Nov 08 2007

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I have always found that if I accept something I really do not feel comfortable accepting, I create a problem for myself. It is like accepting a neighbor’s package delivery, or someone elses bad news to relay to someone. Accepting can also be believing ; something that is, or isn’t true. I tend to feel a nervous, gut reaction and aversion; when I’m told to accept what I know is a lie, as truth. I seldom believe anything I hear anymore on face value. My reaction has something to do with maturity, and having been lied to so many times in my life, caution has become my first response to any news or story.

Hitler’s great propagandist, Joseph Goebbels said; “If the lie is big enough people will believe it.” G.W Bush and his propaganda henchmen and women, have taken Goebbels instruction to heart. Never in the history of the United States have the people of this country been lied to more often, and by so many , with such incredible lies. For instance 911 was a fantastic lie. Iraq and Afghanistan wars were outrageous lies; that led up to the U.S invasion of both countries. G.W Bush’s election fraud was covered up by the media, and Congress lied, and lied, and lied in their coverup of the 2000 and 2004 elections. They lied about Diebold, and the safety of electronic voting. Congress and the news media lied about their involvement and Bush’s involvements with Enron, and World Com, and every dirty dealing lobbyist, and corporation in this country, and around the world.

What would politicians be if they were not master liars? Probably out of work. What would car salesmen or mortgage salesmen, or stock brokers, or real estate salesmen, be if they were not masterful liars? Probably out of work. Most people accept liars, even admire them and elect them to public office. Courtrooms are full of liars; who have liars defending liars. I have never seen a Congressional hearing that wasn’t full of liars, testifying about something. Even the Atty.General Alberto Gonzales had to resign because he repeatedly lied to Congress and had absolutely no credibility left to remain in his position. G.W Bush and Dick Cheney are pathological liars, and everyone in the world knows it. Every reputable news reporter has written about Bush and Cheney’s lies. Every irreputable reporter has defended Bush and Cheney’s lies. Almost all television pundits are liars. All news anchor people are liars. Those who are not liars, are not working regularly, or are given dangerous, or insignificant, career ending, assignments. This is accepted practice. If anyone has ever watched any televised journalism award shows, they have realized soon into the program; that the biggest liars are the nominees for the awards. The hosts of these award shows are the tried and true, and most famous liars in the industry. News executives and company presidents are always so proud of their journalists lies, and always applaud the loudest for their liars. It’s the accepted practice. This is how it is done. Anyone who believes differently is fooling themselves.

I have tried to make it a practice not to lie. I became tired of lying many years ago. It hasn’t done my career much good, and I am considered by many people, too outspoken and too aggressive in my criticisms, of politicians and others in lying professions. I find it difficult to see someone lie and cheat and steal, and not say anything about it. It is difficult not to rationalize a lie. It is becoming more difficult recently to determine; who is lying and who isn’t. Almost everyone is lying about something.

So to maintain the status quo, and put Goebbel’s theory to a test, I will tell one of the biggest lies I have ever told, and maybe some will think I am telling the truth. I love George Bush and Dick Cheney! I love them beyond all other people in the world! They are the most lovable people anyone could ever love! Oh, and I love Condileeza Rice, and I love Karen Hughes, and I really , really love Paul Wolfiwitz, and Billy Crystal, and William F. Buckley Jr. and I absolutely adore Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton is just the most loving person in the world. Rudy Guilliani and John McCain are also very lovable guys , and my most loved people in the world are Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, and of course I can not forget the ever lovin, Bill O’Reily, Heraldo Rivera, and the kings of lovable people, Andy Rooney(Yes Andy Rooney), Pat Robertson, and the incredibly, lovable, Donald Rumsfeld, and all of his lovable torturers in Iraq, and around the world .


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