Dec 09 2007

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I want to thank all of my patient readers; who have waited a week for a new post. I recently had a computer crash ,caused by a G.D. (God Damn) Virus. This was a mean one, that seized my control panel, and screwed up almost everything. Fortunately everything can be repaired, and what I needed can be saved. I found myself computer impaired for a while. When you get use to working on one system, and your familiar with your own mouse, keyboard, and software, it’s a bitch to have to use a different system.

I was surprized to read an article this week about Britain’s new Prime Minister Brown, declared a national warning; that stated China has launched a viral trojan attack against the British mainland, targeting all major businesses, and financial institutions. It appears the Chinese government has declared war against the world, and no one but the Chinese know about it. The U.S has been hit with millions of Chinese toy recalls,no one knows how many children were killed, or became seriously ill because of it. (The Chinese make 80 percent of all U.S toys) . China is responsible for millions of cans of antifreeze tainted,dog food, that caused an unknown number of illnesses and deaths of American family pets. China exports millions of tons of raw fish loaded with mercury and tainted by botulism and other food borne diseases. For many years the Chinese have been exporting defectively designed tires that explode, to every industrialized country. Though I was a recent victim of a disabling computer virus, I can not prove it was of Chinese origin, but the attempted mass murder of Americans, by millions of defective and poisoned exports from China has been proven. A year or so ago I read an article on my radio show, about China’s hardcore military leaders considering a nuclear attack against the U.S. Also the Chinese continue to attack the Pentagon’s computer systems, and constantly attempt to steal U.S military secrets, without receiving any hard words, or warnings from the U.S government. It amazes me, that anyone in the U.S is allowed to, or wants to, do business with the Chinese government. ” Free Traitors” like Billy ” Bubba “Clinton, and all the other “free traitors” in Congress, and in the current White House, have collateralized U.S debt with our national parks, natural resources, and national infrastructure, and regularly rent out the Lincoln bedroom. Nothing they do for money surprizes me anymore. Treason pays very well, ask the last few U.S Treasury Secretaries, and Presidents. Billy “Bubba” Clinton is a registered international broker for China, and Dubia, and any other foreign country; who wants to buy a piece of the United States. G.W. Bush and G.H.W Bush will sell anyone anything if they or their cronies can make a profit on it.

Two weeks ago I attended an auditorum lecture at a prestigeous prep school, runned by mainstream globalists. I was curious more than interested in what this speaker had to say. I prefer to keep the school and speaker nameless; since the lecturer was chairman and former president of several of the major fortune 500 companies, one in particular that makes microchips. I can’t afford another computer crash.

The topic of the lecture was” China As Our Friend” or something as supersillious as that title. For ninety minutes the speaker tried to convince the audience of 300, wealthy,over 50 year old, individuals ,( with the sole financial exception of myself); that China was a wonderful place to live, and invest in, and the Chinese were extremely industrious people, and the American people should consider China their great friend. He stated several times that the goal of the Chinese government was to be the number one industrial country in the world by 2020, and that the U.S should help them achieve that goal, at the expense of America’s future as the premiere industrial country in the world. He then stated that the U.S would become second place, and India third. The lecturer sounded like a CEO giving a power point presentation at a shareholders’ meeting. I wanted to shout out my question to him. ” Why the hell would any patriotic American citizen want to help China steal our standing in the world, and replace the U.S as the greatest industrial nation?” Following the typical protocol of a globalist gathering, all questions to their speaker must be written down, censored, and selected at the end of the lecture. Before the speaker ended his long ,droaning, sales pitch for China, I was becoming agitated and ill by listening to him. My symptoms were similiar to an MSG overdose. I had my fill of this Chinese Buffet, and had to quickly leave , as an overwhelming urge to barf came over me.

Perhaps the most revealing moments of the lecture was when the speaker discribed the economic insanity of China’s communistic capitalism, as an industrious economy, and the speaker’s complete avoidance of mentioning China’s notorius human rights and labor abuses. 80 percent of the Chinese workers make between one and two dollars a day. The remaining 20 percent (or approximately 400 million people) live a middleclass or wealthy lifestyle, in parity to the same economic classes in western cultures. For those who are not familiar with the U.S population statistics, there are approximately 300 million people in the U.S. That means that more than 100 million more Chinese people live better; than one third of all the people in the U.S. Less than 20 percent of the U.S population are considered well off. Some 50 percent of Americans are considered middleclass, 25 percent struggle in lower middleclass, and one in four American children live below the national poverty limit. Over 3 million Americans are homeless. 2 million Americans are incarcerated, 48 million Americans do not have health insurance. The illustrious speaker glossed over these facts, and said in so many words that; the U.S had it good. He convinced me , how much I truely hate globalist elitists.

So Mister Globalist Elitist, may your paychecks bounce and your stock options become worthless. May your golden parachute fail to open, and may your arrogance find it’s karmic equal in Chinese servitude. May your many Chinese friends feed you well on noodles and dog and cat meat delicacies, smothered in anti freeze tainted, wheat gluten, gravy, served on lead painted stoneware. May your China made tires blow out beneath you, and your counterfit coutour fall into pieces before your Chinese audiences, at official Chinese state functions. One of so many functions you proudly spoke about, attending as an honored guest, and close friend, to China’s leading goverment officials; who continually award you meritoriously and financially, for your spectacular service to their country. Yes Mister, Mighty, Globalist, chairman and president of this and that American company, you are such a fine and upstanding Chinese friend and concerned , global citizen. How could anyone not admire your acomplishments and status, and not bow in respect to your power and influence? I heard from several people who attended your lecture; that I wasn’t the only one in the audience that became ill , listening to you speak.

L.A. Steel is back in the writing business, at least until he gets hit with another virus, or whatever else might cause a temporary, or permanent interruption. I hope I didn’t disappoint, or lose too many readers, by the sudden absense of my daily diatribes. Based on my stats, I am grateful to see many of you are still visiting this site. I thank you for your interest and loyalty.


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