Aug 25 2008

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The Democratic herd of hysterical delegates is being herded into Denver this week for the great political slaughter of 2008. I watched a recent YouTube video of Denver’s Gitmo . It was a report from inside the make shift jail in an old warehouse with wired cells topped with razor wire, to hold all protestors . Also Tazers have been authorized to use on protestors. If Democrats had any respect for constitutional government, and the Bill of Rights, no one would allow this travesty to exist. If I had the ability to attend this convention I would, just to scream as loudly as I possibly could at the hysterical herd of delegates and the horrid hypocrites Obama and Biden.

I can not encourage anyone to do what I will not. I can not ask anyone to go to Denver to protest this mass display of hypocrisy. I can not ask anyone to place themselves in harms way to defend their rights of Free Speech and Assembly. I can only hope that there are brave and noble patriots, who will attend, and noble patriots who will assist them financially and with moral support . I am prepared to do all I can in these areas.

As a patriot who sees his country in danger and demise, I can not stand idle while others are willing to stand face to face against the forces that are destroying America. I feel shame, and disgust at all who do not understand the great peril this country is in. I feel love, and kinship for all who do understand and are willing to do something to fight against what they see as an abortion of democracy, and a criminal act of Human Rights abuse by their own government, and the absolute criminal hypocrisy of the Democratic Party and its Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees. We can all be certain that the Republican Convention security arrangement for protestors will be the same as the Democratic one and even more Draconian. The Revolution will be fought by all patriots, but it can only be won by those who will risk all to win. If we can not fight physically , we must fight mentally, by resisting with our words, votes, and actions and money. Let us resist at all costs, for unless we do , we will all face a future of imprisonment and economic slavery, and be forced to watch as our country is destroyed by mass apathy and traitors from within.


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