Jun 12 2016


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Mar 26 2017

Donald Trump Has Lost His Luster

lasteel self portrait 2016

Donald Trump lost his luster. It appears he’s living up to Democrat expectations, which as we all know put up pathetic Hillary as their presidential candidate. The Republicans made a good move this week by shutting down their bill for an Obamacare repeal. Even the most Republican minded couldn’t get behind the Trump health bill.  It took Democrats 6 years to get Obamacare approved as a  2000 page bill. Trump’s bill was only 63 pages, and made no sense to anyone. Trump had no idea what the hell he was doing  He gave Big Pharma and the Health Insurance companies a pass on everything, and dumped millions of Americans now insured under Obamacare, Medicaid and Medicare, and did nothing more but give huge tax credits to wealthy Americans. 90% of Trump’s supporters would not qualify for and be dumped from the new Trumpcare Bill.  He needed to keep a campaign promise, and failed again. He should have gone after Hillary as he promised and most of Americans want. One of his biggest campaign promises turned out to be a big bust, and his second biggest promise , to have Hillary arrested turned out to be a big fucking Trump lie. I am beginning to dislike Donald Trump.  Some have said he is a major liar, others have said he is completely incompetent as President, and others say he is only in it to pad his own pockets and those of his friends.  I hate to think that he really has no regard for the American people who supported him however, it appears that he really doesn’t by his nearly criminal Trumpcare Bill, and this pedophile friendly appointment to Labor Secretary, Acosta.

Trump’s latest appointment for Labor Secretary, Acosta, was a G.W Bush Appointee , who as a States Attorney gave Jeff Epstein, child sex trafficker and friend of Donald Trump and the Clintons, and every wealthy pedophile in the country, a light sentence without trial or public hearing for pedophilia and child trafficking, and he was not placed on the sexual predator registry.   Bill Clinton was taken to Epstein’s Island numerous times for underage sex parties. Hillary was also a guest at Epstein’s island for sex parties. Bill Clinton and Epstein were recently sued by a teenage girl prostitute enslaved by Jeff Epstein and provided to Bill Clinton.  I think Acosta is a dirt bag, and if this is what Americans can expect of it’s new Labor Secretary ,  I can almost see the end of Unions and the repeal of  child labor laws, to allow for child prostitution. This is a sick idea, and Acosta is a sick Cabinet appointee for Labor Secretary.

I have become very disillusioned by Trump’s recent actions on environmental issues, and on his blatant stupidity regarding his Health Care Bill. I still hold grave reservations about his Senior Adviser Steve Bannon and his Alt Right stances in print and on radio.   His Rasputin like control over Trump will lead to disaster. Kelly Anne Conway has seemed to lose touch with reality in her explanations of “Alternative Facts” and commercializing Ivanka Trump’s products on television interviews in opposition to the called Boycott of her product lines.  Kelly Anne’s luster has seriously eroded, and she can no longer generate good will towards Trump’s Administration, while he continues to Tweet foolish statements, which she and Sean Spicer must somehow defend.   I am getting bored by Trump’s rallies. His early rallies were more interesting , however now they have become a bore, as Trump appears to be taking on the lack luster tone of a pathetic politician whining during his speeches.  He was elected because he wasn’t a politician, but there is much to be said about political persuasion and Trump doesn’t have it. He can’t even make a deal with the steel companies on the the Dakota Pipeline.  Everything Trump is doing is doomed to failure by his own impulsiveness , poor judgement , and his bad recent Cabinet picks.

Another appointment who I believe is a nightmare about to happen is his Supreme Court nomination Neil Gorsuch. This guy has a few issues that should not be allowed on the highest court in the country.  I did not like Anthony Scalia as a judge, and Trump’s promise to put another Scalia on the bench turned my stomach. Scalia was responsible for more disastrous laws than any other judge  on the Supreme Court, with the possible exceptions of Alito and Thomas. who have not served as long as Scalia had. Scalia’s strange death by being smothered with a pillow at a Texas hunting lodge, reeked of murder and assassination, however his death was immediately ruled as death by natural causes with no autopsy. Gorsuch is a grand stander and master of the word NO.  After reviewing his confirmation hearing I hope he is not confirmed. With him on the bench, decades of humanitarian strides will be undone, just as they were by Scalia. Remember the 2000 Bush “selection” by the Supreme Court Majority? Scalia was best friends with Dick Cheney.  Remember the Citizens United ruling, that singlehandedly destroyed American Democracy, by allowing corporations to give unlimited financial contributions to individual elections under the guise of Free Speech. This one ruling has allowed for the destruction of American politics and government, assuring that every politician is now bought off and working for the highest donor, not the American People.

