Nov 09 2007

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It is a well known fact that conservatives own the airwaves. It is a well known fact that true liberal views are seldom allowed on national news. It is a fact that what is presented as liberal by the press and media, is really a hyped up, cartooned, version of liberal archetypes primarily broadcast on cable outlets, like the Daily Show, or the Mahrs Show, or the paleoliberal Allen Colmes, and the politically jock minded rants of Keith Oberman, followed up by his Countdown to total irrelevance.

Ever since the emergence of Reagan Republicanism,the United States has been plagued by the Viagra, and oxycondin medicated, castraties, of the conservative media, and hypocritical, right wing, greed, and power mad, evangelists with imperical, apocalyptic visions. The Globalist, New World Order , NeoCon, antheist, zionists , permiate the Bush Administration, and Congress. The conservative madness that has dominated American society for the last 25 years, is finally coming to an end. It has been exposed for what it is and is finally gasping for its last breath. The great sign of it’s demise is in the Pat Robertson endorsement of Rudy Guiliani.

Rudy Guiliani is anything but a conservative Republican. His only principles, that parallel those of Republicans are; that he is a closet homosexual, has corrupt friends, and supports cronism, and he has a lurid personal life. Other than these typically Republican traits, he is simply a New York , elitist liberal , zionist. However, if we consider the Republican party today, the lurid personal life, cronism and deviant sexual practices, and zionism, are all highly electable character traits amongst Republican and Democratic voters.

I laugh when I consider the national insignificance of my opinions. Independent thinkers in U.S society have always been marginalized, and virtually ignored. Being politically independent, as well as socially independent, causes difficulty in communicating with a politically brainwashed, two party, polarized society. Since the advent of my first politicallly critical broadcasts on televison and radio , I have held no illusions of developing a vast, like minded, audience. Most members of my audiences are independent thinkers. Some more or less radical than myself. I am grateful for their loyalty. Having been on the air for 8 years, in the most controversial, concervatively dominated period, in the history of broadcasting, I am honored and surprized to still be on the air, as a politically independent program. It confirms to me, and to the powers I am at war against; that more people are attracted to my views, and are thinking for themselves.

With enough said , I close this post with this statement; that I am living proof an Independent voice has value in our society. How effective I am in communicating my point of view can only be judged by my audience. I intend to make my stand , alone if I must, to fight the last rabid dogs of conservatism. If I can achieve nothing else in my fight, I will have poked at the eyes, and emaciated minds, of ignorant,war mongering, G.W Bush lovers, and fundamentalist zealots. I am doing this for self preservation. I believe that the time is upon us; when all will be exposed for who we are. I am confident ; that what I have done, and continue to do, in this war for the awakening of individual consiousness, has not been, and will not be in vain.


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