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Where are we now? A video by L.A. Steel

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Oct 20 2005


D.C Protest 2003

   TULAREMIA AFTERMATH    10/20/05 It has been little more than three weeks since 9/24/05 and the D.C anti war rally. I have seen only three other articles in the media about the Tularemia exposure of 300,000 protestors. The first article was the Washington Post on 10/1/05 published six days after the government and CDC were …

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Sep 29 2005

Mr. Steel Goes to Washington

D.C Anti War Protest 2003

  MR. STEEL GOES TO WASHINGTON  9/29/05 It wasn’t the biggest anti war bang of the new millennium, but it was the second biggest bang. Estimates by organizers of which I agree were 300,000 protestors. Good people all of them. Great people, people of conscience, commitment and true hatred toward the Bush administration. My kind …

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