Mar 21 2005

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There is more to fear from the Left than the Right

In a recent conversation with journalist and human rights watcher Keith Harmon Snow he enlightened me to the fact that Hotel Rwanda is a fake, untrue, and a total manipulation by the CIA to deter the American Left away from the actual involvement of the U.S. in the events in Rwanda during the ’90s. Keith has informed me that the Right and the CIA have been manipulating the left about the U.S. role in all areas of the world.

Is it any wonder why the American media circus has nominated this movie for so many awards. I and several of my more curious friends have been wondering about the sudden venting by all these liberal movies, books, etc and felt it odd how such a tight terror paranoid administration would allow the ranting of Michael Moore, or the patriotic movie industry or the New York Times or Newsweek etc. to promote these programs and create controversies. (Ah, create controversy) What have G.W and his boys been doing since they got into office? CREATE CONTROVERSY WITH THE LEFT.

Keith told me that the U.N never considered the killings in Rwanda and these areas as genocide. The main character of the film was never an employee of the Hotel. He was made up. This was verified by Keith when he questioned the employees in Rwanda and other people who witness the war. Sounds like another Jessica Lynch story to me. The only difference was this movie got the attention of the dizzy left who were still hung over from the fraudulent election of G.W and the cowardly concession of John Kerry. The Right and the Bush bastards are playing heavy games with the Left and many in the left movements are traitors and instigators and plants by the FBI. Move on .org is the mother of them all. Now supporting the war efforts, now supporting the Democratic agenda of roll over and get paid off. Jeff Gannon plays both ways. It’s a game people. A hardball game of dumb down America, keep the left infiltrated and of balance. Keep them honoring Michael Moore and Move on .org and ACT the latest idiot group is John Kerry’s grassroots movement formerly headed by Howard Dean. Let the real left, the real liberal, the honest liberal the honest conservative the honest American, wake up and realize we are being herded like sheep. Please refer to my archived article: HOWARD DEAN THE JUDAS GOAT.

Please go to Keith’s link on my link section allthingspass.com. On April 16, 2005 the L.A. Steel Show will be sponsoring a talk by Keith in Salisbury Connecticut. The time will be 12:30am at the Salisbury Library on Rte 44 (Main Street) Salisbury, Ct. For information to attend please contact me at this site or lasteeltv@yahoo.com. Admission is free, donations suggested. Keith will be returning to the Congo and to the Darfur Region the following week and we will be actively promoting the event in several mediums TV, Radio, newspapers, flyers and internet.

For those who cannot attend the event I will be offering audio and video tapes or DVDs of the event on this site. I will keep you posted as to their availability. Please look at Keith’s website regarding his great work and help him financially if you possibly can to help fund his further investigations into the conflict in Darfur and the surrounding regions.


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