Feb 01 2021

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Trump and Republicans continue to defecate on American Democracy and Justice.  The latest trend of Republican defecation on democracy is not only Trump’s incitement of insurrection against the Capitol by insane braindead Trump supporters and delusional Republicans but Trump also granting Congressmen Nunes and Jordon the Presidential Medal of Freedom. These two Trump-loving, up Trump’s ass idiots from Hell are more deserving of Congressional expulsion and arrest for sedition, but Trump in his last days defecated on the Presidential Medal of Freedom before he awarded them to his crooked Congressional Cronies, and wiped his ass with 100 unjust and insane pardons to every convicted criminal in his administration and everyone including his son in law’s Jared Kushner’s imprisoned father convicted for embezzlement and anyone who could pay 2 million dollars to Trump for a pardon.  I am sick to death of the disgrace Trump has brought on this nation, and the hatred he has fomented against him and his supporters around the world and in the U.S. He and his followers are the most insane people on the planet and must be contained, controlled, and condemned to long prison sentences or not allowed to vote in any elections for the remainder of their lives, because of their insanity and violent and dangerous beliefs and behavior.

Every Republican in Congress and the Senate are insane sycophants to Trump and to their corporate donors. There is nothing left in our Republican electorate that is sane, rational, or even in the same world as the rest of humanity.  They crawl on their bellies to be fed by Fossel Fuel companies and big pharma, health insurance companies, and anyone or thing that will throw them a major campaign contribution. This is also true of Democrats as Biden and Pelosi and all the Moderate Demo-rats in the House and Senate and Presidency.  It’s a sick, sick, sick, and serious situation America is facing. The Covid pandemic fanned by the incompetence of Trump and the Republican party ignoring mandatory health and financial aid policies needed to restore the economy and health of the American people may have destroyed all ability for America to recover its national reputation, Democracy, health, and economy.





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