Aug 12 2008

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Bronze Is Worth More Than Gold



I am amazed at the Olympic American men’s gymnastics team. The spirit of these young men exemplified the die hard, American spirit and the extraordinary ethnic diversity that made up this remarkable team. The son of a Russian gold medalist, a Chinese American, an athlete of India descent, and three home grown American men competed together with injuries, against the most formidable Olympic opponents and won the Bronze Medal.

Pride does not adequately describe my feelings as an American; after I watched these young men achieve greatness against remarkable odds. This was a moment on par with the Gold Medal achievements of the 1980 American Olympic Hockey Team. A world class display of courage, integrity and determination, by America’s finest athletes. The Bronze Medal is not gold, but the determination and fire in the hearts of these great athletes has created a metal far more precious than gold, that metal is forged by the human spirit into an indestructible alloy, that unified the collective American spirit, into an invincible resolve.

What has changed Bronze into gold is the American spirit, that shined as bright as six suns beneath the artificial lights of a totalitarian society. Their love of the sport, love for their country, and their respect for the competition, made these American gymnasts iconic heroes in the eyes of the world, and in the hearts of Americans.



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