Oct 23 2017




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Oct 21 2017



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Oct 20 2017






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Oct 17 2017




All signs seem to point to Special Prosecutor Mueller’s investigation may be a white wash of Trump’s crimes and treason and political theater contrived by the main stream media. There is little difference in Mueller’s method of investigation of Trump, than of 911 and Bush’s crimes, which were all white washed. Mueller is a crime washer, wasting time and money on a government cover up of Russian involvement in Trump’s companies and in his winning the election. How much more does Mueller need to indict the SOB? He has proof that Trump and his entire staff and family colluded with the Russians, to get financing for Trump’s insolvent companies and his presidential campaign. Documentaries and witnesses have been more than accurate and forthcoming in all of their findings on Trump’s involvement with the Russians for years.

What troubles me most about Mueller’s investigation is there seems to be no oversight and Mueller has a free hand in doing whatever he wants to , including denying access to damning findings requested by the Senate Intelligence Committee. The Trump investigation should be finished by Thanks Giving, or Mueller hasn’t yet found a believable excuse for claiming Trump and his Family and Friends innocent of all crimes and treason and obstruction of justice. If Mueller’s grand jury doesn’t indict Trump with all the information presented to them, by the Special Prosecutor, and the many reports by other journalistic and congressional investigations, then Americans and all people around the planet will know Mueller did it again, and white washed all crimes of Donald Trump, just as he did Bush’s crimes of 911.

Draining the Swamp might begin with the FBI, and Mueller, then Trump, and every incumbent Democrat and Republican .  I become nauseous at the thought of Hillary declaring she won the election. I would rather see a cow in the Oval Office than the criminal enterprise of Hillary and Bill Clinton, but the Mad Cow occupying the White House presently must be removed asap, before his madness  destroys the entire U.S government and begins WWIII.



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Oct 16 2017

Highland Cattle Grazing

grazing cattle series 1 2017

This picture is from my most recent 8 picture series of  Highland Cattle grazing, available to see on my art and photography website linked on the Header Menu of this website.

L.A. Steel


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Oct 12 2017



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Oct 12 2017

“A Better Place.” (Music video)

Musicians are the frontline soldiers of the world changing revolution now in progress. Artists, writers and all other activists are the second lines of the world wide revolutionary attack against the enemies of Humanity. Support all musicians, people around the world must hear the music of revolution, before they can see the vision or read the words.

L.A. Steel

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Oct 11 2017


madness 2015

Senator Bob Corker was correct in calling out Donald Trump and his chaotic White House. Trump continues to prove himself unfit for office in his compulsive tirades of absolute stupidity and moronic tweets. Most of his original staff have been fired or resigned and replaced by General Kelly approved replacements. The biggest farce and blow hard , former White House Aid Steve Bannon is proving to be as insane as Trump.He was fired for his noted racism and support of White Nationalists, after the Charlottesville riot, and for his Alt Right idiotic philosophy, as well as writing Trump’s UN speech, that insulted most of the world and made Trump look like a complete moron.

Senator Corker sees the impending danger of continuing the Trump presidency and is calling him out as a demented elderly adult, and his White House staff have created an Adult Day Care to take care of him.  Today Trump announced that he will revoke the broadcast licenses of NBC and any other Network news operations that continue to insult him. Only an idiot would even consider making such an outrageous statement. By threatening the media’s right to free speech and reporting puts Trump in direct violation of the 4th Amendment, and makes him fodder for every news anchor and reporter in the country. That statement alone will create a media war against him not seen since the aggressive investigative reporting by the Washington Post of Richard Nixon, which led to his historic  impeachment and resignation.

Trump’s tax bill will be soundly defeated , because of its complete stupidity and simplicity that awards all the One Percent like himself with ‘Yuge” tax savings, and adds 4 trillion dollars to the National Debt. No responsible Republican worried about the national debt would approve Trump’s tax bill, unless they are as stupid as Trump is. His cabinet members are as stupid as he is and  are completely inept, and are now being called out by Congress and the American people for their horrible decisions.. If Congress passes this tax bill it will destroy the Middle and Working Classes in America , even though Trump blatantly lies when he says it will cut middle class taxes. Trump lies about everything.

Senator Bob Corker is absolutely correct in calling Trump a buffoon, and a demented elderly man needing adult day care, in a nursing home.   The tragedy of Sen.Corker’s statement is that it is true of Donald Trump. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Donald Trump taken out of the Oval Office in a straight jacket handcuffed to a wheel chair cursing at everyone in sight. I wish America good luck, and God speed Trump’s impeachment and Mueller’s pending Trump indictments for obstruction of justice, corruption and treason.

L.A. Steel


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Oct 10 2017


Welcome to the Salisbury,Connecticut  Fall Festival, an annual event put on by the town of Salisbury.and many town businesses and individual volunteers and organizations. This is only a few  pictures of the event. To see my complete picture series of the Salisbury Fall Festival,  and some of the town’s celebrity residents please visit my website, Art and Photography of L.A.Steel, linked on the Header menu of this website.




