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Mar 24 2019


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I should have trusted my instincts when I learned Robert Mueller was unanimously nominated as Special Prosecutor of the Trump Investigation. No one who lived during the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center could ever trust Mueller again, not to whitewash the Trump investigation as he did his investigation of 9/11 and collaborated with the 911 Commission which ignored the glaring evidence that should have indicted G.W.Bush and his entire Cabinet for treason, who were all later indicted as war criminals by two international courts.

Mueller did his job as a Marine to follow orders and murder the truth. He knew that his purpose for hire was to clear Donald Trump of collusion with Russia and Obstruction of Justice. How he can live with his decision announced by the Attorney General today, is beyond all conscience knowing his decision is a historic government coverup. This is a crime committed against the American People and a total waste of 3 years and the theft of millions of taxpayers dollars. Mueller is a traitor of Justice.  Mueller should be tried by the House Judiciary Committee and all Americans because he is now and will forever be known as America’s #1 Traitor and Donald Trump as #2.

No commentary by any news anchor, reporter or contributor to any news organization can remedy Mueller’s great betrayal of the American People. The Mueller Report will cause the great political divide to split the country into bitter halves, and possibly civil war. This is exactly what Putin and all our enemies hope for.

The need for the Impeachment of Donald Trump should be apparent to everyone and the treason of Robert Mueller for clearing Trump is painfully obvious. So America I leave you with your only choice and remedy and that is Toke up, sit back and try to make sense of what happened today.


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Mar 22 2019


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Mar 21 2019


Trump's 9000 lies 2019


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Mar 16 2019

A DEFENSE OF ISLAAM (video presentation)

This program is not a defense of ISIS or any terrorist group. It is an explanation of why the Western Nations have demonized the Arab nations, to continue the war against them, to eventually occupy and plunder the entire Middle East under U.S/Israeli control and occupation.

This three-part series is “A Defense of Islaam.” Part 1, War Against Islaam is War Against Ourselves, Part 2, “The Magnificent Message” The Words of Muhammad, Part 3, “Wrongly Blamed.” These three segments are my essays and summations of two different books by Dr. Khaseem Khaleel, and my own research regarding the origins of Islaam, and the true reasons the West is at war with the Middle East and has been since the Crusades. The Western countries are further inflamed by the discovery of vast Middle East oil and mineral reserves, which fueled the Zionist Movement and exodus of European Jews to Palestine, to establish the Israeli State. These essays explain how the Zionists terrorized and ethnically cleansed the Palestinians from their own homeland.

I first produced and televised this program in December of 2007 shortly after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. It has been proven by many sources that Alqueda and ISIS are Israeli / U.S creations and are supported by this alliance to, war, terrorize and demonize Islamic Arab nations, before the eyes of the world. Since the 2002 and 2003 invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq over 500,000 Iraqis and Afghanis have been killed in the U.S occupation of their countries. The islamophobic hatred from the West and especially the U.S recently inflamed by President Donald Trump towards the religion and culture of Islaam has continued to turn the Middle East into rubble and bomb craters, and have created over 3,000,000 refugees most harbored by Syria and Egypt. The millions of Palestinian refugees suffering under the Israeli U.S genocide and occupation of Palestine has caused every country represented in the United Nations except the U.S to condemn Israel for its apartheid right-wing racist actions against the Palestinian people.

George W.Bush,  Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were all indicted by international courts for war crimes committed against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan and today they can not leave the U.S for fear of being arrested for their outstanding warrants from the international courts. The two books I read from are “Wrongly Blamed” and “The Words of Muhammad” both written by the scholar Dr. Kaseem Khaleel. Since the recent massacre of 49 Muslims at prayer, committed by a White Supremacist in New Zealand, who heralded Donald Trump in his maniacal manifesto as his inspiration for the massacre is a great embarrassment and shock to all true people of faith in the U.S and around the world devoted to God, peace, and compassion for mankind.




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Mar 15 2019

ILHAN OMAR SAYS: “I Know what hate feels like”(video)

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Ilhan Omar is one of the great rising young stars of Congress. Watching this speech of hers following Amy Goodman’s introduction will give you a unique look and listen to one of the great women and political voices of the 21st Century.

This video is titled “I know what hate feels like. ”  The quote was taken from Ilhan Omar’s speech as she described the hate directed towards her and Muslims by people in Congress and in the country. She boldly speaks out for the dignity of all races and religions, and no American or American government should be influenced and obligated to another country the way the U.S is so influenced and Congress so heavily lobbied by Israel. Israel hides its racism and genocide of the Palestinian people behind their mockery of claiming Anti Semitism. The true Semites are the Palestinians, 99% of all Israelis are from European descent. These are the Racist Zionist Occupiers of Palestine.

Orthodox Jews in America and around the world are against Israel, and its Right-wing government murdering Palestinians daily under their mask of the Jewish Faith. Many Jews and Jewish organizations from around the country and the world have come to defend and praise Ilhan Omar for her courage to speak against the U.S and Israelis genocide of the Palestinian people, and White American violent hatred of Muslim and Black Americans.




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Mar 14 2019

Newt “The Toot” Gingrich Calls Alexandria Ocasio Cortez “A Joke”.

