Aug 05 2008

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Bush Up Against The Wall



I’m very pleased to read so many articles indicting G.W. Bush and seeing so many hearings and investigations taking place to finally try to bring this criminal to justice. I’ve cried out for 8 long years about G.W. Bush being a criminal, and yet only in the last six months have I seen such a barrage of interest in trying G.W. Bush for his crimes. I remember only days after 911 millions of Americans suspected G.W. of conspiracy and Impeachment was yelled out by those millions of people for years to follow. Funny how the mainstream media is still trying to ignore it even after Kucinich entered 39 articles of impeachment into the Congressional Record.

America would be far better off without the news media. No news would be better than phony news. Americans get no news worth mentioning. Recent reports show the American News media is 23rd out of 100 as the most censored news medias in the world. Saudi Arabia is 24th.

We may think it’s great to be an American , which I think it is, as long as we don’t pay attention to our news media. Only twenty eight percent of all Americans watch or listen to network news. That is about the same number that still support G.W. Bush and think he is a great leader, the war is being won, and the economy is great. Could this be just a coincidence?


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