Aug 11 2008

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As I watched the grand opening of the China Olympics, I was amazed at the display, but most amazed at the remarkable number of Chinese people that participated in the opening celebration. Just the two thousand drummers were enough to gasp at the size and scope of the event. It was a world welcome, beyond all I’ve ever witnessed.


There was a magical moment of unity consciousness, a synchronicity of thought and action of thousands of performers, and participants in the event that overwhelmed me. The precise precision and complete uniformity of action, created a thunderous sight and sound, that rivals any man made event. I was left confused and troubled after witnessing the great spectacle of human achievement. I thought of what the human cost must have been . Forty billion dollars was budgeted by the Chinese government for the rebuilding of Beijing to host the 2008 Olympics. More than 500 billion Chinese people live on one dollar per day. There have been many reports of construction workers in China not being paid , many lives were lost in the construction of the many new buildings in Beijing. Tight police control clamped down every area of China’s society. The vast security needed to secure hundreds of dignitaries and heads of state who attended the Olympics was a massive undertaking for a country with 1.3 billion people.


Unity consciousness is a part of human evolutionary ascension. It is a vital period to come in our immediate future. I witnessed an emerging of that consciousness this weekend, as I watched the Chinese people open there once closed society to the world. They obviously believed it was worth the risk.
It will be interesting to see what happens during the next two weeks of the Olympics. The Chinese might realize if they haven’t already ; that welcoming the world as company is much like fish, it begins to smell after three days. But if they can keep it all together and keep up the current energy of the events, the 2008 Olympics will be a unique example of universal cooperation, and international competition and may provide a gateway to East West appreciation and understanding. I am optimistic, and very realistic in the possible future outcome , but it is still a chance to examine the ideal social experiment, of world unity consciousness, focused upon the Olympic athletes as the highest and best example of competition between people from around the world and their many countries.


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