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Oct 12 2017

“A Better Place.” (Music video)

Musicians are the frontline soldiers of the world changing revolution now in progress. Artists, writers and all other activists are the second lines of the world wide revolutionary attack against the enemies of Humanity. Support all musicians, people around the world must hear the music of revolution, before they can see the vision or read …

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Feb 21 2014


I have been an activist for the last 15 years. I decided 15 years ago, that the most effective method to protest and awaken others to a cause and for people to hear me and my writings was through broadcasting both on radio and television. However in 1999 when I first began broadcasting on television …

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Jul 14 2013

Obama Wants A Race War

7/14/13 If Barack Obama had not stated publicly that George Zimmerman was guilty and immediately side with Trayvon Martin, before any evidence was presented, George Zimmerman would never have been brought to trial and the American people would have been spared the national, racially charged tensions provoked by his trial. Instead Obama used his position …

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Apr 16 2013

The Boston Bombing

The Boston Marathon bombing was a massive statement to the American people of the vunerablity of our country, and the niavete of the American people. The Revolution has begun in Boston just as it did in the original American Revolution by the original Tea Party and the Boston Massacre. Boston is now on lockdown as …

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Dec 02 2012

An International Audience

12/2/12 I was looking at my website statistics this morning and was overwhelmed by the number of international vistors I have been receiving. November was the best month this website has ever had. Remarkably the majority of vistors have been from 60 countries other than the United States. China was outstanding at over 6000 vistors …

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Nov 16 2012

Almost Everyone is a Revolutionist

11/16/12 Almost anyone has the potential to be a revolutionist, if they are not one already. Revolutionists understand what is happening around them, and are well aware that some of them know more than others about the reality of the situation. Some of us are committed to changing the corrupt system, yet we are held …

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