Mar 02 2020

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First published on May 7,  2015


republicans and democrats suck graffit seriesBernie Sanders is a firebrand, Independent, senator from Vermont, who according to recent news reports has already raised $3 million dollars since he announced three weeks ago that he was a candidate for President in 2016.  Bernie Sanders is a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist with a 70% approval rating in his home state of Vermont. It appears that the now older “Deanie Babies” and Anti War Liberals of the last decade, have forgotten the former Governor of Vermont Howard Dean’s traitorous run for President in 2004.

Howard Dean gained great national attention for his public condemnation of G.W.Bush and the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and his socialist policies of establishing universal health care, which he had successfully created as Governor of Vermont, and he also established civil unions as a right for same-sex couples in Vermont. His cutting edge social policies and his swagger as an Independent styled Democratic Maverick appealed to liberal Americans, who were disgusted by all the other “died in the wool” Democratic Candidates. Howard Dean raised $90 million dollars by the time he entered the Iowa Democratic Primary, and he was in the lead by all political polls. His innovative internet campaign, designed by his campaign manager Joe Trippi, revolutionized online funding for political candidates, and out-funded all of his rivals in the Democratic Primaries. Howard Dean and his campaign managers led the liberal voters into a virtual candidacy.  Millions of formerly Democratic voters disliked and distrusted the Democratic Party, and were led to believe Howard Dean might be the Man, who could save the United States from two wars and the rabid corruption and dysfunction of the G.W Bush Administration and the “conservative” crazies in the Republican Party.

During the first Democratic Primary Debate in Iowa, Dean was deliberately attacked and humiliated by every contender on the stage in an orchestrated gang assault against Dean. Especially blunt and brutal was the verbal assault by  Richard Gephardt who was forced to drop out of the race, ( some said he fell on his sword) by his belligerent and foolish assault against Howard Dean. Dean had won the debate hands down regardless of the all-out assault by the other candidates against him. Most who watched the debate felt sorry for Howard Dean and gained a greater perception of the desperation and the true debased characters of the other Democratic Candidates.   Howard Dean lost the Iowa Primary and ended his campaign when he was suddenly publicly discredited and publicly humiliated by the Main Stream Media, and betrayed by a closed-door deal made by John Kerry and the Democratic Party in Iowa.  John Kerry was the first to declare his candidacy and received all the early headlines. All the publicity he received hurt him more than helped. He was dead last of all the Democratic Presidential Candidates in the polls and was trailing 25 percentage points in Iowa, behind Al Sharpton, who was the second to the last in approval polls as a candidate. No one in the public, who supported Howard Dean could understand how John Kerry, the least liked of all the candidates could have won in Iowa.

In 2004 I was one of the first commercially aired talk show hosts in the nation to endorse Howard Dean prior to the Iowa Primary. I didn’t realize until the primary loss in Iowa that all I and other hopeful Americans were screwed again by the political system. Howard Dean drew in all the left-leaning Americans, who refused to vote again for anyone in the two-party system after the scandal of the 2000 election and the remarkable campaign of Ralph Nader. He revealed to Americans the hypocrisy and criminality of what he coined “The Duopoly of the American political system.”   Kerry went on through the remaining primaries virtually unchallenged by the other candidates, since he won the Iowa primary, and then the New Hampshire Primary. The liberal American voters all knew the Democratic Primary was rigged so that the worst candidate would be chosen to challenge G.W. Bush in the election.  Kerry lost the election in 2004 against  G.W. Bush, and conceded the election, even though it was proven that voting machines were corrupted by the Republicans around the country. Democratic voters were warned before the election that Republicans had rigged the 2000 election and had done the same in the 2004 election. Democratic voters were demanding provisional paper ballots instead of using voting machines. Kerry conceded the election within 24 hours, though all results were not in, and it was verified that voting fraud by the Republicans was rampant in every major state. Investigators found that over 3 million provisional ballots of Democratic voters were not counted and were destroyed by Republican Voter Registrars, some Registrars and Secretaries of State were later indicted for election fraud.

John Kerry’s traitorous defeat was orchestrated by the Democratic and Republican Parties to keep the wars going, and fuel the Military Industrial Complex with trillions of more tax dollars, that destroyed the U.S economy, and cost millions of Iraqis and Afghanistan people their lives. The re-election of G.W.Bush destroyed these countries, by war and led the U.S to defeat after 14 years of war in the Middle East.   This brief history of the 2004 election must be known and remembered by all Americans now being entertained by the latest political candidates for President. Bernie Sanders may be legitimate and earnest in his beliefs and desire to run for President, however, I once thought Howard Dean was legitimate and earnest as well until he ended his campaign after the Iowa Primary and later endorsed John Kerry.

It was reported that Howard Dean spent 40 million dollars on his campaign. and of that, he gave Joe Trippi $10 million. The remainder of the $90 million dollars was $50 million and was kept by Mr. Dean because the election laws to this day allow all political candidates to keep the money they personally raise if they decide not to run or to drop out of a race. Howard Dean shortly after the 2004 election was granted a new job by the Democratic National Committee as their new Chairman.  That was the final slap in the face of the liberal American voter, who for a fleeting moment in history believed that someone in the world of American politics might be real and not corrupted.

This article is a warning to my readers. I see the same game unfolding in the 2016 election that happened in the 2004 election.  Hillary Clinton is a terrible candidate and disliked by the majority of liberal and progressive voters, who preferred Elizabeth Warren as their candidate. Since she was told by the Democratic Party not to run against Hillary, the party chose Bernie Sanders to gather in all the disenchanted liberals and Progressives, who would never vote for Hillary Clinton. This is the same plan the Democrats played in 2004. They knew no one would vote for John Kerry unless they were forced to after Howard Dean betrayed them. They and their corporate contributors wanted G.W. Bush to win and underestimated the hatred of Americans towards G.W. Bush when both parties had to hide the fact that John Kerry actually won the election regardless of their best-laid plan. Kerry had to concede immediately to collect his payoff and reward for betraying the American people. The majority of American people believed anything or anyone would be better than suffering four more years of G.W. Bush’s leadership that, bankrupted the country morally and economically.

We must remember that the U.S is owned and ruled by the wealthiest 1% of the population, who through the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court allows unlimited amounts of money by individual and corporate donors to buy political candidates for any elected office.  The American people were sold out and deceived in the elections of 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012 and will be again in 2016; unless we refuse to play the game, and demand integrity and honesty of our political candidates, and refuse as a majority to give any political party a victory.  Bernie Sanders is running as a Democrat. He already sold out. Bernie Sanders is Jewish and historically stated throughout his career that he is completely loyal to Israel. We can not expect anything new from Bernie Sanders other than more of the same, and an even greater financial and military commitment and involvement in the genocide of the Palestinian people, and further conflict in the Middle East.

Isn’t it strange that the only progressive liberal candidate for President is from Vermont, has all the same political policies and leanings as Howard Dean did during his 2004 campaign, and he is running against a Democratic Candidate that no one wants as President? History has a way of repeating itself, and in politics, the outcome of the game of who wins in Presidential Politics is always decided by both political parties well before the election.

L.A. Steel


Hillary says, “Vote for me Sweetie!”

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