Oct 17 2005

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Thanks to the Recent Responses



I wanted to express my appreciation to the several readers who responded to my Tularemia article. I appreciate it. If you would like me to reprint your emails on this site please let me know and send me an ok by email. I think other readers would enjoy your comments. I did. That last article raised a lot of interest. I’m glad I struck a nerve; if it did nothing else it brought the health alert to many people. I’m still trying to follow up and find out if anyone or how many might have contacted the disease. If anyone knows of someone who was at the 9/24 and 25th rally in D.C please notify them that they may have been exposed to Tularemia Bacteria a Bio hazard deliberately sprayed on them by their own government. They can reach me at this site or email me at lasteeltv@yahoo.com and I will respond to them asap.



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  1. Benta

    great post. keep it up.

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