as Trump’s top ass kisser and lousy speech writer.  He’s Trump’s tool and fool, and he also had business dealings with the Russians. Steve Bannon’s reputation as a publisher and presidential adviser has all but been destroyed as the country sees him for what he really is, a racist, white supremacist, isolationist, who is so obviously slovenly Trump recently started calling him “Sloppy Steve”.

All anyone can do now is watch the fire as it burns out of control  as Trump’s White House Staff and his entire administration runaway to escape the blaze, or are suffocated and burned by the smoke and fire of the cover-up and lies from Trump, Miller , Huckabee Sanders, and anyone else trying to put our the fire, while Trump continues to set new White House fires daily. Once Trump is impeached or indicted which ever happens first, his entire staff will have been questioned individually by Robert Mueller (or already have been), the FBI and a Senate Impeachment Committee, and then the details and truth of the book “Fire and Fury” as well as all of Trump’s crimes and craziness will be revealed, and the fire and fury of anger from all Americans will  consume the country.

I can only imagine what the world is thinking now about Trump and his staff. Every leader of every country must have read or ordered by now a copy of the book “Fire and Fury” , to read and try to understand the Trump Administration, and how they can possibly work with Trump or anyone on his staff, since they are all completely dysfunctional, and have no clue as to how to run a government.

L.A. Steel


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Jan 08 2018

Donald Trump’s Mantra: “Lie, Lie, Deny, Deny.”

donald trump's mantra lie lie deny deny 2018


Donald Trump’s Mantra is what has given him his edge in life. The use of these words, time and time again at least 100 times a day. “Lie,Lie, Deny,Deny.” These are the two words repeated continually that insures the delays and doubts in Trump’s FBI Investigaton, his election, his reaction to everything he has lied about since he took office and before, his explosive reaction to Mike Wollf’s book “Fire and Fury”, and anything and anyone who questions Trump’s deceitful motives and intentions.

Steven Miller’s reaction on Jake Tapper CNN interview was classic Trump denial. Sarah Huckabee Sanders response to the Washington Press Corp, was the same outraged denial, stating that Fire and Fury  was a “garbage book and total fiction”. If it was all garbage Wollf’s publisher and Wollf would never have published it, for fear of Trump retaliation and libel suit. However because of the insane denials and lies from the White House regarding the book, there can be no doubt that Fire and Fury is 99% accurate and can be backed up with many of the Trump WH staff ready to leave in the next few weeks and months, to get far away from the explosive Trump insanity about to go nuclear, as the Mueller investigation gets closer to Trump’s family and him. Leading House Democrats on the Intelligence and Justice Committees have assured reporters and the public that Donald Trump has committed indictable offenses, and Obstruction of Justice by his firing FBI Director James Comey.

LIE, LIE, DENY, DENY, The Trump Mantra now repeated daily by the Republican Party. As they pledge allegiance to their Corporate Donors and Donald Trump, while saying the Pledge of Allegiance with their hands over their Hearts.



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Jan 04 2018

Steve Bannon “The Swamp Thing” Destroys Trump’s Swampy Presidency

steve bannon the swamp thing destroys the trump admin

When I first heard of Steve Bannon, and his Alt Right Radio, and Breitbart’s “Milo” the openly gay bigot, Breitbart contributor and editor,I realized that Bannon was short a few brain cells, however I didn’t expect him to go ballistic the way he has, and I don’t think anyone did, even Trump.  Steve Bannon’s backing of Alabama Senator Wannabe Roy Moore was more than enough to dismiss Steve Bannon as a racist , White Supremacist, Moron of the First Degree. I wondered if he was a pill and booze soaked gay guy trying to live in a disguise of a tough minded , Right of Right , White is Right , NeoNazi.

Bannon’s wrinkled appearance, week old beard, and belly bulging swagger appears as that of someone with a bad hangover,  who sleeps in his clothes (maybe in the basement of the White House) .  I can understand his disillusionment with Donald Trump and his family , when he realized how incompetent and greedy they really are. I think he saw the handwriting on the White House Walls, scrawled by all who have been fired by Trump and all who left voluntarily after Mueller began to investigate them, and indict several of them with more to come. Bannon decided he would save himself by publicly indicting Trump and his family and advisers, to take the heat of the public and FBI spotlight off him. Even the Billionaire Mercer and his daughter who were Bannon’s and Trump’s  #1 financial backers broke ties with Trump and Bannon, after the Charlotteville Va.  debacle and Trump’s public support of White Supremacists.

Steve Bannon has become a wrinkled plastic bag of smelling garbage, thrown out of the Trump White House for smelling up the place.  Now he demands that Breitbart.com and everything he is part of must smell and look like he does. This he does to validate his racist insanity and blow hard banality, that he and all of his ALT RIGHT, Neoconservative , Christian White followers, Gay Haters, who praise Jesus and Immigrant Deportation, Confederate Flags , Slavery, Pedophilia,  voter suppression and incarceration of all Black and Minorities , and share their love for the  Sessions /Trump War on all opioid medication, legalized Marijuana , the robbing of  Social Security, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Child and Disabled Medical Insurance, and Medicare for more than half of all Trump supporters.

