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Apr 25 2019





Trump is on fire and burning out of control. He has begun to spill over like boiling nuclear wastewater in a Fuckashima cooling tower.  Trump’s Public Defender Rudy Guliani famously known as the greatest idiot lawyer who ever practiced Law. Rudy’s recent 3rd marriage and his publicly nasty previous divorce have created some stress in poor Rudy. Rudy knows too much about Trump and his only defense for Trump is his own insanity. His 911 demons have come home to stay. Rudy Guliani will be the man known as “Mayor 911” and the lawyer who tried to defend Satan aka Donald Trump. Trump’s former “fixer” and personal lawyer Michael Cohen testified before the Judiciary and Oversite committees that Trump ” is a cheat, liar, and conman.” and to never trust Trump.

The Mueller Report which was falsely summarized by Atty.Gen. Barr is the guillotine for Trump and Barr. Congress must win out over Trump’s Contempt of Congress and obtain all the documents and witnesses they have subpoenaed. At the current rate of Trump’s insane tweets of 50 per day, I believe Trump is beginning to disintegrate from the excessive heat and pressure from Congress and Media and maybe will explode publicly within a few weeks from now when he meets the Queen of England at the 75th anniversary of D DAY. Hundreds of thousands of English protestors against Trump’s visit have organized a parade throughout the city of London during his public visit.

Maybe Americans will send Trump off to England with an impeachment march through Washington D.C. It is time again to organize all Americans who want to take their country back and fight for the right cause together toward a more Perfect Union. This will never happen without our commitment to what America should be: Justice, opportunity, equality, compassion, and education practiced for and by every citizen. America can no longer be the greatest terrorist nation, responsible for over 20 million deaths since WWII. We must conquer our problems and threats with reason and understanding, avoiding military conflicts around the world.

It is time for a change Americans and as Trump explodes himself and his presidency we can sit back and watch Trump’s White House burn or we can organize and be in D.C by D.Day to ensure Trump and his administration are destroyed on D DAY 2019.


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Apr 25 2019


spring dream series 4 2019

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Apr 24 2019



Democrats seem to have lost their Constitutional Power but also their political power and even their manly power. The men in the Democrat Party are wimps being bullied by the scowling lies and hate calls of Republicans who will say and do anything to protect their seats and their criminal presidency. Only Elizabeth Warren, Kamila Harris, Maxine Waters, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and Rashida Tlaib have taken the bold and aggressive lead in demanding the Impeachment of Donald Trump. All of the Democrat Committee male Chairmen have made public statements of their holding back on Articles of Impeachment.  Adam Shiff Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee was attacked and told to resign by his own committee Republicans in a publicly televised hearing. He retaliated and stated he was certain that Trump committed a conspiracy with Russia and Barr’s early summary of the Mueller Report favoring Trump with no collusion and no obstruction were lies that corrupted the true results and findings of the Mueller Investigation.

Elijah Cummings Chairman of the Oversight Committee has had his subpoenas ignored by the White House and the Treasury Secretary for Trump’s Tax Returns and an unredacted copy of the Mueller Report from the Attorney General, and for several witnesses in the Mueller Report to testify. Trump and the Republicans in the House and Senate have been trying to cover up their bribes and involvements by Russia during the 2016 and 2018 elections and their current involvement trying to influence the 2020 elections. Republicans and Trump are petrified with fear that the truth of their conspiracy which Mueller found plenty of evidence of will destroy them and indict them for criminal conspiracy and taking bribes from Russia to change U.S policy against Russia. They have proven time and again in the last 2 years since Trump’s inauguration that Trump has done what he was paid to do.  Russian sanctions were all taken off by Trump, and pro-Russian legislation was passed and is still being passed by the Republican-held Senate.

Democrats need a serious backbone and Pelosi has currently wheel chaired the Impeachment of Trump. Her passive resistance to Trump is a foolish and ineffective method of fighting against a belligerent, racist misogynist, who has no respect for anyone and any law. She has no understanding of how fierce the Republican resentment is toward her in the House as the Speaker of the House. She seems to prance through her day smiling to the press while trying to contain the Progressive Caucus and get no aid from Schumer the powerless minority leader in the Senate.