Trump is trouncing on all Americans, by his foolish actions and lying to us about his real agenda. I am worried that Americans have been fucked again by a president. Hillary Clinton would have been far worse, however if Trump continues down his current direction,he may be locked up instead of Hillary.  He has managed to deliberately delay proper investigations of his income taxes, as well as push off every pending personal lawsuit against him, either paying them off or applying pressures to the claimants to drop their law suits.  I am losing what little hope I have remaining for Trump’s presidency, and I lost all respect for the current Congress. Everything now happening in government is political theater. Headlines of major news papers and news networks are confused and fake , mostly negative regarding the Trump Administration, but in some instances they are rightfully criticizing Trump, as this article criticizes  the Trump administration.

I did not vote for Donald Trump, I voted for myself . I can not and will not accept any blame for the Trump presidency, but I will shout out my disappointment and criticism when I feel it is justified. In this latest assessment of  the Trump presidency, I believe he has shown poor leadership, and I regret having to watch Donald Trump and his administration walk down a dangerous path leading to their inevitable destruction and that of the American people. Can it get much worse for Americans? We will see soon. The millions who are currently suffering from natural disasters throughout the country, I can only hope for their sake they receive the federal and state help they need.  But under the current stalemate and theatrical performances in our federal government, I wonder if all these suffering millions of Americans will suffer further, without health care or FEMA help, and greater state and federal budget cuts. The future looks grim for Americans and Donald Trump doesn’t appear to have anything to help but tax credits to the wealthiest, and to reduce the federal government of thousands of career employees, who will become unemployed. Where are the jobs you promised Mr. Trump? You are already destroying the lives and livelihoods of thousands in our government workforce, and the millions of Americans who are working for poor pay in temporary positions  without health care, or pensions, and who are rapidly losing their faith in you.

L.A. Steel




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Mar 19 2017

Spirit of Amaryllis

spirit of an amarilus 2017

Latest Photograph Series on the Art and Photography of L.A.Steel website see above link.

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Mar 17 2017

Happy St. Patty’s Day with Sliced Steak and Melted Horse Radish Grated Cheese and Mayo Dressing


I wish I could show the incredible picture of this succulent meal. I bought a bargain book today at Barnes and Nobles . It was a large picture filled, laminated cookbook for grilling. Grilling is my favorite way to cook. The picture and recipe is of a grilled, medium rare, thin sliced steak, covered with a grated,melted cheese, horseradish, mayo sauce. That and my own ingredient of a double shot of Tequila and a squirt of lime, will make a great Friday night meal.  I’m planning the meal after I finish this post.

It may not be Irish enough for St. Patty but, I’ll bet it has a bigger kick than Corn beef and Cabbage and a shot of Jameson.

Happy St. Patty’s Day

L.A. Steel





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Mar 14 2017




In 1789 the first Sedition Act became law under President John Adams, and was repealed in 1801 under Thomas Jefferson. The Act was revised in 1917, 1948 and again in 2001 under the Patriot Act.

Alien and Sedition Acts – Facts & Summary – HISTORY.com


The acts were designed by Federalists to limit the power of the opposition Republican Party, but enforcement ended after Thomas Jefferson was elected president in 1800. The Alien and Sedition Actswere passed by Congress in 1798 in preparation for an anticipated war with France.

