Mar 02 2006

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Who are Americans?


I have asked this question because I’m not really certain myself. As a naturalized and legal citizen of the U.S I’m asking myself and the rest of the U.S citizenry, WHAT ARE WE and WHO ARE WE? What are Americans? For that matter what are Poles or Indians or Italians or Israelis or Russians or Sweds?

I’m not sure what an American is supposed to be other than someone who lives in the U.S.A. Are we suppose to be white , black , Asian, Indian, Arab, Jew, Irish, English, African, Chinese, Mexican, Mongolian, Pilipino, German French, Guatemalan, Nicaraguan, Colombian, Argentinean, Brazilian, Canadian, or just human.

I’ve met almost all of these nationalities in America and several I haven’t mentioned. America is a vast and deep melting pot of 300,000,000 million individuals with only one thing in common. They are supposed to be protected by a Constitution. Other commonalities are that most of us walk on two legs, are either male or female and eat, drink and sleep. Emotionally we love, hate, and everything in-between. After these common factors we are all different in our language, dress, traditions, occupations, politics, religion, taste in clothing, taste in friends, taste in women taste in men, taste in entertainment, and taste in foods, music, furniture, houses, and jobs, methods of learning and teaching, parenting, etc.etc.

My only thought in this essay is what constitutes an American. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone is an American. If they are not then they should be. This might be a good thing. Everyone in the world becomes an American. One type of people. One type of world, free, open, and Liberal in its policies and form of government. Hmmm. could we all stand it? I think so as long as everyone swore to be a true American loyal to America, loyal to our Constitution, and impeachable upon illegal misconduct. This way we could begin hauling in some of these lobbyists, and crooked politicians and finally never worry again of outside or inside enemy forces and put an end to massive defensive spending and special interest lobbies. But as everyone knows who lives in this American reality, nothing comes from nothing, action speaks in louder ways than words and group actions and voices speak loudest and are heard most in the American Congress. Action by the American People will always keep their government from crumbling. Even if it does fall there will still be millions who will fight for it, defend it and resurrect it, because America is made up of Americans. Only if the world becomes American will the world understand that. Regardless of all our current faults (G.W and Congress), we are still the best there is.


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