Dec 02 2012

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An International Audience


I was looking at my website statistics this morning and was overwhelmed by the number of international vistors I have been receiving. November was the best month this website has ever had. Remarkably the majority of vistors have been from 60 countries other than the United States. China was outstanding at over 6000 vistors and 14,000 page views. The U.S total was fewer visitors but 16,000 page views. The Ukraine was outstanding at 9000 page views and 3000 visitors, and all the other countries accounted for thousands of visitors. One of the smallest countries in the world Luxembourg had over 2000 visitors to this site in November.

I’m thankful for search engine translators and I intend to install one on this website soon. I am glad that my writing is being read by so many, but I am not certain why my American English,often biased, bombastic and irreverent writings interest an international audience, though I am very grateful that they do. The American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson said,”If you write for yourself you are writing to everyone.”

To speak to a world audience we must first speak truthfully to ourselves. There is a unity consciousness rising now, that cannot be diminished. People around the world are listening to themselves and are realizing other people are listening to them. The great revolution happening now is because of this unity consciousness. The world wide anger and activism against international injustices is the revolution, and revolutionaries around the world are expressing their anger and fight, and are being seen and supported by sympathizers around the world through social media and websites. This global activism once fully united will soon topple all governments and destroy all monetary and military systems, and replace them with complete international freedom and unity. When these oppressive systems are destroyed everyone in the world will be free from the great prison, and rise in unity into the Fourth Dimensional Age of Aquarius.

We are almost there. Midnight of December 21, 2012 is the end of the old Age and the beginning of the new. I invite everyone around the world to join me in the great celebration on December 22.

L.A. Steel

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