Espionage Act of 1917 – Wikipedia


The law was extended on May 16, 1918, by the Sedition Act of 1918, actually a set of amendments to the Espionage Act, which prohibited many forms of speech, including “any disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language about the form of government of the United States … or the flag of the United States, or the …

Effective‎: ‎June 15, 1917
Enacted by‎: ‎the 65th United States Congress
Statutes at Large‎: ‎40 Stat. 217
My writing about the Sedition Act, I know I may have violated it numerous times, as well as millions of writers and radio hosts and news casters, comedians and people on social media. But I have never advocated death or destruction of this country or its leaders. I have advocated impeachment and and lawful arrests of corrupt politicians, as well as advocating for the stop of the Middle East wars. I have legally protested and filmed those protests, arguing against the need for invasions and interventions of other countries. I have criticized many presidential and congressional policies, which is my right to do so under the First Amendment, however the Constitution was written over 250 years ago, and the media at that time was only the written press, and Town Criers. Today news travels instantly throughout the country and world. Millions of verbal attacks are levied against U.S leaders in government and in every major corporation on television, radio and internet.  Extensive scrutiny of Federal, state and local governments by the main steam media and social media have raised major concerns for law enforcement in the protection of government and corporate leaders as well as civilians, from terror groups and crazed individuals incited into violent acts against groups of people, government officials and government offices.

Racial issues have always been a major cause of civil unrest however, because of massive illegal immigration and continued terror assaults in the U.S and around the world, there must be a crack down on these hate ridden riots and violent protests sponsored by Left wing advocacy groups paid to create violent protests and violent disruption of political meetings and speeches.  So many law enforcement officials are reluctant to arrest protesters and seem to be in some instances willing to allow violent outbursts and actions of protesters. I do not understand the reluctance of the Trump Administration to put a stop to these violent protests and to place certain instigators under arrest, including celebrities and members of Congress. Few presidents have undergone such an overwhelming number and daily barrage of insults and lies.  Free Speech is a right Americans take seriously and advocate for daily, however publicly advocating for the death of our President, or the death of any government official or law enforcement officials is wrong and should be punished and prevented. Unless something is done to punish the worst offenders , the escalation of riots and verbal and physical assaults of protesters and politicians , the U.S will become inflamed in Civil War and countless losses of life and property will take over the country.

L.A. Steel







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Mar 12 2017



Sunday morning has become all about Trump. Television and newspapers, magazines and websites are almost all about Trump. The problem with this over kill of Trumpmania is that it is 90% Negative against Trump. When someone tries to destroy someone they spread negative rumors about them, then try to trip them up, and do harm to them, emotionally or physically or both. This is what has happened and is happening to Donald Trump and his family.  I admit I have doubts about Trump’s leadership, but I doubted everyone’s ability to lead the nation. I have doubted every president’s ability to lead. Trump’s administration has  the most leaks I can ever remember. Even G.W Bush’s administration had fewer leaks than the Trump administration, and they were constantly complaining about it. .

I hear or read daily another “leaked to the press” comment from an apparent insider.  How are personal conversations and classified information constantly being leaked to the press? The Media is obviously making up stories (fake news) to malign Trump’s presidency.  Donald Trump appears to have unlimited patience with those around him, unless he’s playing the leaker or leakers on his staff as fools, and tools to distract and attack the media and his enemies in Congress.  Donald Trump’s biggest move against Washington’s Establishment is his attack against the Human trafficking and pedophile rings that abound in D.C. Both Democrat and Republican politicians are at risk of being discovered by the FBI raids ordered by Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump. So far since Trump took office over 1500 people in the U.S have been arrested for Human Trafficking of sex slaves and children. Over 40 children used as sex slaves have been found and freed and are receiving therapy and professional care.  I believe that the disturbing of the pedophile bee hive in D.C has made many in the government nervous. Also one reason Trump does not trust the CIA is that they are known for procuring drugs and children, and blackmailing government officials.  If they had anything real on Trump or those in his administration , they would have shown it during the confirmations, and prior to the November election. They threw everything they had at Donald Trump and he still won the majority of votes.

I have decided to close my eyes and ears to anything negative about Trump or his staff. They are battling this all out assault against them from every side, and holding out for the cavalry.  The cavalry are the American people, who care enough about their rights and who they voted for to fight for them. Fight against the foul mouthed media who demean and belittle every value held sacred to most Americans. God, dignity, integrity, honesty and honest work. Americans must demand that they be respected for their collective power as U.S Citizens, and our desire to retain the strength and wealth of our nation. Donald Trump was the only candidate who insisted he would “Make America Great Again” .  For him to fulfill that promise he must have a cooperative Congress and be able to appoint his Cabinet, and the other 500 official appointments to be filled.

