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Oct 16 2005

When the Left Turns Right


WHEN THE LEFT TURNS RIGHT¬†¬† 10/16/05 I have wondered for some time why would a liberal minded individual suddenly completely turn around and become a neocon? MONEY. It has to be money. Neocons worship money. But then I wonder if I was offered 10 or 20 million to say I love G.W. Bush would I? …

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Mar 21 2005

There is more to fear from the Left than the Right

3/21/05 In a recent conversation with journalist and human rights watcher Keith Harmon Snow he enlightened me to the fact that Hotel Rwanda is a fake, untrue, and a total manipulation by the CIA to deter the American Left away from the actual involvement of the U.S. in the events in Rwanda during the ’90s. …

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