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Oct 08 2017




From Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens’ Cornerstone Speech. Delivered March 21, 1861

“Our new government is founded upon exactly [this] idea; its foundations are laid, its corner- stone rests upon the great truth, that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery — subordination to the superior race — is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.”

Source:  Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Can there be any better proof than the above statement that declared the South’s contempt for Black Americans and their main reason for beginning the Civil War ? I believe I may have been an abolitionist in my past life. I commend those brave souls who stood up against the hatred and criticism of the times prior to, during , and after the Civil War to fight for the rights and dignity of Black Americans. William Lloyd Garrison is a hero of mine, his publication The Liberator, was the most hated news paper in the country during the times prior to and after the Civil War.  Even great liberal thinkers during this time like Ralph Waldo Emerson were critical of William Lloyd Garrison, because of his harsh criticism of Americans for tolerating slavery.
I am amused yet disturbed by the recent NFL kneeling controversy. Nothing brings out White American Hatred more than a black man kneeling during the national anthem.  The NFL players are American Gladiators, who entertain millions of Americans weekly by breaking their bodies and exceeding the limits of athleticism. For so many of them to be disparaged by “White Americans’ for expressing their right to Free Speech, is the ultimate in hypocrisy. No one is saying America is not a great country,nor are they insulting the U.S.A. What kneeling means in the NFL is calling a Time Out, to question a ruling, or to free catch a kick off without being tackled. I believe what the players are saying to America, when they kneel during the Anthem is Time Out, look what is happening in America to minority Americans under the blatantly racist Trump administration.
Black Americans are being unjustly shot or beaten by police for expressing their rights in protests, or being profiled by police for being Black Americans and falsely arrested or harassed without cause. If I were an NFL player or owner, I would also kneel in protest . Knowing what the real history of the historical treatment of Black Americans and Slavery is and what the Civil War was really fought over, should make most Americans pause to consider what they are demanding the NFL players and all minorities today to do, by standing during a national anthem, that was derived from a drinking song sung in bars during the early 1800s, and its lyrics were rewritten to pay tribute to a battle during the war of 1812, when slavery was still a major economic institution in the U.S, where black slaves were auctioned and sold to the highest bidders as cattle or horses.  This was a tragic time in American History, but millions of deaths and many wars were fought over slavery both in the U.S and abroad.
Under the Trump presidency white racism has been revived as a political power and religion in the U.S. White Nationalism is a sick and evil monster, unleashed by Donald Trump and Steve Bannon, and the Alt Right Idiots, and the conservative media, who have been waiting for their moment to arrive again in history, when they can once again brutalize and belittle all Black and Minority people in the name of patriotism, as well as destroy any Liberal and Moderate thought in America.  Unless Trump and his insane minions are stopped , America will be ruined and any gains won by the Veterans of our wars, and the suffering of the American people will be in vain. We must all kneel for a time out , to pause and think about who and what we are believing in. Either we believe in the God given equality given to all men and women of all races, or we continue to stand up to whistle and sing along to an unsingable song formally sung by drunks in bars during the 1800s, a ritual continued to this day as a patriotic reason to have another drink.
L.A. Steel



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Oct 07 2017


resisting trump 3 2017

ALL LOSERS! No one in the Trump administration is competent to hold their positions. The only member of the Trump Cabinet who had any promise was Rex Tillerson, but  now he is proving to be as big a Loser as all the others.  If he for one minute believes that his intervention with No.Korea will prevent Trump from more stupidity and possibly war, he is dead wrong. Trump is a “Moron”. Rex was right. It must be unbelievable to work for such an incompetent idiot as Donald Trump. The only other cabinet member more stupid and incompetent than Trump is Jeff Sessions.

What a monster of disappointment and treason to all Americans is Jeff Sessions. His bigotry and racism are the focal points of his entire Justice Dept. Anti Gay, Anti Abortion, Anti Contraceptives, Anti Immigration, Anti Free Speech, Anti Bill of Rights. He is a pathetic fool who sold his soul to Trump for the chance to destroy the American Justice System. His reign of terror as Attorney General proves he is completely unfit for office.

Trump is so quick to call someone a “Loser” when he lied, cheated,and stole for a living, and now as President he continues his reign as The Biggest Loser and Liar, bringing the country to ruin, with his entire administration of Liars and Losers. Gen. Kelly has lost all credibility by his latest stupid act of using his personal cell phone since he began working for Trump. A four star general and now Chief of Staff for the President had his personal cell phone hacked. Who knows who hacked his phone and what information was revealed to the hacker.

The Impeachment of Donald Trump can not come too soon. The sooner the better for the country and the rest of the world. Every Trump appointee should be fired along with Trump. Unless this happens very soon, the U.S will become embroiled in a nuclear conflict with No. Korea, and economic and physical  genocide of  middle class and working class Americans, by his cruel and murderous health care bill to replace Obamacare, and Trump’s massive reduction in Medicare and Medicaid and insane public education reforms implemented by his incompetent and insane Secretary of Education. Trump never intended to “Drain the Swamp” he intended to drain the Treasury with all of his cronies, and destroy every safeguard and social safety net ,that protect the American people. Donald Trump and his entire administration are Liars and Losers and must be brought down. If Congress can not or will not , then the American people must.



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