Jul 31 2008

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Tequila and the Toad


Once upon a time there lived an old toad in a weed filled garden. He was content with his life as a toad. He spawned several ponds full of tadpoles and had his share of lady toads. One day as the old toad went for a stroll through a garden , he noticed his favorite toad stool had been stepped on and crushed. He was very upset and had to find another stool quickly before the sun reach high noon and it got too hot.


He jumped here and there quickly looking for another toad stool to sit on or to sit under when the sun got too hot. As he began to panic at his dilemma he noticed a bottle of tequila laying nearby with some tequila left in it. The bottle was opened and half empty and laying on it’s side. The old toad jumped over to the bottle of tequila . As he got closer to the bottle he noticed the liquid was close to the edge and he decided to taste it. He was very thirsty and it was getting very warm out. .


The toad decided he liked tequila and decided to drink the remainder of the liquid in the bottle until he became unconscious. The toad was very content and very happy, as he slept through the rest of the afternoon and into the night.



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