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Sep 14 2014



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Nov 21 2013


Is anyone interested in selling their soul? Wonder what someone would pay for it? Mine is priceless, but many people have sold their souls and many are looking for a buyer. People sell their souls for different reasons and for different prices, but the most common items exchanged for the purchase of a soul are …

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Aug 22 2013

What Touches The Soul?

The most heartfelt voices in song or speech touch the human soul. The site of a magnificent mountain view, or a vast ocean or the innocent beauty of a child, or the love we feel for another person or they feel for us are the most real, most honest and most heartfelt and unspoken truths …

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Apr 09 2005

The Radical Soul


4/9/05 Something makes a Radical radical. I haven’t quite identified that certain attribute or detriment to the radical character yet. As I keep seeing more and more injustice and abuse of power, starving, crippled, homeless misery of billions of people around the planet, I get angry and agitated and feel the need to do something …

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