I may regret my support for Donald Trump, as I regretted my support for Barack Obama. But I had 8 years of Obama’s presidency, and less than 100 days of Trump’s.  Obama disappointed me from his inauguration speech onward. He was elected in part because he wanted to end the Iraq and Afghan wars, instead he continued them and created ISIS and other rebel armies, to cause more war and unrest in Libya  and Syria and throughout the Middle East.  I still have faith that Trump will make good his promises, to put America back to work , and create a power house economy with prosperity and healthcare had by all Americans. I will no longer pay attention to the pink posters and wailing screams of his protesters and enemies.  Big things are about to happen, and big names and reputations in government and outside of it are going to fall, and be ruined as their corruption and pedophilia are made public, by their indictments and arrests.

L.A. Steel



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Mar 11 2017






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Mar 10 2017

How To Solve Donald Trump’s Conundrum

resisting trump 3 2017

Donald Trump’s Conundrum is he is damned if he does anything right, and he’s damned if he does something wrong.  Donald Trump will never be accepted by the Globalist, Liberal Elite and their Kool Aide drinking Democrat minions. It is a sad state to be in, however the Conservative Right is just as bad as the Left, because they are the Establishment, GOP whores, who are so paid off and corrupt that Donald Trump is at war with them as well. There is so much trash being thrown at Donald Trump’s new administration, that he has to keep his windows and doors shut and kick out of his office and administration all non loyal staff members, and keep his windows closed so no one with a drone or camera can see in his office, or eaves drop on his meetings.

In the world of social media and instant news or fake news, a new paradigm exists for Donald Trump that wasn’t as all pervasive under Obama’s administration as it is today. In 2008 most Americans still received much of its news from main stream sources, today that is no longer the case. Since the 2016 election began , fake news has flooded the main stream media and news networks, trying to bring down Donald Trump,but only bolstered his support by the majority of Americans, who began to hate the Main stream Media and their false, hate filled reporting. Hillary Clinton spent one billion dollars in negative ads against Trump during the election, and rigged every thing she and the Democrats could. But by doing this they destroyed their party, and brought a curse upon them from the American people, for lying to them and cheating them, and were exposed for the crooks and criminals they really are , and the unbelievable hypocrisy that is the Democratic Party. The majority of Americans see the lies and corruption and incompetence of the Democrats, and refuse to accept their litanies of lame rants against Donald Trump.  The system is fighting Donald Trump in his cabinet appointments, as well as his Travel Ban, and almost every decision he has made since his inauguration.

Donald Trump needs to take a stronger stance against his enemies, and go after all who are going after him. His insults and mocking nick names of his personal and political opponents are one of his strongest weapons. This was his most effective weapon in the debates and won the election against “Crooked Hillary”. His political incorrectness is what makes him a great president. These tactics were first perfected by the greatest of Roman Orators Cicero. Trump calling his worst critic Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas,” created in the public mind a nick name she will never escape as long as she remains in politics, which may not be much longer.  “Crooked Hillary” cost her the election, because it focused on her corruption and incompetence, and made her angry enough that she lost her grip on reality, and called Trump supporters “Deplorables” .  If I were Donald Trump and his advisers I would spend a few hours in a meeting brain storming to create nicknames for his most verbal and troublesome opponents including the mocking night show hosts and SNL comedians .

Here is an impromptu list of nicknames: John McCain could be ” Johnny Crash,” since he crashed every plane he ever flew.  Al Frankin could be ” Loony Al, ”  Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal could become “The Connecticut Crazies” no one, even in Connecticut would forget that name, since most Connecticut residents dislike both of them.   Debbie Wasserman Shultz could become “Whishy Wassy”. Donna Brazille could be called “Dumb Dumb Donna” and Maxine Waters could be “Mind Blown Maxine”. The list could go on and on, since all Trump’s critics and opponents could be called a great nickname. For those opponents in the media, “Brain Dead Bresinski and Morning Joke”  CNN could become known and addressed by Trump and his staff as  FNN the fake news network. MSNBC could be “Mindless Sycophants News Broadcasting Company” Donald Trump’s Face Book  page could run a contest for the best nicknames of his opponents and reward the contributors of the best nicknames with a meeting and lunch with Donald Trump. He has over 21 million followers of his FB page.

