Mar 27 2006

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V for Vendetta A Great Movie




I liked” V for Vendetta.” It worked for me. As well as three friends who saw it with me. It owes a lot to Orwell’s 1984; this setting was in the not so distant future. V the masked avenger is a classic romantic character, Cerano, Zorro, Robin Hood, with a scripted reference to one of my favorite characters, the Count of Monte Cristo. It all worked for me. The violence was gruesome but somehow perfectly deserving. The damsel in distress was well casted and acted the part perfectly. “Once you have lost all fear you are ready” or something like that. I can’t recall all the dialogue but I remember that line.

The special effects were great, explosions and fireworks, exotic roses and a blend of Phantom of the Opera and the Lone Ranger. There was a perfect combination of ideas running throughout the movie. Nothing got lost in the translation or editing. I won’t reveal the best scenes so you can judge them for yourselves but I really loved the ending. You can just picture G.W Bush and Dick Cheney in the near final scenes. The work is strangely realistic, knowing what we know today. Oddly the creators of V chose England for the setting. It would have caused a riot here in the U.S if they chose the U.S for the setting, especially with some of the U.S.A hate speak spouted by the English dictator. In the future the U.S will be in a major civil war again according to the movie.

As for England they already went through mass genocide and a complete takeover. For all practical purposes the English are much closer now to the vision of V than the U.S is; but anything is possible with the current congress and G.W as Prez and Potentate.

I highly recommend the movie for all present and future resistance fighters. See it and become inspired. See it and enjoy the action for a few hours. I promise it is nonstop action. The plot is weaved well and the language is well delivered, the characters are well developed and well acted. My only criticism is that V’s character could have been developed more with more history, but his character was more of a spiritual metaphor, a messiah, a figure both human and heroic, an angel of destruction and a messenger of hope. The movie was riddled with symbolism both subtle and obvious. I left the theater feeling vindicated with a sense of justice and hope for humanity. Evil will not reign. Justice will prevail. V is me and you and everyone who desires freedom and justice. That the wicked die and the blessed live. Humanity can become free of fear, but only after it has faced all fear and found it to be an illusion. The greatest fear we face is in ourselves. Once we face ourselves and defeat our own demons we become invincible. The methods of revolutionary violence or non violence is one’s own choice. Non violence is far less messy, but in the movies (where no one really dies) nothing satisfies our ancient blood lust better than a few bleeders and death of the wicked by gruesome, karmic, violent methods, it creates greater poetic justice. Ideal for a revolutionary movie; with all the romantic heroism the present world so desperately needs.



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