NEWT THE TOOT 2019Newt “the toot” Gingrich has a unique political history and career. Few if any people in politics have gotten as far as he has by Impeaching a Democratic president for getting a blow job from his White House intern. Newt the toot now spends his days promoting Trump and exploiting his own stupidity on radio and television. His repugnant insults hurled at AOC in light of her overwhelming fame and political following has caused all the Republicans and Trump followers to be very angry and threatened by AOC and are trying in any way possible to discredit her. They must attack her and her Congressional Friends because they stand for everything Fox News’s Phony Friends don’t. Fox News and all their imbecilic, racist contributors and hosts are obsessed with Trump and Republican Love. They can never get over the fact that AOC has millions of liberal followers who agree with her and admire her for her courage, remarkable intelligence, youth, achievement, beauty and her brilliant comebacks and insults to her “conservative attackers.”

If we look at Newt the Toot’s background, we find that he is as dumb and corrupt as he sounds and as stupid as he looks. Standing up as a broadcaster for Trump and all Republican stooges in the House and Senate isn’t doing anyone any good. For all who never heard of “Newt the Toot” consider yourself lucky. Newt the toot was Speaker of the House during Clinton’s presidency and impeachment, he is also infamous for telling his second wife in her hospital room as she was dying of breast cancer that he was leaving her for his now third wife. This is the kind of incredulous creep Newt “the Toot” Gingrich really is. Only Trump surpasses Newt the Toot’s hypocrisy and vanity. Early in Trump’s presidency, Newt asked Trump for his wife to be appointed as the Ambassador to the Vatican of which she is now serving, as the devout hypocritical Catholic and Newt the Toot’s third wife.







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Mar 13 2019



House Speaker Nancy Pelosi aborted Trump’s Impeachment on Monday. She couldn’t wait for the grim reaper Robert Mueller and his investigation findings, instead just as she did with G.W Bush, an internationally  indicted war criminal in 2006 she gave him a pass and said: “impeachment was off the table.” Nancy Pelosi is without a doubt the biggest Republican pushover ever to serve as a Democratic Speaker of the House. Her reluctance to impeach a proven criminal and treasonous Republican President is a major sign of how sold out she really is. Her mealy mouth moderation is an insult to every angry American who knows Trump and his Republican followers in the House and Senate are criminals, liars, and thieves, covering up their own crimes by staying loyal to Trump in all his insanity. Typical of all Hitlerites and fascist fools Trump supporters in the House and Senate have ignored the people they were elected to fairly serve. Instead, they support the worst ideologies and fascist, violent, greedy and petty people in their constituencies that hold all racist, misogynistic and moronic ideas  embedded in Trump’s message of America First and MAGA

Pelosi has given Trump a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card and all her dodding Democrats are accepting her abortion of American Constitutional Justice and the continued devastation of the country by Trump and the Senatorial Republican cynics, who have pledged alliegence to money laundered Russian Rubles and American “Benjamins” rather than the honest service and Constitutional Oath they pledged to uphold. The Democrats and the American people will regret taking the pressure off Trump and his gang of thieves in the House and Senate. When and if Mueller releases his investigation findings, he will either “release the Kraken” of the American peoples’ anger and frustration at the Criminal Trump, his family, and cohorts or Mueller will lie to everyone and coverup Trump’s criminality and collusion with Russia, just as he hid the true findings of the 911 Investigation and treason of G.W.Bush, when Mueller was the Director of the FBI under “international war criminal” G.W.Bush.

The system is rigged. America’s new ” progressive liberal” champions in the House of Representatives must be greatly disappointed by Pelosi giving Trump and his criminal Republicans in the House and Senate a ‘Get out of jail free” card. I hope Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and all the other Freshmen, Progressive Congresswomen don’t sit back and accept Pelosi’s abortion of Trump’s impeachment proceedings and allow her miscarriage of justice.



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Mar 09 2019



This radio program first aired on 2/11/16 and is being reposted. The attack by Trump and the Republicans and the mainstream media against Socialism is a total misdirection and misinterpretation of DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM which is the European model for government in most European countries.  The entrance of Democratic Socialism in the U.S political system is apparent in the victory of Alexandria Occasio Cortez to the House of Representatives in 2018 and Bernie Sanders’ declaration in his 2016 presidential campaign.


2/11/16  L.A.Steel Radio Show:

Tonight we discuss Democratic Socialism and what it means as a political philosophy, and we discuss the Democratic Socialists of America activist movement, as a well-organized activist network promoting a socialist revolution in America. Bernie Sanders is a self-declared Democratic Socialist. This movement has undermined the established Democratic Party in New Hampshire and almost in Iowa. Many unions support the Democratic Socialists of America, with numerous chapters around the nation, organized and ready to support Bernie Sanders campaign any way they can.

Hillary is doomed because she completely underestimated the power of the Socialist movement in America, and their entrenchment in high schools and colleges and mainstream America. The formidable influence of the Democratic Socialists is completely miss understood and ignored by the mainstream media. and the Establishment of both political parties. This is a perfect example of how out of touch with the American people the Hillary campaign really is, especially among young American voters. 90% of young voters do not trust Hillary Clinton, and doubt her credibility as an honest leader. Democratic Socialism is a gun pointing to the head of the Establishment Democrats and Republicans, threatening a complete social, and economic revolution, and the defeat of the fascist corporate tyranny of the American two-party politic, corporate-owned Presidents and Supreme Court Judges. For more information on Democratic Socialists of America go to

L.A. Steel

Independent, Presidential, Write-In Candidate 2016

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Mar 07 2019


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Mar 01 2019




Alexandria is loved and admired as a daughter and sister by all old and young American Liberals, who fight daily for equality, justice, compassion, and the betterment of  humanity and nature.



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