Oct 16 2005

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When the Left Turns Right



I have wondered for some time why would a liberal minded individual suddenly completely turn around and become a neocon? MONEY. It has to be money. Neocons worship money. But then I wonder if I was offered 10 or 20 million to say I love G.W. Bush would I? Would I recant all my articles and radio and television programs? Would I lie to everyone who ever believed me? How much would it take for me to bend over and allow the neocons to shove it up my ass. Limbaugh is reported to earn 240 million for his 6 year contract. Christopher Hitchens has been given a large undisclosed sum by publishers and the media for his about face. He has in the past two or three years become the drunken dough boy of the neocons. The poor guy actually flop sweats, shakes on stage and attacks individuals in his audiences. I saw him recently in his debate with MP Galloway; it was one of the saddest moments I’ve ever witnessed of the total public demise of a public figure. I know a successful PR firm that refused a very large fee to represent Hitchens. This firm has great integrity.

Getting back to the question of would I ever do an about face and say I love G.W. Bush and support his administration unquestionably and publicly. I honestly can say I wouldn’t, but no one has made me an offer of 60 million either. But even if they did, I can’t see myself ever bending over for Karl or Georgy or Dickey or Donny or Scotty or any other male neocon whore in the Whitehouse. But I’m certain, seeing the lackeys he appoints, that there are many that have and would. Another about facer that I wondered about was Dennis Miller. I mean what the hell is with this guy? I liked him on SNL and I liked his first cable show as well, but then the guy suddenly turns into George’s court jester and blow boy. What the hell is that all about? How could he have lost total respect for himself and his principles, unless he never had any principles to begin with? Maybe his celebrated cynicism finally caught up with him and destroyed him. .

I recently watched a 20 minute video sent to me by a friend. It was an interview with the wife of deceased Colonel Griggs. The interview was conducted by an author who was writing a soon to be released book. The interview was about the general’s personal journals that his wife found after his sudden death. His wife spoke openly about the journals’ description of the rampant homosexuality in the military and in the select government services. She talks at length about

Skull and Bones of Yale and Cap and Gown fraternity of Princeton, whose members are all recruited for the intelligence service and high government positions . She states that the pledges are all forced to have homosexual relations with the other members of the fraternity. Pledges are forced to lie in a coffin and masturbate then give oral and anal sex to every member of the fraternity involved with the hazing. The Skull and Bones Fraternity at Yale is where G.W and G. SR. and Granddaddy Prescott were all presidents of the club and John Kerry was a pledge. She stated that those pledges who enjoyed it the most and most eager to please, were considered for high government and military leadership positions. So if you’re wondering about the machismo of G.W Bush or G.Bush Sr. , John Kerry, or any other BJ artist in the military and government, it’s all a put on to cover up their own homosexuality. Hell, Rove was seen in a Texas leather bar. Jeff Gannon a known right wing reporter and known homosexual escort, who advertizes in soldier magazines and websites as a stud service, was admitted to the G.W Whitehouse personal suite 229 times without signing out, signifying he stayed overnight.(You can check the Gannon story out on Skolnick.com)

It’s simply amazing to me how people are willing to do anything to get ahead. The longer I live the more I realize that everyone seems to have a price and most people can be bought very cheaply. So why do lefties turn right? It could be the money, or maybe blackmail, or threat of life or the life of a loved one or maybe some other effective method of persuasion. I will make a promise to my readers; that before I would sell my soul to anyone, I’d rather die in poverty and obscurity; but as for a real threat to loved ones or friends, I don’t know what I would do , I don’t know if anyone knows what they would do. I only know that my soul is sacred and must never be sold. My principles are sacred and must not be compromised. But I am a liberal who would rather die than sell his soul. I would rather die than bleed forever, knowing I betrayed myself, my honor and my country.




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