Feb 04 2021

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I admit I am really enjoying the spectacle of the insane Republicans cannibalizing their own members and sharpening their knives and fork for their next feast on January 9th when the Senate Impeachment hearings begin.  As Senate Republicans beginning to feel the pressure from their dwindling constituents and receive millions of threats and admonishments from around the world they will cave into the reality that all that is left of their party are bare-bones having been picked clean by Trump and their own party members so hungry for power they eat their own political careers by clinging to the false promises of Trump and his sycophantic cannibals still remaining in appointed positions and civil service and military positions, that currently the Biden administration is firing in droves and cannot find jobs because of their insane loyalty to Trump.

Major companies who once donated largely to Republican candidates have all backed away from the Republican Party because of the crazies cannibalizing their own campaigns by backing the insane Qnon and other right-wing wingnut conspiracy theories.   Watching the demolition of party stalwarts by madmen and women carrying guns into the Capitol building threatening other members of Congress and the Senate are not being reprimanded by their Republican colleague cannibals.

The joy of the Left will be seen in the smiles of every Democrat in Congress and liberal in the country when all the new and old Republicans begin to complain as they lose their limbs and vital organs being eaten by their own cannibal Reps and Senators, during their lunch and dinner breaks.  Let the Left laugh and laugh as each aging Republican and insane young and hungry Republican candidate will do and say anything for power as they pile up the bones of their cannibalized party members and cremate the remains in the center of the Capitol; after another siege and insurrection, they instigate by welcoming their insane followers to join.




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