The mental midgets supporting Donald Trump , who were trumped up by Bannon, must now realize that both the Bannon influenced  Trump campaign and the criminal Clinton campaigns were obvious signs that the American system of democracy and presidential elections were a fraudulent and corporate controlled farce, to entertain, anger and amuse the American people for a year of delirious political debates, paid for by corporate donors as television media entertainment.

The fate of Steve Bannon is a precursor to the ugly downfall of Trump’s presidency. Bannon sees himself as the Herald, that will bring down the Trump Administration, just as he believes he was the one who started it, and convinced Donald Trump to run. We cannot forget the suddenly silent KellyAnne Conway, who came into the Trump Campaign together with Bannon, and were once both backed by the Billionaire Mercer family.  Bannon and Kelly Anne Conway were the beginning bluster of Trumpism, and now that Trump decided to blow his own horn on Twitter, and in his mind numbing speeches and press conferences, he realizes he didn’t need Bannon and Kelly Anne Conway. She is virtually banned from all network television news programs, due to her blatant dishonesty and inability to cover up the political and personal blunders and babble of Donald Trump.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a sad replacement for Sean Spicer as Press Secretary. Her snide remarks and pit  bull  expressions, when facing the cameras and Washington Press Corp. give new meaning to the word “sour puss” renaming the tired cliche as “Sarah’s Puss”. I believe that a wrinkled, unshaven, booze brain Bannon might be the fallen face of the end of Trump’s reign as America’s Hilter, and the end of the Republican, right wing, racist, crazies in the House and Senate.  Steve Bannon by his persistent belligerence to remain politically relevant, with his wrinkled, unkempt, public persona, is the new face of Trumpism, and racism in American politics. Evicting Bannon from the White House, has created the “Swamp Thing”, that will devour and destroy Trump and all the Republican Swamp Creatures.




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Jan 03 2018

Ralph Nader 10/5/2000 presidential campaign speech in his hometown of Winsted, Connecticut ( Signed for the Hearing Impaired)

ralph nader presidential campaign speech in winsted ct

Ralph Nader is a national hero. His presidential run in 2000 was the catalyst for revolutionary change in the U.S. This 2000 speech given to his hometown audience was prophetic. He described exactly what would become of the Democratic Party today as it morphed into the Corporate Controlled Twin of the Republican Party. Today the two parties are completely dominated by corporate donations and special interests, which have left Americans in a corporate controlled fascist state, with income inequality and loss of middle class jobs and decline of unions , resulting in the gutting of wages and benefits for the average American. 80% of all economic gains in the last 30 years have been gained by the top 20% of Americans, and the vast majority of that wealth lies in the hands of the top 1% .

This speech was also spoken in sign language for the hearing impaired, as I filmed the Signer who stood on stage during the speech. I hope it will inspire many to hear this historic speech by Ralph Nader.




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Jan 01 2018


happy new year 2018


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Jan 01 2018

2002 WQQQ103.3 fm Radio Station Christmas Party & The First Public Announcement of The L A Steel Radio Show.

This early episode of our television series is introducing the WQQQ103.3fm radio station, its owner and staff, and announcing the new home for the L.A.Steel Liberal Talk Radio Show. We were one of the very few liberal talk shows in the nation on commercial radio in 2003, speaking out against the G.W Bush stolen election in 2000 and in 2004, and the neoconservative control of the media, that flooded the airwaves with calls for war against Afghanistan and Iraq, and ignored all the international courts, who indicted Bush for war crimes, and denied the national conspiracies of the G.W Bush government.

The country was brought to war by lies. We were grateful to Dennis Jackson the station owner, and Joe Loverro the Station Manager, to take a chance with us. We survived and thrived as one of the highest rated radio shows in our market area for 8 years. We began on air one year before AIR AMERICA in the New York and Connecticut Market and lasted one year longer then AIR AMERICA. The station was leased to NPR in 2011, and has broadcasted NPR since. Leila and I will always be thankful for the station’s support, allowing our liberal message of protest, and controversial, alternative news and interviews with nationally famous activists, politicians, authors and journalists . This program is a tribute to the integrity and courage of the station management, that stood with us against all of our local, state, and national critics, who wanted to silence us. Thank you Dennis and Joe. It was a historical victory for us and everyone who believes in Freedom of Speech.

My first 8 years on radio with WQQQ103.FM was the source of inspiration for compiling the documentation of over 5000 archived on paper, news articles, essays, and books, and hundreds of our recorded radio and television programs regarding the most important political and social issues and people of the first decade of the 21st Century from 2000 to 2009. My radio and television programs gave me the experience and knowledge I needed to create my 365 page book, “Naked at the Mic / The Survival of a Liberal in a Time of Peril.” Published in 2010 and still available on Amazon.com in paperback and digital format.





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