Oct 10 2005

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It is amazing the difference a day makes when you have been exposed to a bio terror weapon and up to 14 days is the period of potential outbreak. My last article was written as a warning to 300,000 people, my radio show and my television program warned all that many people, but I have had little response except to my website in the last few days. There is an excruciating period of utter denial that can occur for several days even as long as a week until you frantically have yourself tested for the bacteria or you linger in denial until the end of the outbreak period . Most people if they feel ok will wait out the period rather than face the unfaceable fact, that they were poisoned by their own government, because they were exercising their constitutional right of free speech and assembly. If you still doubt it, you’re still in denial.

I can understand Bush not liking the rally and I can understand that as the sociopath that he is he would try to kill those people who were so expressively opposed to him. Like the Iraqis insurgents or the Al CIA Duh. I consider G.W Bush an enemy of the state and will consider his use of bio weapons as a real possibility next time I go to Washington D.C. However the real traitors in this action is not G.W since he is the people’s enemy, the real traitors are those in charge of the rally who after two weeks, knowing of the exposure of tularemia bacteria to the entire 300.000 attendees of the rally; did not alert anyone publicly to that fact of their possible exposure to a deadly bio hazard, either on their websites or by email. I personally alerted everyone that I possibly could, and I just attended the rally I didn’t organize the damn thing!

I fully understand now the impotence of these idiotic organizers of mayhem. First and foremost the organization of the rally was abominable. The left hand didn’t even know what the left hand was doing. Can you believe that these idiot organizers told Jesse Jackson, Cindy Sheehan, and Ramsey Clark to hurry up with their speeches so they could put on some braided bozo from bozo .org or some yoyo from yoyo .org to inspire the crowd with idiot chants and moronic inaudible statements from some translator for some other someone from something .org. To have to put up with this and find out you were exposed to a bio hazard as well is grounds for a serious law suit against these yutzs. At least we could sue the idiot who booked too many speakers and thought yoyo the braided one was more important than Cindy Sheehan. The sheer incompetence is the issue here. How can anyone ever trust these morons with organizing another rally or even the dissemination of critical information such as a bio hazard sprayed on the crowd? Not one word two weeks after the rally. The only thing on their websites is back slapping articles and pictures of protestors with happy faces. … WHAT THE FUCK IS THE PROBLEM HERE!!!! WERE THEY AT THE SAME RALLY I WAS? I THOUGHT THERE WAS ONLY ONE WASHINGTON D.C AND ONE RALLY ON 9/24/05. Could I have been wrong? Could I have been misled? Was I led into the slaughter by my naiveté and idealism? Was I led by cowardly, corrupt, and totally incompetent, left wing, Democrat loving yayas and yoyos? I am certain after living through these last two weeks that I will never support another cause, unless I know the organizers personally and I can trust that they are truly concerned for the welfare and safety of all attending the event. To place 300.000 people in jeopardy by not publicly warning those who attended once the press has announced a bio terror weapon alert during the rally is not only incompetent but could be considered reckless endangerment punishable by fine and imprisonment.

What makes me most suspicious of these organizations Answer, Coalition for Peace and Justice and Code Pink, who were the official organizers of the rally is if they wanted G.W Bush impeached or imprisoned, which I thought was one of the premises for this rally and the anger of the protestors. Why haven’t they announced this bio hazard incident and press for a congressional inquiry into the spraying of the protestors? All G.W Bush needs to send him into oblivion right now is to prove that he ordered TULAREMIA BACTERIA sprayed on the protestors. The country would easily believe it of him.

“Ah there is the rub” the Congress isn’t going to do anything, and hasn’t done anything about Bush in 5 years, why should they do anything now? The Congress is totally complicit. No politician was in the rally. The Democrats and Republicans are both pro war. Who cares about a few hundred thousand protestors? The organizers didn’t care enough to press for an investigation so why should the Congress care. GET IT. DO YOU GET THE WHOLE PICTURE NOW! The rally was just a weekend dalliance, a nice little middleclass diversion to the capitol city. It had no meaning to anyone in power. It had no meaning to anyone but the Bush Boys who were able to possibly kill thousands of us without anyone knowing or complaining. To them it’s just a few thousand less to criticize them , to Congress it’s just a few thousand less emailers and letter writers, to the residents of Washington D.C’s capitol district it was just another weekend, when most of them were out of town.



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