Nov 21 2007

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Everyone desires to be somewhere. This weekend millions of Americans have the desire to be with their families for the holiday season. It is a noble desire, however reluctant the decision may be to travel the distances to fullfill the desire.

I acomplished little unless I exercise great effort to achieve a goal. I know that every minor step I take forward will, ultimately leads me to the manifestation of my desires. What I most want, I do receive. In some way the Law of Attraction creates the opportunity, for the complete manifestation of my desire. The only hinderance to it’s manifestation is my mind.

The mind confuses the direction of the manifestation of desire. It creates all the reasons for not achieving , with rationalizations created by fear or folly. What ifs, tend to get in the way of positive actions. What ifs, slow us down and even stop us before we achieve our goals. Discouragement, fear, lack of commitment, lack of energy, are forced distractions brought about by our lack of focus and faith .

Millions of Americans are focused on Thanks Giving today. They are commited to this national holiday because it is a worthy tradition, it is a time of thanks giving, it is a time to renew and be thankful for friends and family. All who will celebrate this holiday with family, or friends, or alone, are sharing in a universal consiousness greater than themselves; regardless of how modest, or meagar, or extravagant, their feast may be.

There will be some who will be alone this Thanks Giving. For those who are I wish you well. I have been there. What I did was turn to myself in admiration; knowing I was alone because I wanted to be. My feast that night was a bottle of burgundy, a package of cheddar cheese, a big bag of nachos, and two for a dollar Table Talk pies,one pumpkin and one cherry. I layed on the bed and watched television, ate and drank my fill. I was content, and quite happy. I slept very well that night, and woke up the next morning with the warm sunlight shining through the window.

Being alone on a holiday isn’t as bad as so many think it is; if being alone is where one wants to be. It can be a good place. It can a wonderful place. It can be a celebration of one’s life for sake of one’s life. It can be a time of thanks giving, contentment, joy, peace and promise. It is up to those who are alone, to appreciate themselves.


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