It is time to get tough against Trump and his Republican criminals. Biden and Bernie are playing in their own sandbox afraid to commit to impeaching Trump due to their age and weakness against Trump’s full assault against them. Biden has an exposable past and many embarrassing moments during his political career. Bernie appears to be near a heart attack as he shouts his words and leans over the podium. The physical stamina needed for the job as President cannot be sustained by 80-year-old men. The alternative to Bernie and Biden is openly gay Peter Buttigieg. His wimpy approach to Trump’s bullying is to hold off on Impeachment. Beto O’rorke is a Crypto Republican former computer Hacker. Cory Booker has begun a Peace and Love campaign where he would rather kiss and hug and make up with Trump while taking major donations from Big Pharma and Health Insurance Companies to vote against Medicare for All. The other male Democrat presidential candidates are not worth mentioning in any contest against Republicans’ and Trump’s assault against them.

If Democrats don’t fight back with subpoenas, the press and political power of the House of Representatives and show their emotional and physical strength and resolve against Republican and Trump administration bullies, they are doomed to have sand kicked in their faces, and their asses kicked daily by Trump and Republicans until they lose all respect of the American people and lose in the 2020 elections because they were too weak and “peaceful” to fight against the downfall of our democracy by the tyrannical take over by Trump and his Republican minions.





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Apr 22 2019



No president in U.S History except Donald Trump has ever openly betrayed his country with the aid of a foreign country, especially a country that is a confirmed enemy of the U.S.  The greatest threats to the United States are Donald Trump and his Republican Senate minions Mitch McConnell and the wretched Republican Majority. Multimillion-dollar campaign donations were made by Russian oligarchs connected to Putin, and the $100 million dollar donation made to the Republican National Committee, and the $100 million dollar donation made by Russian oligarchs to the NRA to be donated to individual Republicans as NRA (National Rifle Association) supporters. Also, $100 million donated to the Trump inauguration, currently being investigated by Southern Dist.of New York prosecutors. Two of the most powerful Republican senators Mitch McConnel received 2.5 million by Russian Oligarchs and Lindsey Graham received $800,000.

Evidence of the vast Russian/Trump conspiracy is woven throughout the Mueller Report like an ancient Midevil tapestry. The picture Mueller’s prosecutors presented of conspiracy and corruption were vivid and remarkable. The Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election discovered by Mueller’s team resulted in the indictments of 13 Russian agents and military intelligence officers in the U.S operating as the International Research Agency or IRA as reported in the Mueller Report. All indicted immediately returned to Russia to escape their arrest and resist extradition.

I cannot express my fear and loathing of Trump and his Republican minions any greater than I have nor can I understand Mueller’s reasoning for determining there was no “Collusion” when there was definitely an obvious conspiracy, that won Trump the presidential election and retained Republican Control of the House and Senate. Thanks to the proven FACTUAL reporting, not FAKE reporting of the Media, by the  2018 Mid Term Election most Americans woke up to the lies and betrayal of Trump, the Republicans, and Russia.  If Democrats do not follow the call of Elizabeth Warren and other Democratic leaders for Trump’s Impeachment and for public hearings of all the Mueller Report witnesses including Robert Mueller, Bill Barr, Rod Rosenstein, and Mueller’s prosecutorial and investigating team, then Trump and his treasonous minions will continue their attempts to lie to and deceive Americans and destroy this country.




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Apr 21 2019



“Collusion” is not a legal word used in any prosecution.  Upon concluding the Mueller Report, there is no doubt in my mind or the minds of millions that Trump Obstructed Justice in trying to crush Mueller’s investigation and trying to hide his conspiratorial attempts at contacting Putin and his emissaries. The Russians were highly successful in interfering in the 2016 presidential and Congressional elections. Trump is a Russian Asset and will continue to be as long as he is protected by Barr and the Republican-held Senate and weakling Democrats committed to covering up all their crimes against the American people.

