Mar 22 2006

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What do you get when a left hand shakes a right hand? You get an awkward handshake, but if you glasp your own left hand with your right hand you get what many people consider a sign of peace , contentment, contemplation, prayer. I think this is where we have to go as right and left based Americans and world citizens everywhere. The left has got to see the right and right has got to see the left as fellow human beings.

I often put my hands together, either when I’m resting or just thinking about things. It’s an unconscious posture just as laying in a fetal position when you sleep. If an extreme conservative would meet an extreme liberal without first knowing his or her political or religious bent, the initial introduction would probably be a friendly one. If you have to know how someone votes or what religion they belong to before you meet with them you probably wouldn’t meet too many people . You wouldn’t meet me, because I never talk politics or religion with anyone unless I know them first. It’s a good rule of thumb.

On my radio show I virtually say anything I want to regarding politics and religion but I don’t know who is listening and if someone does call, oddly enough, their mostly supportive of my views. I think those who disagree with me might be afraid to call me, thinking I’ll insult them or hang-up. That’s not my style. Hell, if you call me then that means you’re listening and if you’re listening that means you’re interested and if you’re interested then I’m reaching you and I’m happy. It’s the same way with my television program. If someone really likes the show they will find a way to tell me. If they don’t then they just turn it off or suffer through it and tell me about it at some later date. Like “YOUR LAST SHOW SUCKED” OR “THAT WAS A GREAT SHOW THE OTHER NIGHT!


 I have to thank many of my readers who have contacted me. I haven’t been able to reply to some of the emails because for some reason their email address didn’t get through the webmaster service and I got a FAILURE TO DELIVER message. Try it again if you didn’t get a reply. 


Well I just got over the most recent Bush Shock. I get it every time I hear him speak. I watched five minutes of Bush’s news conference via internet and I got a little sick. You know that feeling when you see a public figure grovel. Or you see some poor bastard too drunk to form a complete sentence. I feel shame for seeing his suffering, then I feel anger that the bastard is the leader of the free world. Then I get absolutely ill when I hear someone applauding him. I get giddy with disbelief when someone defends him on talk shows or in news briefings. I get so completely sick at seeing this lying, miserable, moron from hell getting away with his crimes against nature and decent humanity simply by his mere existence. His simple existence is distressing to me, his stupid grin, and the wild incoherent speeches of a stubborn, isolated and ignorant man. I don’t care which end of the donkey or elephant anyone rides, at least their riding. G.W is simply squatting under the elephant’s ass like an idiot, telling the world how smart he is because he’s expecting rain.

If the left would make an effort to meet the right I think they would find middle ground. That middle ground is their common sense telling them that; it’s not the left or right that’s screwing up the world its G.W. Bush and all the other idiots squatting under the elephant with him waiting for rain. If you’re an intelligent citizen of the world and you still expect rain, I advise that you step far away from squatting G.W and get an umbrella.


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