Aug 07 2008

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I can’t vouch for my readers on this issue, because I have recently developed an entirely knew appreciation for Paris Hilton. Her unique brand of Babe hood has inspired me to be one of the first talk show hosts and radical , to nominate her for President of the United States. Her brilliantly scripted , and beautifully acted performance on her recent video is a masterpiece of American political satire. She was absolutely brilliant playing herself.

“That wrinkly , white haired old dude” will go down in history as the description of John McCain’s legacy. Bravo! Absolutely Brilliant! Who ever wrote that line and convinced Paris to say it on video, deserves a life time achievement award for satirical political commentary. As a director I was floored to see the amazing camera shot of Paris Hilton’s perfect curves. It was the height of 70’s soft porn and ’50’s camp. This was a group effort of divine inspiration. It is a masterpiece of marketing, and viral humor. I tuned in the Larry King Show the other night when he had Ben Stein on as a guest, it was well worth the price of admission to see Ben Stein’s face in full screen after Larry King played the Paris Hilton for President Video. I think his reaction was something like this;”That was absolutely horrible!” I remember the show Ben hosted called, Ben Stein’s Money, where he tried to stop people from winning any of his money. The show tanked, and was cancelled after the first season. Ben lost a lot of his money then. It would explain why John McCain says he doesn’t know anything about economics. Ben Stein is one of his economic advisors, Ben is an economics professor at some university teaching kids with GEDs Keynesian Economic Theory.

Paris is being Paris, Americans like political humor , and hot women . It states volumes about the current Presidential candidates , when Paris Hilton could be a viable candidate. Americans might actually be better off voting for Paris Hilton as President in November 2008, than the “Wrinkly, white haired old dude” or that other guy who keeps talking about change.” She got my attention and over 3 million views on YouTube.


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