Anyone foolish enough to believe the lies and “bullshit” coming from Trump and his sycophants in his administration, the Senate, House, and Media will never believe anything Democratic Committee Chairmen have to say regarding Trump’s guilt. Unless there are publicly televised Congressional hearings of the Judiciary and Intelligence committees questioning Robert Mueller, Bill Barr, Rod Rosenstein and other important witnesses mentioned in the Mueller Report, a complete abortion of justice will occur and the American people will be completely disserved and deceived by their elected government officials.

If Trump is still standing during the 2020 elections this country will become the sinkhole of democracy. Americans will have either accepted the end of their country and constitutional government by their cynicism and disgust, or they will elect a new government and president that promises to arrest Trump and his cohorts and impeach all of his justices appointed to the courts as well as indict each and every one of his aids and cabinet members for corruption and conspiracy, annul all Trump’s executive orders and Republican passed bills, and punish Russia with severe sanctions.

The Mueller Report is a perfect “Road Map” for Congress to impeach Trump, and a screaming warning to the American people of the severe danger Russian influence played on their election process. Anyone in the Democrat and Republican parties unless they are completely stupid, or complicit in treason with Trump and the Russians will insist on making public all of the redacted information in the Mueller Report and pursue the impeachment of Bill Barr for Obstruction of Justice by misleading the public of the true charges of conspiracy and obstruction by the Trump administration.

Happy Easter everyone, may this day bring the resurrection of American Justice and Democracy with the rising of the soul of America.


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Apr 20 2019




I have only been able to read half of the Mueller Report, and hope to finish the entire Report by tomorrow, however to all my readers I must admit I have never read or heard of such a true indictment of Presidential Conspiracy like what is stated in the Mueller Report.  It is absolutely staggering the depth of treason Trump and his minions went to undermine the Hillary Campaign and to disrupt the entire networks of social media to pollute them with fake and damaging news. Also after reviewing Assange’s involvement in the Wikileaks / Russia connection, I believe Assange is a Russian Asset and should be imprisoned for life.

I will be writing an update on my further readings of the Mueller Report in the next few days but I felt the need to express my outrage and fear of how horrid Trump’s involvement with Russia was and is and what that means for the great threat to the United States and other countries and our NATO allies. TREASON AND CONSPIRACY ARE EMBEDDED IN ALL THE FINDINGS OF THE METICULOUSLY DOCUMENTED AND WELL WRITTEN REPORT. I recommend to all my readers to look up the Mueller Report and read it themselves. I am certain that anyone who is not a Trump sycophant or Republican Russian spy in the Senate and House of Representatives or a Media Trump whore will see the great treasonous acts of Russia and Trump’s administration, prior to the election of 2016, after and presently.

To be continued.



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Apr 18 2019


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Apr 16 2019

Au Peuple Francais

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Apr 15 2019


burning out 2019

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Apr 11 2019



Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilham Omar stand before their armies of angry men and women who believe in them as their hope for the future of America. Their brilliance and courage inspire all Americans who believe in the truths they have the courage of speaking. Speaking truth to power is what their followers demand of their leaders, regardless of who they must speak against. Trump and Republicans have no integrity and lie and deceive all Americans and steal from our Treasury.  Alexandria and Ilham have called them out as thieves and traitors and they are threatening them and humiliating them because their enemies fear the truth.

I am a hard fighting, long living, Liberal American and vow an oath to Alexandria and Ilham’s as a member in their citizen army, that I will do all I can to uphold their honor and safety. Millions of Americans like myself who survived our activism in the 1960s and 1970s stood up against the fascist government and protested and fought battles on streets throughout the U.S to end the draft and wars and will never allow some dimwitted moron, white supremacist, racist Trump supporter or idiotic brain dead mutant  Republican threaten, harass or humiliate these women.

I am grateful that Alexandria and Ilham are taking the threats against them seriously because as their fame grows and their power grows in Congress, their senior congressional colleagues will be eager to diminish their growing power but will fail. Alexandria and Ilham are torches of truth and compassion, and youth lighting the way for the world to see and follow into a glorious future. Their strong determination, imagination, and courage will lead America into the future for generations to come, preserving, and protecting the environment and providing shelter, food, medical care, living wages and free public education to every American. There is no other way but with the truth to speak out against Trump and his Republican minions murdering America.





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