Donald Trump won the election by being who he is, and by making fun of his political and personal opponents, and if he intends to remain in power and keep his promises to the American people, he must do it as Donald Trump, not anyone else. Trump is an American Original, and the majority of Americans like that about him, and agree with most of his criticisms and off the cuff insults at his opponents.  When he tries to be someone else, it just doesn’t work and gets him in more trouble with his critics.  I’m looking forward to seeing him blow away a few of his choice critics, and make America laugh them off the national stage, so he can get on with the job of the Presidency.

L.A. Steel



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Mar 09 2017

Wikileaks Julian Assange Video Press Conference 3/9/16

the nsa


This is the Wikileaks Julian Assange video press conference regarding Vault 7, CIA leak. 

This is the most current Wikileaks information on the Net and explains who is leaking CIA and government secrets.  Worth a listen, and download it may not be around very long.

L.A. Steel



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Mar 09 2017

What Is Robert Reich Former Sec. Of Labor For Bill Clinton Trying To Hide ?

resisting trump 2 2017

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich seems to have a serious dislike for Donald Trump. In a recent Twitter tirade he stated five reasons Trump should be impeached. Of course not one of them was for having sex in the oval office with a 19 year old intern and lying to Congress about it, or creating a fraudulent Foundation to steal billions of dollars from the hurricane battered millions of Haitians , and stealing billions from charitable, giving American people, and sell State Dept. access to U.S enemies, to sell U.S weapons to terrorist sponsoring Middle East countries, and U.S uranium mines to Russia.

Robert Reich famously joked about how he and Bill Clinton often “inhaled” Pot in college and probably still do, after Bill Clinton was asked if he had ever smoked pot and he said , “Yes, but I didn’t inhale.” This is the same credibility problem the Clinton loyalists have with Donald Trump. Trump made all of them look like hypocrites, crooks and idiots. Robert Reich is a Democrat Insider who will go to his death bed swearing how wonderful the Clintons are and were, and how wonderful he is.  Reich has created “The Resistance Report” on Youtube and Facebook, filmed in a tiny closet, and he insists on resisting Donald Trump in every way possible. He has no more authority or power than a Rastafarian Rapper on You tube.

I would post a recent video of his , but I really don’t want to waste time or space on this site for his trash talk and Clinton/Democrat apology for being a corrupt and traitorous family, and associating himself with the most corrupt family in American Politics. Nothing Reich says is worth listening to.    He is living well and has some  credibility with Pussycrats.  He’s a shill and mouthpiece for the Democrats, and a hanger on to a failed and corrupt party and president.  Nothing Robert Reich says , did, or ever will do, will out last his 15 minutes of shame when he stated “he and Bill did inhale.’ The irrelevance of his career and statements are even more worthless than the forgettable speeches of his beloved Bill and Hillary Clinton. The only words they will be remembered for are “I never had sex with that women!” , and Hillary’s “Deplorable” speech in her 2016 campaign.  Try to repair that Mr. Reich with your ridiculous “Resistance Report” . The only movement you have created is your own bowel movements. Get off the air , get out of politics and go play with the Clintons, as they prepare a new PIZZA GATE Party  with “hotdogs” and children on the menu.  It wouldn’t surprise me if you were great friends with the Podesta brothers too.

L.A. Steel


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Mar 07 2017

Why Is The Main Stream Media, Congress And The FBI Denying Trump Was Wiretapped When They Have The FISA Order?



Here is proof provided by Radio Host and writer Mark Levin regarding the Obama wiretaps of Trump’s campaign before the election.  I credit Mark Levin and Fox News for this remarkable research and evidence.  It is amazing how the Media and the Congress refuse to accept their own reports and findings and continue to attack Donald Trump. There is so much more going on here, they are afraid to admit.











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