Nov 18 2007

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Great master , teacher, sovereign king. How fast are the mad winds above and below? The torn sails of sacred vessels are crashing onto the shores of Heaven and Hell, carrying their cargo of still born, silent, souls in the womb of wisdom, bodies heaped upon the undisclosed tomb of fallen Atlas. The answer to the Sumerian scribe’s riddle of Sun and Set is in the wandering images of treasures in caravans, veiled by the sands in the storms of desert winds.

Allah,,Christ and kings opposed by Satan’s rants , insidious malcontents , complacent capitalists in the prison of stone walls and iron gates. Hedonist’s in hell of fires in pornographic data bases, jaded western investors abandon their nations for the eastern worms, and sordid viral beasts; who rise from the caverns of filth and profanity, reborn in the blast furnaces of fleshly form. New souls Christened on the Christ bed of Horus, paganism, sabbaths and rituals, cursing the poor and meek with blood oaths to Mammon and Molloch.

Cry for the return of the great master. The Firery eye of Sirius burns into the atmosphere , scorching the dragon skin of sorcerers, and boiling their cauldrens of potions . Dolphin and Kingfisher combine messages to the oracle of Delphi. Sisters of the Pliedes cry for the long absence of their husband. Hermes stumbles on the jagged pathway of glassy skies, filthened by the greedy, darkened from their smoke, and the residue from crimes of violence and murder. Welcome great master to this time. Welcome great master into the brotherhood of fractured, fraternal care.

There are only few of us remaining . So dead are the modern Trojans and Greeks, the glowing helmet of Hector shone brightest before his defeat. We are these great fools, at war with ourselves, fighting for vain and foolish kings. The seat of Odin is covered by the white snows of winter, the northern borders have become the barren sea. Death is our orphaned brother, sorrow our mother. Lucifer died eons ago.Consiousness ascended men and women have become God’s highest angels.


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