Feb 27 2006

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The End of the Month is Here


What if the end of the world was here and the world was set to end at midnight on 2/28/06? Wow, now that is something to think about! What if tomorrow was the last day the world had to exist? If we knew this would we all run out and hug a tree or our dog or our spouse or our kids, or would we put on the biggest drunk we could without getting sick and just pass out? I wonder if I would become a raving lunatic and go hunting down people I never liked. What difference would it make then? Revenge before the end. Just knowing I got the sons of bitches before I died, even if the world ended a couple of hours later might relieve some of my eternal torments.

It is rather fun thinking this way. What would I do if tomorrow was the end of the World? Would I load up on my favorite junk food, would I go out and steal a Lamborghini and kidnap Pam Anderson then steal some guy’s billion dollar yacht and cruise for the few hours left in the world.? Would I rob some drug dealer of a few kilos and have a Scarface finale. I think I’d have more pretty women around me in my world ending then he did. I might get into some end of the world Power prayer group or a self medicating ritual of sex, drugs and rock and roll. What would be the last song I’d like to hear before the world ended? Who would I want to be with at the very last second, before the world ended? What would be the last thing or who would be the last person I would want to see before the end of the World? Maybe nothing and no one? It will all depend on circumstances anyway, maybe just myself and my soul and my thoughts of eternal life? Maybe I would want to be in the woods or on a beach or in my car on a highway with no other cars around, no other people within miles just myself. That’s the way it must end anyway with yourself, your fears, your loves, your hatreds, your unsatisfied desires.

The last day of the month is tomorrow and maybe the beginning of another month the following day or maybe not. I knew a man who told me never wanted to be alone. He feared it even more so at night. His wife wouldn’t sleep with him because he would smother her at night and not let her out of his arms. His children were afraid of him because he wouldn’t let them out of his sight. He drove everyone crazy at his workplace because he didn’t like to work alone; he performed best in a group. I often like to be alone. It’s very peaceful, very worry free, very human. I feel more connected with the universe. I enjoy being alone and I also enjoy company. I and myself have always had a good friendship that has never broken or drifted apart. So I ‘m pretty sure who I will be with when the world ends. I will be with myself, hopefully conscious and completely aware of my existence.


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